Living Room End Tables: When Coffee Tables Are Not Enough

by Nikita Raikwar | January 29, 2024 | 3 mins read

Living room end tables for your home

Complete your living space with these gorgeous end tables.

Often overlooked in the world of interior design is the crucial designed space that adds a point of interest and finishing touch to your home — the end table. End tables are a great gamble, especially if you are the kind that loves to showcase your finest works of art to display, read along with your TV running in the background or simply enjoy the idea of keeping your home decor updated! With that being said, here are 5 super gorgeous end table designs that you’d do nothing but swoon over.

Minimalist Bamboo Living Room End Table

If you are not looking to add way too many elements to your side table or end table, then a bamboo end table like this one is a fine choice. What we love about these living room end tables is how eccentric and unique they can be. They sit well in all kinds of decor styles ranging from rustic to industrial and are a perfect addition to your family space.

Bamboo end table in minimalist design for living room lends rustic vibe
An end table with a minimalist rustic vibe

Maximalist Leather Trunk Style End Table With Storage

Doubling up as a great storage unit in your living room is this elegant leather trunk-style end table. It strikes a sense of luxury but you can also double it as your throw blanket storage bin or hook your favourite reads in it. What’s great about this leather trunk end table is that it goes well with legged couches as well as bulky upholstered ones. So, if you are out there looking for an end table with storage for your home, this one can certainly seal that deal.

Leather trunk-style end table with storage strikes a sense of luxury
End tables that strike a sense of luxury
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Unique Aquarium Sofa End Table With Indoor Plants

Why go the traditional route when you can convert your aquarium setting into an end table? It’s definitely a catch and would make more of a centrepiece, if you ask us, wink-wink. In all, you can place a cute baby succulent or an indoor fern on the top alongside some books or a hygge tray.

Sofa end table that doubles up as an aquarium
End table that doubles up as an aquarium

Wireframe Side End Table For Book Collectors

For those that get their daily dose of happiness out of books, a wireframe side end table like the one in this picture is nothing short of heaven. What makes it so cool is the black-coloured industrial finish, and how it pairs well in a modern industrial setting. You can pair a side end table like this one with a leather couch and a modern rug of your choice.

Wireframe side end table in the black-coloured industrial finish
Modern wireframe end tables for bibliophiles

Minimalist Long Narrow End Table For Your Knick-Knacks

If you are struggling with space in your living area for tiny knick-knacks like a floral vase, a tea tray or even scented jar candles, then a long end table like this can do the job. Since it comes with two shelves, you can choose to double it as a display unit as well. We all love a minimalist unit and a long narrow end table like this one, not just for its functionality but at its core for the aesthetic value it carries.

Unique Long narrow end table doubles up as book storage
Unique Long narrow end table doubles up as book storage

Now that you know what kind of end tables work best in what setting and which end table designs are best suited for your home, go ahead and read this blog on L-Shaped sectional sofas to pair with your favourite end tables.

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