Wallpaper Trends In 2022 That Are Making A Statement

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 23, 2024 | 5 mins read

Wallpaper trends for 2022

Give your home an instant makeover with these latest and trending wallpaper designs

Wallpapers have been in trend for a few years now because of the liveliness they bring to your home interiors. They are easy to install and maintain and are a quick hack to revamp your home instantly. The unique ambience and calming vibe that wallpapers lend to your home interiors are beyond comparison. So here we bring to you some mesmerizing wallpaper trends of 2022 that will accentuate the aesthetics of your home and turn it into the haven of your dreams. These trending wallpaper designs are extremely versatile, unique and will blend easily with your modern home interiors and aesthetics. Read along to know more about the latest wallpaper trends in home interiors this season.

Wallpaper Trends In 2022 Are All About Bold Biophilic Designs

Bold botanical wallpaper designs are here to stay. This year we will see enormous popularity of these natural themed wallpapers. With restrictions on going out to nature, it is quite obvious that we will find unique ways to infuse a natural vibe into our spaces. And the most practical and easy way to bring in a natural vibe is these trending wallpaper designs with floral motifs. We have opted for wooden flooring to match the natural theme of this modern bedroom. Add a bed with an extended velvet headboard to bring out a striking contrast against the green walls for a bold look. You can add two pendant lights and a metallic mirror to illuminate the space and highlight your accent wall.

Biophilic design is a new trend in wallpaper that infuses a natural vibe to the space
Biophilic theme is the new trend in wallpaper

3D Is Adding A New Dimension To Wallpaper Trends in 2022

If you are an urban dweller and looking for some quirky home decor ideas, this 3D wallpaper is for you. This wallpaper adds dimension to your space and takes your design game to a new level. Add some simple paintings to add to the drama if you please. Keep the interiors simple and minimalistic, to save attention for your wall. The simple bed with an attached side table lends a warm vibe to the space. Dress the windows with matching curtains and opt for maximum lighting options for a well-lit bedroom.

3D wallpaper trend in 2022 adds dimension to your space and takes your design game to a new level
Ace wallpaper trends with a 3D wallpaper
Bored of your bare walls? Its time to reinvest your space!

Golden Paneling Is The New Trend In Wallpaper Treatment

If you want an old-world charm in your home, this wallpaper trend is for you. The intricate wallpaper in this living room highlights the entertainment unit beautifully while the golden panelling accentuates the wall’s beauty. You can lend a vintage vibe by adding a leather sofa and a matching side table. Place some antique pieces to stitch the look together. The low-lying cabinet with push-to-open drawers provide ample storage to arrange your books and other essentials in a clutter-free manner. This home interior setup is a perfect example of blending modern and vintage aesthetics seamlessly.

Intricate trending wallpaper for the living room with a golden frame lends a vintage vibe
Highlight an ornate wallpaper with a golden frame

Trending Wallpaper Designs That Create A Serene And Peaceful Haven

Looking for a serene space to have a comforting sleep experience? This deep-sea wallpaper will make your dream come true. The unique wallpaper elevates the look of your home and is sure to be the show stopper of your bedroom. The extended headboard adds comfort, while the white pendant lights illuminate the space beautifully. The modular wardrobe provides ample storage space, while the accent chair in ocean blue matches the wallpaper and helps complete the look.

A deep ocean wallpaper is a trending wallpaper design for a bedroom that create a serene vibe
A deep ocean wallpaper for a serene vibe

Turn Your Bedroom Walls Into A Star-Studded Galaxy

There is nothing better than sleeping with the stars. If you want to bring a starry vibe to your home, this wallpaper is perfect for you. These trending wallpaper designs are perfect for kids rooms and your master bedroom too. The wardrobe with sliding doors and a loft are space-saving and functional as well. The bedside tables add to the comfort of the space while the light wood colour scheme is excellent for a warm and cosy aura.

Space-themed wallpaper trends are perfect for a kid's room that brings a starry vibe
A space-themed wallpaper design

Abstract Botanical Wallpaper For A Quirky And Fun Vibe

Wallpapers with abstract botanical designs or motifs bring in a playful vibe and match with your modern home interiors. Pair it up with some accent chairs or loveseat sofa to infuse a cool and comforting vibe. Opt for pastel shades to match with the wallpaper trends and you are all set for a cool and quirky home interior design.

Abstract botanical wallpaper in trend brings a playful vibe and is ideal for modern home interiors
Wallpapers with botanical motifs create a fun setting
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Cork Wallpapers Are Unique And Sustainable

Sustainable and thoughtful decor is trending this year. So if you want some eco-friendly decor ideas, choose a cork wallpaper for the bedroom. They are sustainable and add an earthy look to your home. Choose some rattan wall panelling to accentuate the space. A modular wardrobe with multiple pullouts can elevate the functionality of your space. You can also create a small work from home setup beside the window to make this bedroom a multi-functional space. Choose some upcycled lampshades and accents to match your design theme.

Cork trending wallpaper for bedroom are sustainable and adds an earthy look
An eco-friendly wallpaper for sustainable interiors

We hope this blog on wallpaper trends of 2022 helps you in taking an informed decision while decorating up your walls. If you want to know more about home interiors that go well with these trending wallpaper designs or want some expert advice, talk to our designers today. Our expert designers will help you with some personalised, space-saving home interior design solutions that suit your budget and lifestyle. Book a free consultation with us today and let our experts bring life to your dream home interiors.

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