Be Shelfie-Ready With These Latest Bookshelf Decor Ideas For Your Home

by Devna Tiwari | January 17, 2024 | 5 mins read

Latest bookshelf decor ideas for your home

No matter the project you’re tackling, how much of a reader you are, these creative bookshelf decor ideas will make your home as interesting as the book you are reading!

If you are an avid reader or a design enthusiast, you will agree that nothing beats a stylish bookshelf. From creative floating shelves to design-savvy racks, or even concealed library doors, these bookshelf decor ideas will let you store and showcase your bestsellers in style. Not only do bookshelves let you flaunt your collection, but they are an excellent spot to showcase souvenirs, photos and knick-knacks.

Decorating a bookshelf needs an eye for balance, colour and style, and these bookshelf decor ideas make the process seem effortless. Explore our favourite ideas to decorate your bookshelves, custom built-in shelves and consider DIY bits like bookends and bookmarks. Gift yourself a cosy reading corner with a bookshelf and a place to relax.

The Secret Under The Staircase

A bookshelf with storage is an excellent way to convert that cramped, dead room under your stairs into a stunning showcase. This one in this image right here looks like a secret passageway to heaven. This bookshelf offers ample space to store your books but also to organise other stuff. This design further breaks the monochrome palette of this room making it look incredibly chic. Consider this bookshelf idea if you do not have a dedicated study or you are a little tight on space.

Design Tip: Place a few potted plants in these boxes to bring a add touch of freshness.

Bookshelf decoration under the staircase with storage for your home

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Old Home Love!

Do you love the old-world charm? This is for you! A small window shaped open bookshelf is perfect if you wish to add a traditional touch to your home interiors. This is also for modern readers (the ones who are hooked to their Kindle), who do not collect books or relish in the fragrance of old books but still like the idea of having a bookshelf in their bedroom or study. This is a compact built-in traditional themed bookshelf adorned with a classic wooden table and a wicker chair.

Design Tip: Add copper or brass accents in the form of vases or artefacts to complete the look of your bookshelf.

Bookshelf decor with a small window shaped open bookshelf for traditional homes

Journal Of Solitude

Have a blank wall above your study or in any corner of your bedroom?  Do you own a lot of books with no place to go? Consider adding a series of slender floating shelves to make a bookshelf on the wall. This solves two problems: storage and style. Here the study unit is paired with a similar design – the three wood shelves are big enough to keep all these books organised and offer easy access to your favourite reads!

Design Tip:  Add a few potted plants, photo frames and souvenirs to decorate your bookshelf.

Bookshelf decoration on wall with a floating shelves
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Life Is Easy, Life Is Fun!

Easy and fun, this understated vertical bookshelf makes books look like they’re playing peek-a-boo with one another. This design keeps pages hidden and flaunts their titles. It’s easy to access as it’s built to eye level. Now you won’t have to climb on your chair to pick the book on the top. The design is sleek and modern, blends well with the overall decor. It does not take up a lot of space making it perfect for small sized homes.

Design Tip: Colour the inside of each box in different colours to bring a pop-shock.

Understated vertical bookshelf decor ideas for study room or home office

Use The Negative Space!

If you do not have a bedside table or you are planning to get one, pick an open sideboard cum bookshelf to stack your books. Throw in a few decor pieces as shown in this image for a touch of fun. A smart way to bring in a change in your bedroom, this bookshelf decor is also great for late night readers. Who wants to walk all the way to the living room or study to pick a book after you’ve hit the bed right?

Design Tip: Include a few antique pieces to bring in traditional charm in your otherwise modern space.

Bookshelf decor ideas for bedroom with an open sideboard cum bookshelf

Asymmetry: A Novel!

This asymmetrical open bookshelf looks like it’s giving directions to your life. It adds a quirky touch to an empty corner in this room. The design is unique and offers enough storage space to stack your books, showpieces and decor pieces. A small clock and plant placed in it bring in some visual drama to this bookshelf. The light wood colour of this bookshelf further breaks the monotony of the blue colour palette in a very gentle way.

Design Tip: Fill your dead corner with this bookshelf don’t forget to deck it up with plants and vases.

Empty corner decoration with bookshelf for your home

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The Complete Works Of Shakespeare!

This one is for all the bookworms out there. For those who never find enough space for their new book. This bookshelf is more of a library spread across two walls and is accompanied by a lot of storage cabinets for stationery and documents. The design is classic, the colour white is timeless and the series of shelves and racks will help you organise works of all your favourite writers. The books itself make up the major decor element of this bookshelf design. This will work well in a study or even your bedroom if you have managed to find a fellow book lover to share your space with.

Design Tip:  Install focus lights, spotlights or mounted lights with hints of greens and wall arts.

Modern bookshelf decor with a lot of storage cabinets for stationery and documents

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