Sassy Side Kicks: 10 Charming Small Side Table Designs For Your Home

by Pulkit Singh | January 17, 2024 | 5 mins read

Small Side Table Designs For Your Home

Small in size, big on style — take a look at our collection of small side table designs for your home.

Thank God for small mercies! But what about? About those small but essential cogs in the massive wheel that is your home — the small side tables that carry the weight of knick-knacks of uncertain placement, the small side tables that disguise dubious nooks into captivating corners. 

Chosen mostly as an afterthought, rarely do the small side tables receive the exhaustive research that goes into choosing the bed frame or the living room upholstery. And yet, these accent pieces can elevate the room from meh to wow instantly.

Small side tables are more than platforms to park your books and trinkets. They merit more love and attention than just a cursory tick mark on your home furniture list. We make your work easy with our comprehensive list of the trending small side table designs. You are welcome!

Mid-Century Modern Small Side Tables

We end up with a lot of collected stuff and are unable to display it, so rethinking small side tables as storage options is imperative, especially in apartments. Drawers and lift-top side tables will declutter any room. For a mid-century modern aesthetic, choose small side tables with curved or straight legs, pastel colours and functional drawers.

Modern small side tables in mid-century style
Mid-century modern side tables for a pretty home

Industrial-Style Small Side Tables

Simple metal legs that balance out the density of the furniture nearby make great additions to industrial-themed home decor. If you can find a multi-tiered side table, it will help you create different visual focal points. 

Small side tables in industrial-style
Industrial side tables to declutter surroundings

Contemporary Small Side Tables

These small side tables for the bedroom will look graceful in the living room equally well. White or light-coloured wooden side tables are the most popular choices, but a palette of other shades also looks gorgeous when placed with complementary decor pieces.

Small side tables in contemporary style
Small side tables that amp up the glam quotient

Rustic Small Side Tables

Blonde wood table tops of these small side tables string the aesthetics of the rustic home decor and create a harmony of colour, mood and the typical earthy vibe of this trend. Make the tablescape more interesting by placing plants, beaten brass pots or ceramic figurines. 

Small side tables in rustic touch
Rustic small side table can dazzle any corner
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Small Side Tables For Masculine Spaces

Wondering how to dress your man cave? Confused about how to style the side tables in your bachelor pad? Using small side tables with wire legs — they look great in gold and black or the regular wooden frame will both fit well in more masculine surroundings.

Small side tables for masculine spaces
These small side tables mean business

Vintage Small Side Tables

Vintage style is all about curves, soft furnishings and plush seating. The ornate furniture and heavy drapes characteristic of vintage decor can be balanced beautifully by light, small wood side tables. You could experiment with modern or mid-century-styled small side tables to add a breath of fresh air. 

Small side tables in vintage style
Vintage rooms can benefit from small side tables

Floating Small Side Tables

Not every small side table needs legs. To save floor space and use the under-table area, you can think of going vertical with floating or built-in small side tables. Hanging a shelf from the ceiling with ropes can be an exciting alternative to a small side table for the bedroom. 

Floating Small Side Tables to save floor space
Floating side tables are trending this season

Quirky Small Side Tables

Walk away from the beaten path with small side tables for the living room or bedroom in unique and unconventional shapes and styles. Quirky is in with many stores offering fascinating designs to complement your experimental personality. 

quirky small side tables to complement your personality
A small side table that’s a work of art

Small Side Tables For The Kids’ Room

No other place needs side tables more than the kids’ room with their books, toys, night lamps and other knick-knacks. Since their rooms are smaller, small side tables are best suited. Built-in side tables in the bed frame open up the floor to store more things in baskets and colourful boxes. 

small side tables for the kids room
Small side tables are most useful in kids’ rooms
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Low Small Side Tables

Instead of the regular height, you could experiment with low small side tables. These draw attention to the lower regions of the room and add a charming element visually. Low small side tables work best in bedrooms with lower-placed beds. They may not be suitable for the living room unless you have low seating there. 

low small side tables
Go low with these small side tables

Small side tables for the bedroom or the living room have come a long way from yesteryears. New trends hit this segment every year and keep our bedside and living room corners exciting. Don’t be fooled by their size — all great things come in small sizes.

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