More Than A Sidekick: 7 Stylish Side Table Designs For The Living Room

by Anugraha Venugopal | January 22, 2024 | 5 mins read

Side table designs for living room

We simplify your hunt for charming and functional side table designs for the living room.

Side tables play an important role in the modern living room. They aren’t just for decor or for placing random things. When chosen strategically, they can be just the element to amp up your abode in minimal style or in luxury. In short, the lack of a side table or a side table that adds no life to the living room is precisely how a living room loses its wholesome look! On that note, here are our recommendations for some fabulous side table designs for the living room. 

Wooden Side Table Designs For The Living Room

There’s some inexplicable elegance about wooden furniture that can’t be missed even with multiple elements. Take a closer look at the side table in this living room. The wooden table’s design paired with the glass top earns its fair share of attention despite the living room having a glass coffee table, ottoman, wood panelling behind the TV unit and a bookshelf. This design proves exactly why a wooden side table is a must-have for your living room, especially if you’re just setting up your home and going slow on costly furniture. 

Side table designs made of wood
A wooden side table with an elegant design

Luxurious Side Table Designs For The Living Room

If your living room is set up with a leather sofa, especially something supremely luxurious like a double-sided chesterfield sofa, then the side tables too have to live up to the sophistication. We recommend a pair of swanky, leather-upholstered side tables like the ones in this living room. The coffee brown shade of the side tables complements the leather sofa in dark brown. Along with detailing such as the antique telephone, sputnik lights, and an extravagant TV unit, the side tables make this space look opulent.

Side table designs for a luxurious living room
Leather side tables for a luxurious living room
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A Side Table Design With Wheels

A side table that can be moved around is definitely a bonus! And that’s why this living room side table design works for any home. It can act as the end table in your living room, study, or bedroom. You can even move it around to your balcony when required. The wooden finish makes it elegant and works well regardless of the colour scheme used for the entire house. In this living room, the modular TV unit blends into the study corner so a side table with wheels can serve as additional storage or as a trolley for snacks when entertaining. Here are some more end table designs to explore. 

Living room side table design with wheels
Increase the side table’s functionality with wheels

Modern Side Tables For A Pastel-Themed Living Room

When considering side tables for a modern living room, don’t always go for unusual designs. Sometimes, all you need is a pair of humble wooden tables in a modern palette like the pastel side tables seen here. The colour makes it an interesting addition to the room, especially against the wall which also features floating bookshelves. And the only drawer in each of the side tables is located differently for a touch of twist. The side tables in pastel complement the coffee table and wooden wardrobe, which together make perfect companions for the round cuddle chair.

Modern side tables for living room design
Play with side table colours for a modern look

Marble-Top Side Tables For The Living Room

When we are talking luxury, marble is one of your best bets for side table designs for the living room. Little matches up to the beauty of a marble-top coffee table and side table. The minimalism of the tables ensures all the focus is on the natural stone’s beauty. The geometric pendant light also brings more attention to the side table. Another amazing aspect of marble is that it works well with all kinds of backgrounds. So, marble-top side tables can also be used as multipurpose furniture for other spaces.

Living room side table designs with marble-tops
A marble-top side table spells luxury
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A Side Table Design With Wireframe Detail

This side table with its wireframe detail is a splendid choice for those who are looking for furniture that’s highly functional. It acts as a safe-keep for things you don’t want the children or pets to meddle with. It is also a great place to stash those things you’ll need often while in the living room — books, keys, a deck of cards, some munchies and so on. This side table is a good fit in the living room which also has a statement coffee table, wooden panelling on the wall, and a dark brown sofa. If you are looking for side tables for your bedroom, check out our bedside table decor ideas.

Side table design with wireframe detail
A wireframe side table with storage

Tripod-Style Side Table

If you are exploring marble side tables, this design can be a serious contender and here’s why. It merges the tripod stool with a side table. It has a relatively smaller table top to hold minimal items. More importantly, when used along with a marble coffee table, the side table accentuates it yet never steals its thunder. The perfect sidekick to your coffee table! 

Side table design in tripod-style for living room
Tripod stools in a luxury finish as side tables

We hope you’ve enjoyed our collection of side table designs for the living room. It’s one of those items which can command attention despite their placement — a corner. And so, its absence will surely be noticed. When that’s the case, why not make it a topic of conversation with a splendid design? If you have selected one of our designs already or have something of your own in mind, book an appointment now with our design experts.

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