9 Bunk Bed Designs That Offer Storage & More

by Sneha Virmani | January 27, 2024 | 5 mins read

Bunk bed designs with storage for growing families

Minimalist yet contemporary bunk bed designs with storage.

You’re mistaken if you think bunk beds are just for children. They are wanted by kids so that they can have fun climbing up and down. We cannot forget the sibling fight about choosing to be above or below in the bunk beds. But that’s not it. They are also excellent furniture options for adults. These bunk beds with storage are practical, space-saving, and a perfect fit for small bedrooms.

These can fit in a small guest room or a limited attic area because of their distinctive design. Besides their ability to maximise space, these bunk beds with storage options are incredibly customisable, which is why designers adore them. Therefore, stylish bunk beds with storage serve as all-purpose bedroom furniture for adults, children, girls, and boys of all ages.

We’ve covered some of the best bunk beds with storage ideas that will undoubtedly wow you. Read on for some fantastic inspirational designs that will help you discover everything there is to know about these beds.

Corner Bunk Beds with Storage

If you are looking for bunk beds with storage for your teenage kids, you are at the right place. Check out this simple bunk bed that is made, keeping in mind that it needs to be a space that looks contemporary as they grow.

Corner bunk beds with storage in vibrant colours
Add vibrant colours to this modern yet minimalist bunk bed storage
Customise your bed and enjoy up to 25 year warranty

Kid’s Bunk Beds with Storage

Considerable planning, imagination, and inventiveness are required to get your child’s room just right, like these kid’s bunk beds with storage. It was intended to clear the space, giving your kids the room to play.

Kid's bunk beds with storage to host play dates
Make it as colourful as possible; your kids would love to host their friends for play dates.

Metal Bunk Bed with Storage

Do you want a bunk bed design that grows with your child and can be used in a guest room? Check this out! This bunk bed with storage design aims to achieve a sleek and modern look. It is why the design is simple and minimalistic. To create a pop of interest, use geometric forms in the bedding or décor.

Metal bunk bed design with storage that grows with your child
Balance the decor with sophisticated elements that are suitable for all ages.

Trundle Bunk Bed with Storage Underneath

Bunk beds are a fun, space-saving option for your kids, ensuring all their friends have a comfortable place to sleep. This roomy twin-over-full arrangement has a bed for everyone, including a hidden trundle. Pretty charming, right?

Trundle bunk bed with storage underneath is a space saving option
Don’t you love the pull-out drawer beneath the bottom bunk to make a concealed trundle?

Girly Bunk Bed with In-Built Drawers

Choosing a stylish yet useful bunk bed design might be challenging if you have teenagers at home. Regarding bunk bed designs with storage for girls, you can look at the ones that seem stylish and feature built-in storage space for a sophisticated look.

Girly bunk bed with in-built drawers for a sophisticated look
Go for a princess- or playhouse-themed bed, though, if you want to go all out.
Balance style and comfort with modern bedroom designs!

Bunk Beds for Adults with Storage

The ideal addition to any adult bedroom is one of these bunk bed designs with storage options. Minimalist yet modern. Bright white sheets and a subtle duvet set contrast with the contemporary frame. The placement of the beds can be unique, as shown, or you can go the old route as well.

Bunk beds for adults with storage placed in front of eye catching wall art
Put a patterned area rug and eye-catching wall art next to this bunk bed.

Classy Bunk Bed with Storage Stairs And Desk

This lofted bunk bed is like sleeping in the clouds because it is all minimal, slender, and simple (with a simple tent-like cover, of course, since it is so minimalist). If there is a trundle or a desk for homework, lofts that reach the ceiling are ideal for teenagers’ bedrooms for sleepovers. The bed below is great for storage.

Classy bunk bed with storage stairs which looks minimal and slender
The wallpaper and other decors also add a nice neutral splash of colour.

Spacious Strains Full Bunk Beds with Storage

With enchanting bunk bed designs like this one, it’s not quite a stair to paradise, but it comes fairly close. You make the most of the room while providing a secure ascension to the bed by including side stairs that double as storage.

Spacious strains full bunk beds with storage for an enchanting look
Look closely; drawers and shelves are on the steps.

Colourful Kids Bunk Beds with Storage

Primary colours! Astronomy details all over the room! Distinctive design! What’s not to love about this kid’s bunk bed? Plus it oozes colourful energy and whimsy reminiscent of all things out of the planet.

Colourful kids bunk beds with storage to create a funky space
If you want a bunk bed for a modern or funky space, choose this design

Love what you see? Whether it is finding a new bunk bed with storage or decorating your room around it, we at DesignCafe can help you with everything from planning to execution. 

FAQs On Bunk Bed Designs With Storage

Can bunk beds with storage be used in small bedrooms or apartments?
You can use bunk beds with storage in small bedrooms or apartments. They are a great space saver.

Are bunk beds with storage easy to assemble?
The ease of assembling a bunk bed with storage will depend on the specific model and brand.

Are bunk beds with storage more expensive than traditional bunk beds?
The cost of bunk beds with storage might vary depending on the type, brand, and amenities. Due to the additional storage capabilities, bunk beds with storage typically cost a little bit more than conventional bunk beds without storage.

Are bunk beds with storage safe for children to use?
Yes, bunk beds with storage are safe for children to use.

How long do bunk beds with storage typically last?
A bunk bed with storage longevity will rely on several elements, such as the calibre of the materials used, how well the bed is built, and how well it is maintained.

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