Vastu For Bedrooms: 10 Essential Vastu Tips to Improve Your Love Life This Valentine

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 2, 2024 | 9 mins read

essential bedroom vastu for couples

Bring in the right energies to your bedroom for harmony and love with our incredible bedroom Vastu for couples.

Home is where love resides and blooms. 

Falling in love is a beautiful feeling and keeping up the romance in the relationship is an important part of a blissful life. While there are so many ways to preserve romance in a relationship, one effective way is by sharing a home with your partner that’s filled with love and positivity. A home provides security and belonging to its people. But it also affects your state of mind more than you know. An ancient Indian science  – Vastu Shashtra – gives us an architectural guidebook to create the perfect home. It reveals that a house with built and designed (both internally and externally) on the principles of Vastu can influence relationships, health and luck of its inhabitants. The right bedroom Vastu for couples is just as crucial.

Vastu often helps to manoeuvre energies in a home. In fact, followers of this ancient tradition believe that Vastu for the bedroom plays a crucial role in romance and intimacy for married couples. So, this Valentine’s Day we at Design Cafe have come up with 10 interesting tips to improve your love life to help you realign your love in the right direction. Here’s our list of Vastu tips.  Pay special attention to the 2nd and 3rd ones!

Infographic of vastu tips for your bedroom

Place Your Bed In The South Or South West Direction In Your Bedroom

No one wants to feel blocked or obstructed when they enter their bedroom. Therefore, the arrangements in the room are the first thing you’d need to work on. Before anything else make sure your bed is placed correctly. According to the principles of Vastu place the bed in the south or south west area of your bedroom. Ensure it is not in the middle of both these directions. Preferably, adjust the bed’s head towards the south. You must avoid placing the bed near the door. Instead place it along the central part of the wall to leave enough room to move around. You can also rest the bed along the wall and keep the surrounding area clutter-free so that there’s always enough room to walk freely. Along with the direction of the bed, the direction in which you sleep matters too. According to Vastu couples must sleep with their head toward the south or west with legs pointing towards north or east when lying down.

A bed position as per Vastu improves love life- best south or south-west direction in the bedroom
A bed placed in the south direction in the bedroom is the bed position as per Vastu improves love life.
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Your Bedroom Must Be A Regular Shape

Are you finalising your new house’s design? Or are you moving into a new place with your partner? If yes, then select a house that has a simple bedroom! Bedroom Vastu suggests that regular-shaped bedrooms are the best for married couples. So, avoid bedrooms that have abrupt cuts or sharp corners. According to Vastu, sharp corners in the bedroom hinder sleep and take away the calmness from life. In a way, such shapes of bedrooms create unwanted anxiety in the ambience that can be a big bummer when it comes to bedroom intimacy.

Vastu tips for your bedroom for a married couple, Regular-shaped bedroom with a double bed brings calmness to life

Sleep On A Wooden Bed Only

We all love beds that are warm and comfortable. According to Bedroom Vastu for couples, you must choose beds that feel warm. So, avoid metallic beds! They are cold, squeaky and oh so uncomfortable! Also, metal frames are likely to conduct electromagnetic fields that can disrupt your sleep. Now here is a small tip for you: avoid keeping electronics near your bed as they emit electromagnetic waves too. Besides metallic beds, Vastu for couples also suggests avoid using beds made of wrought iron. As per Vastu guidelines, iron beds emit negative energy in the room that can cause stress. So, go for wooden beds. Experts believe that wooden beds feel warm and bring in positive energy to the rooms. Also, as humans, we are conditioned to connect with nature, so the organic aesthetic of a wooden bed brings tranquillity and good energy to the bedroom. Moreover, wooden beds are known to absorb electromagnetic field waves. So, technically they are a better choices for your bed.

Vastu shastra to attract love, Bedroom with the bed made from wood brings tranquillity and good energy.

Your Bedroom Colour Scheme Must Be In Shades Of Reds, Pinks Or Purple

Colours are one of the most influential factors in interior design. And it plays a big role in lighting up romance in the bedroom. So, go for colours that are warm and passionate. Our Vastu tips for bedrooms for married couples suggest going with colours like light red, pink, ruby, and purple. You can also try different shades of red and pink. These two colours are associated with romance and passion, so they work great for a couples’ bedrooms. If red and pink seem too feminine for your male counterpart you can opt for shades of purple and lavenders as well! Avoid greys, yellow or any dull hues as they either produce too much excitement or make you feel unmotivated.

Best bedroom colours for romance as per Vastu, Bedroom coloured in a warm pink work great for a couples' bedrooms.

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Avoid Placing A Mirror In Front Of Your Bed

If you think the placement of your dressing table and mirrors in your bedroom do not affect your romantic life, you are wrong! According to bedroom Vastu for couples mirrors should not be placed on the north side of your bedroom as they may reflect negativity. Also, avoid placing mirrors or the dressing table right in front of your bed. People believe that mirrors can reflect nightmares and troubles at you. Some people even cover the mirrors while sleeping because as per Vastu for couples, seeing the reflection of your sleeping self is negative. So, we’d suggest placing the mirror on the walls that are not directly facing your bed. You can also arrange the mirror by the side of your bed so that no troubles reflect on you.

Dressing table and mirror in bedroom as per Vastu placed not directly facing the bed.
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Put Up Happy Pictures; Family Photos Must Be In South West Direction

According to Vastu for bedroom for married couples, pictures in your bedroom can affect your relationship with your spouse. As per Vastu, place family pictures in the south west direction. If you have wedding pictures or any other couple pictures place them on the east wall. It will generate positive energies in the bedroom. You can avoid hanging complicated pieces of art or paintings depicting sad stories in the bedroom. The same goes for a dead family member’s picture. Overall, avoid photos or paintings that provoke sadness or uninspiring emotions. They won’t help in your intimacy and instead bring you down with other kinds of negative energies. You can also avoid photos of deities in your bedroom.

Vastu for couple's photos in the bedroom placed on the east wall generates positive energies.

You Can Place Plants In The North And Red Roses In The South West

Adding a bit of green and flowers in the bedroom can be good for romance. But bedroom Vastu for couples suggests specific directions of placing these biophilic design elements. Indoor plants can be placed in the north direction of the room whereas red roses can be placed in the south west corners of your bedroom. Adding some flora to the room keeps the ambience soothing and yes romantic with the right kind of flowers. So, feel free to indulge in a bit of nature with indoor biophilic choices. A quick tip: pink roses and lilies are some great flower choices for couple’s bedrooms.

Bedroom Vastu for couple's indoor plants placed in the north direction brings positive energy.

Bring In Red Lights In The South West Direction

Just like colours, lights in your bedroom can also be useful in lighting up romance and intimacy in your relationship. Therefore, you must select the right types of light and spaces to install them. Vastu shastra suggests using red lights in the bedroom along the south-west direction. You can use crystal lamps or lampshades with pastel colours. The texture of the lights in the bedroom must be delicate as this adds a romantic ambience to the room and helps to improve intimacies with your partner. Bedroom Vastu for couples also suggests that the bedrooms must have enough natural light during the day. If not your bedroom will suffocate you and that is not at all romantic isn’t it?

Married couple's Vastu for bedroom- use red lights along the south-west direction.

Install Light Modular Furniture; Wardrobes Must Be In The South Or South West Direction

Although bedroom furniture is quite important they can create unwanted clutter in bedrooms. Therefore, don’t jam-pack it with random pieces of heavy and old fashioned-furniture. You can use modular and light furniture options that are easy to move and arrange. Besides, placing these items of furniture in the right directions is also important. As per bedroom Vastu for couples, install your wardrobes or movable almirahs in the south or south-west directions. You can also arrange your heavy cupboards in the west. Choose cupboard sizes according to your bedroom’s size. A quick tip: let the room have enough space to bring in positive energies.

Bedroom Vastu for couples, Place wardrobe in the south direction brings in positive energies.

Some Miscellaneous Don’ts For Bedroom Vastu

We have covered every important aspect of bedroom Vastu for couples. However, there are a few suggestions that fall under the category “not-to-do” Vastu tips!

a. Avoid placing the bed under any concrete beam in the bedroom.

b. Don’t place the bed in front of the bedroom door.

c. If your bedroom has a balcony by the south or west side try keeping it closed in the evenings.

d. Besides mirrors, don’t place any other reflecting objects like a TV or glass-framed paintings in front of your bed.

e. According to bedroom Vastu for couples the wife is advised not to sleep to the right of her husband.

Vastu has been a part of Indian tradition for decades. Although many people don’t follow it now, believers find its significance. Therefore, observing some simple rules to enhance your love life shouldn’t be a big deal. And while true love and honesty will always remain as the magical tips for healthy love relationships these Vastu tips for your bedroom can help you align the right energies in your home. So this Valentine’s Day, reignite the love and experience a blissful marriage with our Vastu guidelines. Let love find its right direction!

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