7 Splendid Leather Sofa Design Ideas For Your Living Room

by Anugraha Venugopal | February 23, 2024 | 5 mins read

Leather sofa design ideas

A leather sofa design brings a note of grandeur and sophistication to any space with minimal effort.

There are sofas and then there are leather sofas. A leather sofa design that is alluring and comfortable is a chic update to a space. Precisely why many homeowners prefer to invest in a durable, high-quality sofa with beautiful leather upholstery. And once you’ve experienced the charm of a leather sofa, there’s no going back. Yet, we know that it’s an art to do up a space with the latest leather sofa design. So, here we are with our design ideas.

Edgy Leather Sofa Design For Industrial Interiors

A leather sofa design works well for a living room with industrial-style interiors. The brown shade blends with the aesthetics of the overall space which comprises the brick-cladding wall, wooden flooring, freestanding bookshelf, veneer-finish modular kitchen, coffee table and the TV unit with open shelves. The sofa is definitely an edgy addition to the room, isn’t it? And this is a good time to remind you that a sofa and a couch are not the same.

Edgy leather sofa design works well for a living room with industrial-style interiors
Leather sofa design for industrial interiors
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Lush Cream Leather Sofa Set Design For A Dreamy Look

This living room’s leather sofa set design in lush cream spells sophistication and luxury, especially with the matte black wall in the background. The black gallery wall with its mounted lights, panelling and art complements the embellished sofa. The wood finish details on the sofa chairs enrich its charm. We love how the combination of black and cream lends a dreamy vibe to the space. The refined details such as the wine rack, rustic coffee table and chandelier add to the opulence. If you’re looking for more sofa set designs, including other materials, check this out.

Leather sofa set design in lush cream ideal for living room with black wall
A dreamy leather sofa set design in lush cream

Bewitching Black Leather Sofa

Any modern leather sofa design isn’t just about its texture or colour but also about how it is set up in a room. And that’s why this design wins our hearts completely. The mirror, chandelier, wood panelling, feature wall, black lamp, sofa chairs and coffee table are interesting details that enhance the luxurious vibe exuded by the black leather sofa. So, when you plan your living room or drawing room, make sure that the room’s design complements your chosen leather sofa. Here are more ideas for some splendid sofa colour combinations.

Back leather sofa design with texture enhances the luxurious vibe
Colour themes work well with a leather sofa set

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Roomy L-Shaped Sectional Leather Sofa Design

An L-shaped leather sofa design with an attached chaise gives a more spacious feel to the room in addition to the extra comfort of being able to extend your legs. It’s also convenient for seating or as an additional bed when friends or relatives are staying over. You may add vibrance to the room with colourful throw pillows, track lights, a rug or a statement wall. Or as seen in this living room design, you can choose to keep the play of colours subtle and matching with the earthy tone of the sofa.

L-shape leather sofa design with an attached chaise
L-shape sofa for comfort and roominess

Swanky Double-Sided Modern Leather Sofa Design

A modern leather sofa design that is picking up interest among homeowners is a double-sided chesterfield sofa in dark brown. With their rolled arms, deep button tufting and dual side seating capacity, this design is surely a winner amongst living room furniture for its distinct look. The plush double-side seating with armrest also makes it convenient when the guests have to focus on the same side of the room. Notice how the golden panelling of the entertainment unit, the fancy sputnik lights and the leather upholstered side table with the antique telephone make the space resplendent in luxury.

Modern leather sofa design with rolled arms
Modern double-sided leather sofa in a dark shade
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Relaxing Recliner Leather Sofa Design

The luxury quotient of a room goes up instantly when you spot a leather sofa with a recliner. We love how the recliner makes for a relaxing atmosphere in the earthy tone of the room. The sliding wine rack and mini bar in the full-wall wardrobe are an excellent use of space and complement the recliner sofa. The coffee table, indoor plant and rustic dining table seem fuss-free, just like the sofa. Thus, creating the perfect ambience to simply relax.

Recliner leather sofa design in the earthy-tone living room is the perfect relaxing ambiance
Leather recliners have relaxation written all over

Lavish Leather Sofa Chairs For Small Spaces

If laying out a sofa or sofa set seems to eat up floor space, then go for leather sofa chairs to still bring in an air of luxury to your living room. Recliners make it even better. The design here shows a cosy yet fun living room with a wicker chair, an elegant coffee table, a playful graffiti wall and pleasant curtains. The recliner leather sofa chairs act as statement furniture, adding sophistication to this breezy room. On that note, you’ll love our blog on transforming your living room with accent chairs.

Lavish leather design sofa chairs for small living room
Leather sofa chairs as statement furniture

A leather sofa design is not only a status symbol anymore. It’s about wanting to experience the finer luxuries of life day in and day out. After all, the best things in life need to be experienced. And with leather furniture being available in many variants such as full-grain, bonded, faux leather and so on, it’s easy to get one that meets your price and maintenance needs. Want more expert advice on styling your space with the latest leather sofa design? Book an appointment with our top-notch designers now.

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