7 Oversized Chair Designs For Extra Comfort And Cosiness

by Nikita Raikwar | January 27, 2024 | 5 mins read

Oversized Chair Designs For Extra Comfort And Cosiness

These big, oversized chair designs are a fashionable way to up the comfort and style quotient of your home.

Have you wanted an oversized chair all to yourself, the kind that you always go back to — be it for your movie nights, journaling me-times or even more so a reading cocoon? We have listed some of our personal favourite big, oversized chair designs that are a class apart, and you’ll love them all the more. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Oversized Swivel Chair In Blush Pink For Your Living Space

Your living room can be a great place to create a multi-functional area, one that allows you to experience and create multitudes of memories. With that being said, having a space that celebrates the joys of being indoors, in comfort and having an ambience can be quite a calming experience for you and your family.

As seen in the image, this living room showcases a cosy seating arrangement with its two large pink swivel chairs. What’s even greater about this arrangement is how every aspect of the living room blends well into the setting, like the indoor plants, the tall bookshelf unit that extends into a home office as well as the chaise lounge that’s perfect for movie nights.

Oversized Swivel chair design for your living space
Swivel chairs for added comfort in the living room

Oversized Round Cuddle Chair For The Perfect Reading Experience

Dissecting your room into varied sections as per the needs of the family members in the house is a fine way to create dedicated spots in the living space. Starting with this beautiful living room, as seen in the image, which features a strikingly pretty coastal palette of whites and blues.

What’s so cool about this living space is the oversized round cuddle chair and accent chair for coffee evenings, book reading sessions, work or simply a quick tete-a-tete with your close friend. 

Oversized Round Cuddle Chair for your reading experience
A cuddle chair for the perfect bonding time
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A Lovely Pastel Diamond-Tufted Folding Sleeper Chair In A Bright Room

Having a guest over with no room for them to stay the night can be quite a daunting experience. Times like these are when you consider certain space-saving home interiors features that allow you to transform your space, be it day or night.

This lovely room features a stunning diamond-tufted folding sleeper chair in pink that can simply turn into a single bed at night, should you have guests for a fun sleepover. 

Oversized sleeper chair design in Pastel for guests
A folding sleeper chair for when guests come over

Mid-Century Living Space With A Pastel Oversized Folding Chair

Mid-century home interiors carry a charm of their own with their wooden accents, high-sprung furnishings and an eclectic vintage interior style. Just like this lovely room that features a combination of mid-century with modern elements.

What’s so cool about this space is the pastel blue oversized folding chair that can very well transform into a reclining chair or even better a sleeper chair. This is a perfect addition to this room as it features a bookshelf and the chair can work great for a comfortable read. Not to mention that the table lamp, wabi-sabi side table and open rack shelf unit simply strike a balance between mid-century and modern.

Oversized Folding Chair design in Pastel
A pastel oversized folding chair by the window

Big Oversized Chair With Pull-Out Mattress For Guest Rooms

Living in a compact apartment comes with its own space limitations, but there are many ways to get around this. One of them is choosing the right furnishing and seating arrangements for the space. For instance, a Murphy bed that can be tucked in when not needed.

And if Murphy beds aren’t your first choice, you can simply switch to a daybed or an oversized chair (like the one in the image) with a pull-out mattress for your guest rooms. Add an ottoman, an area rug, a side table and a lamp along with shelves and a wardrobe to complete the look and you are good to go.

Oversized chair with pull-out mattress
A chair that turns into a guest bed when needed
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Oversized Hanging Armchair For Your Zen Corner’s Seating Area

Having a space all to yourself for your me-time, meditative sessions and quiet times is lovely. However, how you choose to decorate this space can simply make or break it. A quick tip for creating your zen corner would be to allow the space to have a breathing area, and by that we mean allowing enough space and legroom for you to move around. Don’t add too many elements, but enough to keep it light and cosy.

For instance, this zen corner features a wicker floor lamp, a tufted floor seat as well as an oversized hanging armchair blending in with the grey ottoman. You can use this space, as it deems fit, for yoga, morning meditations, journaling or simply reading a book.

Oversized hanging armchair for your zen corner
A beautiful zen corner for quality me-time

Oversized Twin Chairs For A Great Movie Night Experience

For newly-wed couples that love to binge-watch, movie nights can be a fun place to start. You could consider investing in oversized twin chairs, as shown in the image, for the perfect movie experience and pair it with a comfortable ottoman that doubles as a coffee table.

Add a few art frames, ambient lights and decorative pillows to the space with a wide-angle TV and you are good to go.

Oversized twin chair design for a great movie night
A comfortable entertainment area for couples

And with that, we come to an end of our recommendations for oversized chair designs for your home. If you have more ideas on how you’d like your home designed and need help from an expert, feel free to connect with us at DesignCafe. Our team of top designers across India are here to offer you end-to-end modular home interiors for all your needs. 

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