Give Your Bedroom Almirah A New Personality With These Trendy Colour Combinations

by Pooja Dara | January 22, 2024 | 6 mins read

Almirah colour combinations for your home

Today, almirahs are considered an indispensable part of the bedroom’s design aesthetics rather than just a physical storage space for all your clothes and essentials. Have a look at our collection of hand-picked almirah colour combinations and take your pick for an almirah overhaul 

Since the almirah is the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, it makes complete sense to incorporate more than one colour onto it to balance the hugeness of it and make it look visually attractive as well. Something as simple as changing the almirah colour can help you create more stunning almirah designs for Indian bedrooms, be it big or small.

It is a proven fact that colours can impact your mood and the ambience of your living space if the right ones are used in the right places in just the right amount. You can either go for elegant pastel shades to give your almirah a soft look or go bold with bright colours or even use a combination of both if you like. However, ensure that you aren’t using more than two or three shades (at the most) and that the almirah colour is blending in well with the existing bedroom decor so that your almirah doesn’t end up looking too overwhelming to the eye. 

Before heading into our collection of almirah colour ideas, let’s quickly address some FAQS that might be daunting some homeowners.

Almirah colour combination

What Are The Best Almirah Colours As Per Vastu?

As per Vastu Shastra, the best colours for your almirah are neutrals, lightwood finishes and whites as they make your bedroom look more spacious, sleek and bright. They also attract a lot of positive vibes to your bedroom which is something everyone generally yearns for.

If possible, try to avoid dark (deep) or flashy almirah colours like red and black as they are distracting, tend to attract negative energies and also make your bedroom look crowded and dull.

How To Change The Colour of Your Steel Almirah at Home?

Modifying the look of your traditional steel almirah at home using colour is actually pretty simple. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be a pro in no time. Here we go:

Step 1: Remove everything from the steel almirah and prepare it for painting by wiping it with sandpaper and cleaning it with a dry cloth to remove rust and smoothen the surface. Use newspapers or old cloth on the floor for the entire painting process

Step 2: Select your steel almirah colour combination as per the existing bedroom design aesthetics and paint it on the steel almirah using special spray paints as they’re easier and more convenient to use. Start painting each piece separately from inside out, that is, from the inner cabinets/drawers to the exterior of the almirah to avoid any overlapping or repainting issues

Step 3: Let the paint dry thoroughly and if needed, apply a second coat as well to fill the incomplete gaps. When you think you’re finally done, don’t forget to apply a specific primer for metals to prevent the occurrence of any future stains. Give it sufficient time to dry as well as per the instructions on the primer bottle

Step 4: Put all the drawers/cabinets back into their respective places once everything is done and you’re good to go

Let’s now have a look at the almirah colour combinations below. We’re sure you’ll get inspired to incorporate at least one into your bedroom space.

Aqua & Dark Grey Almirah Colour Bring In Tropical Vibes

This neon aqua blue and dark grey almirah reminds you of the foamy ocean waves washing up against your feet on the beach and brings the much-needed cosiness into the bedroom space too.

Aqua and dark grey almirah colour combination in the bedroom cum study room lends a fresh feel.
This almirah colour combination lends a soothing and fresh feel to the bedroom

As Delicious-Looking As Coffee & Cream

Set up against the muted white walls of the bedroom, this light and dark brown wooden almirah looks just as perfect and delicious as coffee with cream. It is an all-time favourite among Indian homeowners as it lends a classy, organic and warm vibe to the interiors.

Light and dark brown wooden almirah colour combination lends a warm vibe to the bedroom.
You can even pair cream with other delectable shades of cherry/oak to give a quirky twist to traditional teak
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Grey & White Almirah Colour Make A Lovely Pair

If you’re looking for low-key colour combinations for your bedroom almirah, then go for light grey and white. It accentuates the bedroom’s overall design and looks sleek and stylish too.

Godrej almirah colour shades in grey and white combination in the bedroom look sleek.
The grey and white almirah smoothes out the bold colours of the door and floor rug

Hints Of Nature In Almirah Colour

The two tones of green paired with white on this almirah mimic the city jungle and its vibes. The matching patterned curtains and the wooden flooring also complement the almirah and tie its overall look together cohesively. 

Almirah colour design in two tones of green paired with white in the bedroom looks city jungle
Using colours in a creative style also adds visual interest and looks appealing

Nothing Can Beat The Simplicity Of Olive Green & White

The olive green and white combination instantly helps you achieve the perfect balance of traditional and modern in your bedroom landscape. It looks simple yet gorgeous and matches the theme of the space too.

Steel almirah colour in olive green and white combination in the bedroom balance traditional and modern.
The mirror on one side of the almirah door also acts as a vanity area and makes the bedroom look larger

Pink & Yellow Is Perfect For Your Little Girl’s Room

Lemon yellow and pink together give your almirah a very fun and vibrant touch that’s refreshing at the same time. The white base, flooring and wall paint also help to calm down the boldness of these bright colours.

Bedroom with a pink and yellow almirah sunmica colour combination looks bold.
Pink and yellow can make an ideal combination for your little girl’s bedroom almirah

The Warmth Of Reddish Brown & White

If you’re planning to give your bedroom a slightly rustic touch, then opt for this reddish-brown and white combination for your almirah. The darker colour neatly envelops the lighter shade and adds visual interest in the area.

Reddish-brown and white combination almirah paint colour gives a rustic touch to the bedroom.
Tones of brown instantly give out natural vibes and a sense of warmth to the space they’re incorporated into

That’s all there is, my friend! To sum it all up, using a colour combination instead of just one solid shade brings an interesting contrast in your bedroom and also doesn’t make your almirah look too bulky and huge. So, get started on your almirah colour makeover project and post your transformation pictures in the comment box below. We’re eagerly waiting to hear from you!

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