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5 Comfortable Sleeper Chair Designs To Create A Cosy Nook At Home

Sit, nap or laze sleeper chairs are your answer

Is your living room feeling left out? Make it a warm and cosy space with these comfy sleeper chair designs!

A good home has all the fundamentals, a great one comprises the right design aesthetics. From choosing the right wall paint to learning about furnishings and even the slightest upholstery details, your home embraces the true essence of your personality. It reflects how you perceive yourself in the mirror. While some of you may be able to grasp the concept of interiors easily, a few others are always struggling to find that right piece that speaks out to them. Or what you have at home may not be as expressive as you’d want it to be. In cases like these, fetching inspiration on the internet can be a great mood booster. And taking inspiration into consideration, here’s a whittled-down list of some of our finest and comfiest sleeper chair designs. Have a look!

Get A Sleeper Chair With Pull-Out Mattress

If your home demands space-saving furniture, a pull-out mattress lounge can be a great addition to your living room. This gorgeous mustard yellow sleeper chair sits beautifully in front of a French window with sheer curtains. The setup is perfect for an evening of watching movies or spending time with friends and folks. Your sleeper chair can daylight as an entertaining accent chair and then evolve into a chair sleeper sofa by night for guests to sleep on. Simply perfect!

Modular Sleeper Chair With L-Shaped Headrest For Your Bedroom

Imagine a dreamy home with white walls and hardwood floors. In a corner, nestles your comfiest furniture — a modular sleeper chair with an L-shaped headrest, white bedding, pillows and a duvet. Now isn’t that a dreamy bedroom setting! We love this beige sleeper chair that sits beautifully in this bedroom, making it a class apart.

A Lovely Pastel Diamond-Tufted Folding Sleeper Chair In A Bright Room

Vibrant boho vibes are the loveliest in any home setting. They add so much character to your abode and act as a fun decor trend that we have seen many try out in recent years. If your living room is a fun entertaining zone, you can double up your level of comfort by replacing your regular accent chair with a diamond-tufted folding sleeper chair. Something like this pretty-in-pink sleeper chair that stands out against the teal sofa and wooden centre table. A sight worth falling in love with. 

Create A Reading Nook Using A Semi-Sleeper Chair

If your home boasts a vastly upgraded ceiling-to-floor library of books, knick-knacks and plants, then a semi-sleeper chair can come in handy. This light green semi-sleeper chair accessorised with colourful throw pillows and a bright throw blanket will forever be our personal favourite. What we absolutely love about this space is that the reading nook and the chair alone are quite inviting and tempting to be around.

Twin Sleeper Chairs For A Dramatic Movie Night Experience

These crimson twin sleeper chairs can engulf any family with their comforting presence. What we love about these twin sleeper chairs is that they transform your space into a makeshift movie theatre. Those floor lamps and a fancy modular TV unit make for the perfect at-home movie night setting. All you need is for someone to walk in with popcorn and soft drinks! A movie marathon-ready space like this can charm even the coldest of places.

Now that you are hooked onto sleeper chairs, let’s make it a better experience with these modern and creative TV Unit ideas that are perfect for a modular makeover. Happy decorating!

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Nikita Raikwar is a content writer at Design Cafe's home interiors blog.

Nikita Raikwar

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