These Drawing Room Designs Are Great For A Catch-Up

by Charmaine Kenita | January 23, 2024 | 9 mins read

Drawing room design and decoration using stunning drawing room interior design ideas

Dashing interior designs for drawing rooms that take very less effort but do so much more.

Drawing rooms are spaces that are stepped into first when people visit a home. They define the character of the space and their design defines the feel and ambience. It is in the drawing-room from where the house gets a personality. It is therefore very crucial for drawing rooms to be designed and planned well, to echo the personality of the people drawing in the space and to be done in keeping with the rest of your home.

Drawing rooms are where families actually live. They gather together, hang out, do things together and engage in conversation. Most drawing rooms have a set number of furniture pieces and decor items. Every family’s favourite room showcases the family’s achievements, status and standing.

Drawing rooms have come a long way from the days of old – heavy furniture, overwhelming drapery and indistinct design. Today they are a whole lot more interesting and intriguing, colourful and contemporary, fascinating and furnished. In our quest to understand how far drawing room designs have come, below are detailed 15 of the latest drawing room design ideas that you can explore for your own space to brighten up and embellish your home.

Drawing room designs: Interior designs for effortlessly beautiful drawing rooms

Add Attractive Light Fixtures To Drawing Room

Light bulbs and fixtures are an overkill when too many, and can change or negatively impact the focal point of a home. Change an unattractive lighting fixture to an elegant chandelier that goes with your drawing room’s contemporary design. Make one yourself or repaint an existing chandelier. Strong colours overhead complement a room’s lighter shade. Alternatively, a lighter, glass encrusted shade keeps the focus on your drawing room’s interior design.

Drawing room interior design showing down false ceiling design for drawing room with chandelier to add contemporary look
Central chandelier in the middle of a contemporary drawing room space
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Transform Your Drawing Room With Mirrors

Mirrors expand a space, even a small one at that. They make drawing rooms appear bigger, stylish and more contemporary. Rest a large mirror against one wall or fix it, rest it on a mantle, or place one at the entranceway. Use different shapes and sizes and it can transform your drawing-room.

Simple drawing room designs in India showing drawing room wall design and decoration using mirrors and side tables to bring contemporary look.
Large mirrors placed against one wall of a drawing room enhance the size of the space

Dense Foliage As Part Of Drawing Room Design

Greenery – shrubs, climbers, bushes – can enliven any kind of space. Fill your drawing room with green, use up empty spaces and blank walls. Pair greenery with wooden artefacts and if possible small water bodies. Personalise your room with climbers and art. Foliage is distinct, gives your space character and brightens up even the dullest drawing-room.

Drawing room design using interior decoration items and ideas like wall decoration, green plants and climbers, gardens, high chairs, stylish chairs, tables.
Green plants and climbers spread across the drawing room area brightens up the room

Exposed Walls And Ceiling Designs

A trend catching up among homes of today are exposed brick walls. This style is also here to stay given the extraordinary character they lend to space. Whether created during construction or with a faux look, exposed tiles on one wall of a drawing-room bring together the contemporary with traditional. Drawing room ceiling design is another area that can do well with a textured look. Paint it over with cream colour or leave it brick red and hang a few decor plates or paintings for a 70’s era decor.

Drawing room design using false ceiling design for small drawing room in Indian style with pop designs.
Eclectic ceiling with hidden lighting for the drawing room

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Designing A Cohesive Drawing Room With Round Furniture

It might seem trivial, but designing your drawing room around round furniture keeps everything together and brings everyone to face each other. This is especially important considering drawing rooms are community spaces. Centre table designs for drawing room such as a round coffee table, round half sofas or even a circular mantlepiece brings a sense of cohesiveness to your drawing-room.

Latest Drawing room designs showcasing modern wooden furniture, sofa, chairs, tables, centre tables.
A cozy central sofa circled around a coffee table builds the ambience of the drawing room

Optimizing TV And Music Systems For Drawing Rooms

Whether TV’s or music systems, every house has its own viewing habits but they must remain unobtrusive and not eat into your drawing room space. LCD panel design in drawing rooms must sit against the wall. Hidden systems and unseen gadgets both blend in as well as enhance the feel of the drawing space.

Latest drawing room interior design with LED or LCD panel design in drawing room of apartment or bungalow or 2BHK or 3BHK homes.
Flatscreen TV set against the main drawing room stone wall with wall shelves

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Distinctive Furniture For Trendy Drawing Rooms

Trendiness lies in carefully chosen pieces of furniture that don’t overwhelm yet are distinctive in character. A plush velvet sofa, colourful footstool, handcrafted stools, heavy chest of drawers are perfect examples of furniture that are unique and lends character to the drawing-room. Indian drawing room designs afford greater flexibility and combination of different elements, their colour and silhouettes.

Small drawing room design showing stylish yellow chairs, latest sofa designs, centre table design, arch design, wooden corner designs for drawing room.
Pretty yellow seating set against a large drawing room separated by glass separators
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Creating Cozy Seating Areas With Low Furniture

Placed at a lower level and spread around the drawing-room, low furniture pieces like a tufted couch, beanbags, low sofas and coffee tables make an open floor plan cosy. Besides many different seating areas can be created with them in modern drawing room designs. Rugs and carpets separate different spaces for convenience and use.

Dramatic Wall Colors For Drawing Rooms

Walls of drawing rooms are canvases by themselves. Because there’s not much work going on here, walls can be played around with different colours and textures. A navy blue or blood red wall can be embellished with distinct paintings or wall hangings. Dramatic hues can drench a large drawing room and give it context. This also makes the room look distinctively different.

Chic Storage Blends In With Modern Drawing Room Design

Exposed shelves, minimalist storage, sleek cupboards, and modern cabinetry- all this defines drawing-room storage options today. Storage has moved away from heavy furniture to sleek ones that blend with the room design. Swap boring shelves for open contemporary designs and stack up on fabric or mat boxes and baskets with knick-knacks. This kind of storage also acts as room or space separators for the drawing-room.

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Family-Friendly Drawing Room Design

With the entire family congregating in drawing rooms, it must be designed in a way that there is something for everyone. Choose durable fabrics for upholstery, carpet the entire drawing-room, create nooks where kids can play, and place bar counters separately. Make your drawing room inviting and everyone will find their own space to get cosy.

Family friendly small drawing room design with wooden corner designs, beautiful arch, modern sofa, designer table, latest sofa set, modern lcd panel.
A drawing room for everyone, – a booklover, dreamer, gadget freaks and families
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Repurpose Old Furniture For Home Charm

A great way to generate interest and have a talking point in your home is by repurposing old furniture. Rethink the pieces you have already. Upholster a simple cane chair, paint existing cupboards and dressers white, sew fancy trims along the edge of pillowcases and refresh curtains. These little details will brighten up your home.

Choosing The Right Sofa For Your Drawing Room

Sofas are available in a variety of different colours, shapes, design and aesthetics. Choose something that complements the style of your drawing room – chic or minimalist, contemporary or casual. Sofas can alter the room quite perceptibly. Their material also matters in opening out the room or making it too claustrophobic. For example, heavy sofas in leather can feel too overwhelming for a whitewashed, casual room or vice versa.

Drawing rooms sit as the pride of every home. The above drawing room design ideas can take the space from simple to fabulous, cold to cosy and staid to thoughtfully put together. Get your drawing board out now and redesign your drawing-room!

FAQs On Drawing Room Design

How can I make my drawing room design eco-friendly?
You can make your drawing room design eco-friendly by opting for sustainable furniture made out of hemp wood, cane, bamboo, jute, etc. Make sure you have ample natural light flooding in which reduces the need for artificial lights. Use wine bottles for indoor plants instead of plastic planters.

How do I decorate my drawing room walls?
You can decorate your drawing room walls with a single large piece of art or a collection of art pieces, framed photographs, and other decor items. Wallpapers are also a great way to add character to your drawing room. Add mirrors with an interesting frame on the wall to open up the space and make the room look airy. Install colourful wall shelves to display books, candles, succulents, and other accessories.

How do I choose the right color scheme for my drawing room?
Start by deciding the vibe for the room – do you want your drawing room to look cosy, royal, quirky or vibrant? Take into account the source of natural and artificial light in the room. Based on these aspects, you can choose the colour scheme for the room. Make sure to consider the existing decor and furniture in the room. The colour scheme you choose should complement and enhance the existing decor. Use the colour wheel to find complementary colours.

What are some creative lighting ideas for my drawing room?
For the drawing room, pendant lights and wall scones are great options as they add visual interest. You can opt for a stylish floor lamp or a table lamp with an interesting design and pattern based on the existing decor of the room. For a fun and playful vibe, you can hang string lights from the ceiling or choose recessed lighting for a sleek and modern look.

How can I make my drawing room more functional?
You can enhance the functionality of your drawing room by adding space-saving furniture. Select multi-functional furniture pieces that offer storage as well as enhance the look of the room. This will make the most of the available space and add versatility to the room. For instance, a bookshelf with a hidden bar cabinet or an ottoman with storage will help you create a functional drawing room.

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