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Make Your Chamber Impressive With These Almirah Designs For Indian Bedrooms

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Almirah designs for bedroom indian

Create an outstanding chamber with these modern almirah designs for your bedroom.

Almirahs are free-standing wardrobes that lets you store and locate all your valuables. Essentially, in Indian households, almirahs are placed in bedrooms to place clothes, jewelry, and precious collectibles.

Most homeowners tend to think of almirahs as purely functional pieces of furniture in reality they significantly impact the interior design of your bedroom. Be it a palatial bedroom or a modest one, almirahs cannot be ignored. Essentially, you should not compromise with the style and scheme of almirah for these very reasons.

With minimal attention to colours, materials, textures, and scale you can create stunning almirah designs for small bedrooms as well.

Here’s presenting our handpicked designs for stunning bedroom almirahs that you can refer to for that much-needed bedroom overhaul.

Wall Almirah Designs For Bedrooms

The walls around your bed often overlooked. You can judiciously use the wall behind your bed by building an almirah around it.  This works for both small or large bedrooms. Your walls can be utilised well with the right almirah design. Opt for subtle colours for almirahs to make your bedroom look minimal and classy.

Wall almirah designs for bedroom indian by use the wall behind your bed for small or large bedrooms
An almirah by the walls around the bed makes great use of space

Sliding Almirah Designs For Bedroom

Modern almirah designs for bedrooms are built with smart features like sliding doors to make smart use of space. Almirahs not only occupies floor space but also occupies vertical space when you open its doors. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to use a sliding door for almirah. This way you can save space without compromising on modern functionalities and design trends.

Modern almirah designs for bedrooms are built with sliding doors, we save space in bedroom by opting sliding almirah designs
Save space in your bedroom by opting for almirah with sliding doors

Wooden Almirah Designs For Bedrooms

Wood is one of the most versatile materials that you can use for your bedroom almirah. With umpteen patterns and textures available in the market these days, wooden almirahs lend a soothing vibe to your bedroom. It is also a great way to inculcate a modern yet classic look to your chamber.

Wooden almirah designs for bedrooms gives a modern classic look by using different patterns and textures
Wooden almirahs are modern and minimal in their look and feel

Almirah Design For Bedroom With A Mirror

Are you in a dilemma about where to place a mirror in your bedroom? Well your almirah has all the answers! Let one door of your almirah be covered in mirror – it is one of the oldest design tricks and still in trend. This not only saves you space but since mirrors reflect light it will make your bedroom look more spacious. Overall, mirrors also makes your wardrobe look sleeker and more streamlined. Make the most use of it!

Bedroom almari design with a mirror to save your space and look more spacious for small bedrooms
Almirah with mirrors are perfect for small bedrooms as it make a room appear spacious

Sunmica For Bedroom Almirah Design

Though sunmica is known to be a conventional material, if used smartly it can transform the look and feel of your almirah. And more than that, decor-wise, it can up the ante of your bedroom. Choose a simple combination of colour and textured sunmica to play with and then take a backseat and watch how wonderful your new and improved bedroom will look.

Sunmica for bedroom almirah design to make a beautiful look and feel of indian bedroom almirah
Sunmica is a great material to use for bedroom almirahs

Ceiling To Floor Almirahs Make Good Use of Space

Ceiling to floor almirahs are a quintessentially modern design for bedrooms. This design makes the most of every inch in your bedroom and gives you lots more storage to stack away everything you need without clutter. This almirah design is perfect for small rooms.

Latest bedroom almirah designs are ceiling to floor almirahs, it gives lots of storage space for small rooms
Make the most of extra space in your small room with a ceiling to floor almirah

Peek-A-Boo Almirah Design For Your Bedroom

Translucent wardrobes are quite in trend these days. It is a stately way to revamp your almirah design as it lets you show off your clothing and accessories. At the same time translucent shutters  make your bedroom interiors look trendy and elegant.

Translucent almirah shutters or wardrobes make your indian bedroom interiors look trendy
Translucent almirah shutters make this bedroom classy

Almirah Design In Sync With Bedroom Interiors

Good almirah design is always aligned with the colour palette of your bedroom interiors. So the colour scheme of your bed, flooring and almirah need to be in the same plane. For instance, if your bedroom floor is grey then design an almirah in the same shade or mix and match with its variants.

Best bedroom almirah design is always sync with the colour palette of your bedroom interiors
A befitting almirah for your bedroom stays in sync with the overall colour palette of the space

Create Almirah With Subtle Colours and Textures

Whenever you choose a darker palette, your room automatically looks dingier and claustrophobic. Hence, choose a subtle texture and lighter colour palette for your almirah and your bedroom will look larger.

Choose a subtle texture and lighter colour palette for your indian bedroom almirah designs
A combination of light colours for your almirah makes your room look spacious

Now that you are on top of best almirah designs for your bedroom, rethink your space to create a grand impression. If you need any further help to do so, do not hesitate to meet our best interior designers in bangalore.

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