10 Simple Bedroom Interior Design Ideas Perfect for Your Indian Home

by Sneha Virmani | February 20, 2024 | 6 mins read

Simple bedroom interior designs for your home

Try these simple bedroom interior designs to take your aesthetic vibe up a notch

The key to achieving a simple bedroom interior design is to play with selective elements and let them shine. Your bedroom is a space that should ooze of cosy comfort and convenience. Although evolving trends can make it difficult to choose between the stunning colours, textures, and accents available today, it is important to let your bedroom be a haven of tranquillity. It should be a room that is not high maintenance or a space that eats up your time and energy cleaning it. If you have a busy schedule but want to keep things chic yet affordable, these 10 simple bedroom design ideas can help you get inspired. 

Simple Bedroom Design With Natural Light 

In a world where everyone is trying to reduce their carbon footprint, having ample natural light can help save more units on our electricity bill. Besides saving on money, natural light seeping through this stylish balcony window gate replenishes Vitamin D deficiency and amplifies the ambience of this simple bedroom design.

Simple bedroom interior design which has ample natural light to enhance the ambience
Natural light creates the illusion of a more spacious room

Pops of Colour for a Simple Bedroom Interior

Colour has the power to transform even the most simple bedroom interiors. If you love your neutrals, try adding one solid colour and balancing it throughout the room. Using green with natural materials like a jute pouffe and rattan planter creates a symphony of cohesiveness throughout the room. 

Simple bedroom interior design which has pops of colour
Create a focal point using just one piece of furniture
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Simple Indian Bedroom Interior Design with Laminate Floors

Do you love hardwood floors but find it a hassle to keep them clean with your busy lifestyle? The best alternative to keeping your bedroom interiors cheap and low-maintenance is by using laminate flooring

Simple bedroom interior design in indian style with laminate flooring
Using brown in the room adds visual interest to the space

Monochromatic Simple Bedroom Design Ideas 

What’s not to love about a classic black-and-white contemporary bedroom design? A wall-to-wall carpeted floor might not be the easiest to clean, but why not if you have the help? Clean lines and modern lighting elevate this small bedroom into an abode of peace. 

Panelled walls add class to the simple bedroom design

Simple Small Bedroom Interior Design

Middle-class Indian homes with large families and small homes often need to spark up creative designs to accommodate everyone comfortably. This pull-out sofa cum bed is an excellent idea to install in a study room that serves a dual purpose. Have guests? Use the room as a living room during the day and a bedroom at night. 

Simple interior design of a small bedroom which includes storage cabinets on the wall
Storage cabinets built on the wall for small homes

Simple Indian Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 

If you want to divert from an all-white bedroom vibe, this design has a colour palette with a striking yet serene vibe. A warm yellow textured wall against a teal bed and wood accents add style to the room. Clusters of small paintings, a mirror, and a vibrant floor rug bring personalised charm to the bedroom. 

Adding green plants fills the space with positive vibes
Looking for aesthetic bedroom interiors that spark joy

Simple Bedroom Interior Design for Storage Maximisation 

Your small country-side bedroom is design goals, but is it storage efficient? This design brings modern elements with a twist for small Indian homes. The stylish bed features easy-to-pull-out drawers that store your everyday linens. A cabinet and small cupboard matching the bed blend with the room seamlessly while using empty corner space. 

Simple bedroom interior design of a grey room for storage maximization
Fresh flowers bring a lively touch to an all-grey room

Boho-Chic Inspired Simple Bedroom Interior

When you want your bedroom to match your vibrant personality, it’s time to pull out all the stops. This beautiful bedroom interior is a riot of colours, textures, and shapes balanced with pieces of white. Lush curtains allow fresh air and light into the room, and a mirrored wardrobe reflects it all like a prism oozing with kaleidoscopic colours. 

Get dramatic by mixing elements

Minimalistic Simple Bedroom Interior

Tidy up your safe space with clutter-free designs and allow a free flow of thoughts. This white and rust-themed bedroom looks right out of a magazine cover- simple yet full of intricate textures. Heavy curtains against a faux leather bed upholstered in a matching colour is a vibe in itself. 

Laminate floors bring textural diversity to the room

Simple Bedroom Design With Warm Wood Finishes

A simple middle-class bedroom interior design need not necessarily be boring. This small room utilises both walls brilliantly while acing design accents through elegant wood finishes. A floating bedside table with an accent pendant light illuminates the room with a warm and cosy vibe. 

Simple bedroom interior design which has wall-to wall wardrobe
Optimise the small room with a wall-to-wall wardrobe

These simple bedroom interior design ideas can make small spaces look larger and bland spaces attractive. Now that you know what’s missing in your bedroom and if you need our help doing up your space, simply shout out to us at DesignCafe, and we’ll take it forward.

FAQs On Simple Interior Design

How do I maximise natural light in a simple bedroom?
To maximise natural light in your simple bedroom, follow these tricks:

  • Position the mirror strategically to bounce back light in the room
  • Use light-coloured paints to illuminate a dark room
  • Replace heavy curtains with light sheers
  • Keep your windows clean

Can I use patterns and textures in a simple bedroom interior?
Yes, use minimalistic patterns on the wall to add visual interest to a simple room. Alternatively, you can use textured bedspreads, throws, or pillows on the bed to create a focal point in the room.

What role do lighting fixtures play in a simple bedroom interior?
Good lighting can transform a simple bedroom to create an atmosphere that complements furniture and upholstery. Depending on your mood, it can make the room feel comfortable and dramatic.

How do I choose the right furniture for a simple bedroom?
Choosing the right furniture for a simple bedroom is easy. Just follow this checklist:

  • Consider the size of your room
  • Decide on storage space
  • Choose your design preferences- minimalistic, bold and bulky, clean lines etc.
  • Pick a colour that matches the theme of the space
  • Opt for functionality with design

Are there any specific materials that are commonly used in simple bedroom designs?
Your design theme and budget define your choice of materials. Some commonly used materials are HDF, MDF, Plywood, Hardwood, Particle board, metal or stainless steel.

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