Fill Those Awkward Spaces! Corner Decoration Ideas For Your Living Room

by Devna Tiwari | January 27, 2024 | 4 mins read

Corner decoration ideas for your living room

Carefully decorated corners can transform awkward, empty corners into eye-catching zones.

When it comes to home decor every inch of space needs to be embellished for a complete look. These tiny spaces in your living room can be filled with furniture, pieces of artwork, shelves and can make all the difference in those corners of your living room. Keep reading for some new and stylish corner decorating ideas to glam up your living room.

Love That Corner Table For Living Room

Show some love for those corners with a corner table. It’s small, handy, and often not given as much importance as other pieces of furniture. A corner table adds a finishing touch to your living room’s interior design. Rest your coffee or a book on a nicely designed corner table – square, round or geometric, anything works! You can also try nesting tables (two or more tables that fit in together), an excellent option for a space-challenged home.

Corner table for living room give a whole new look to living room
Spice up your corner with an accent table to give a whole new look to the living room

Shelves, Storage And Style For Corner Decoration

Did you think corner shelves are outdated? Think again! For those who live in small apartments, large pieces of furniture aren’t feasible, especially if they lack functionality. Corner shelves are a great way to create extra space. Free standing shelves give you extra storage and bring in some character to a room. They are easy to place, can be moved around and fit in really well in those nooks. This apart from sprucing up the decor quotient of your living room.

Corner shelf for living room give you extra storage and bring in some character to a room
A free standing shelf is easy to place and offers good storage space

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Fill A Corner With A Bookshelf For Living Room

A bookshelf by far is one of easiest and smartest ways to fill corner spaces. And don’t we all love a reading corner with our favourite authors? You do right? See this bookshelf that stands tall from floor to ceiling? It’s filled with books – not only does it give you all that space to store your bestsellers, but also brings in beautiful colours to this space! You can decorate your bookshelf with some antique items and decor items as well for a good mix of elements.

Living room corner decor with a bookshelf will add value to corners of living room
A bookshelf will add value to the corners of your living room

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Floating Shelves To The Rescue

Looking to create more space? Well, have you ever thought about using floating shelves in those empty corners of your living room? They have excellent potential to turn awkward spaces into a beautiful nook and give you a bit of extra storage too. Floating shelves provide a functional and stylish design to the forgotten corners of living rooms as we see in this image. Whether you’re looking to display your collection of memorabilia or creating a bookshelf, floating shelves will do the job just fine!

Living room corner decor ideas to turn awkward spaces into a beautiful nook and give extra storage
Take advantage of protruding corners with floating shelves

Indoor Plants For A Natural Ambiance

Indoor plants make for beautiful decor. A dash of green in any space automatically lifts the energy and vibe of a room. Plants are great additions to corner spaces too. Be it a leafy one or a flowering pot, they are always noticed by your guests. If you want to maximise the potential of your living room, then place a large-leaf plant in a solid coloured pot. Place it on the floor or on a stand, either way greenery is a fail safe way to fill empty corners.

Living room corner decor with indoor plants for a natural ambiance
People with a green thumb appreciate the charm of indoor plants

Include Extra Furniture

Occasional furniture is great for empty corners. A single sofa chair or a side table brings in that extra oomph to your living room. More seating in the corners of your living room makes this space feel cozy. Create a special place where you can curl up with your favorite author or a steaming cup of hot tea. And if your living room is really large you can use all four corners with a variety of seating options to make it the major design element of the room.

Living room corner furniture with a single sofa chair or a side table
Use every opportunity to embellish your living room with furniture

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