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Best TV Cabinet Design Ideas For Living Room

Best TV Cabinet Design Ideas For Living Room

TV cabinets can be classy and convenient at the same time. Let them not make a statement and not stick out like a sore thumb. Our guide will rescue you.

There are few joys that parallel cosying up on the couch to binge-watch our favorite TV show. Or that of the entire family gathered around the television to catch the latest episode of a keenly contested Masterchef series. The television is nearly an indispensable part of our lives. Where and how you place the TV in your living room is an important design decision. A well-designed TV cabinet that you can either place the TV on or use to frame a wall mounted TV can serve as a gorgeous focal point for your living room. No matter the size of your space or budget, or the look you are aiming for, our guide to TV cabinet designs for living rooms is sure to come to your rescue.

Have a small living room but want to Netflix with the best of them? There are plenty of TV cabinet designs for small living room that will fit your requirements to a T. Put in cabinets with open shelves for a fresh and breezy look that will lighten up even the smallest space in no time. You can also buy an ultra- small TV cabinet suited to the dimensions of your room or commission one to meet your needs. Choosing a TV cabinet with slim and clean lines will do wonders to open-up a small room. Make the most of materials such as glass and metal to accentuate the elegant and clutter-free look.

Modern TV Cabinets For Living Room

Modern Style TV Cabinets for Living Room
Strong horizontal and vertical lines create a modern look

If your living room is done up in the modern style, make sure your TV cabinet reflects the same aesthetic. The modern look is characterised by balance and eschews ornate designs for simplicity – a look that is warm and inviting. To carry forward the design in your TV cabinet, choose earthier elements such as wood, natural wood veneers and warmer metals. For the colour palette, select warm neutrals to create an inviting and cosy feeling. The lines of the cabinet need to be elegant and fuss free, making for an inviting space that is uncluttered and calm. Keep the curves noticeable only by their absence and go for strong horizontal and vertical lines to create a modern look.

Latest TV Cabinet Designs For Living Room