Some Splendid Sofa Colour Combinations For Your Home

by Shreya Bilagi | February 18, 2024 | 5 mins read

Sofa colour combination ideas for your home

All you couch potatoes, we have news for you! Sofa colour combinations might be a tough choice but not anymore! Check out our latest blog on sofa colour combinations for your home.

You all know you can’t live without a couch to crash on in the living room! Doesn’t a sofa set at your home make life much easier? How do you ask? Well, imagine if you came from work or just finished a crazy kids birthday party where are you likely to crash? That’s right, your sofa set. It’s time to choose the right sofa colour combinations for your home and we at DesignCafe are here to help. Take a quick read on our latest blog and we are sure you won’t regret it. Hurry up!

Let Us Introduce You To A Rich Blue Sofa Set

Do you have a pearl white floor in your living room? Are you procrastinating on what sofa colour combination you should go with? Well, we have a luxurious and elite option of sofas that you can combine and bring the richness of your living room to the next level. This modern living room with an accent wall, a false ceiling made with wooden panelling work and a combination of the cove and recessed lights deserves something that fits well with its posh ambience. A modern tuxedo sofa with a button back in rich velvet combined with a single white sofa makes a beautiful sofa colour combination. 

Vibrant blue sofa colour combination with a single white sofa looks luxurious and elite.
A posh living room with luxurious interiors and a rich tuxedo sofa
Complete end to end home interiors on a budget

Black, Bold And Always Beautiful

If you love jet black combined with a dark grey, then this two-tone sofa set will set your mind on fire. Here we see a white-walled living room with a smart wooden panel flooring comes a patterned floor mat with rustic colours that goes well with this black and grey sofa set colour. To add a pop of brightness amidst all the dark tones, golden yellow plush pillows bring in a fun twist to this sofa set.  A glass coffee table with a metal frame adds to the classiness of this living room. 

Living room with black and dark grey sofa set colour combination with yellow pillows brings a fun twist.
A white-walled living area with a mixture of rustic colours merged with dark sofa tones make this one mystic living room

Why Not A Bubble Gum Blue Sofa For You?

Tired of the same old blue tones of sofas that warehouses show you? Well, let us introduce you to a brilliant new blue! How about a bubble blue sofa set colour. It’s always a good thing to experiment, think about it. You have one life, why live it simple when you can go bold right? This gorgeous living room with a coffee brown accent wall makes for a lovely contrast when it comes to the sofa set colour. It oddly yet uniquely goes well with a bubble gum blue sofa set in front of it. 

Sofa set colour combination with light blue sofa set colour with cream coloured pillows in this large living room.
A large living room with a different kind of blue colour sofa set and a pearl white flooring with a fur carpet

Don’t Ever Underestimate The Beauty Of A Olive Green Sofa Set

Ever wondered how an olive green colour sofa set would look in your living room? Let us show you what an extraordinary colour it is and how wonderfully it blends into the ambience of your living room. If you have brown-toned, beige, off white or even frosty white walls, then an olive green sofa set will set in well. Although you might be a bit hesitant do take a look at this living room. Shades of brown painted walls, wooden panelled flooring and a grand metallic chandelier welcome this olive green sofa and allow it to sit with elegance in its unique colour. Time to give your living room a chance, So? Are you ready for an olive touch?

Olive green colour sofa in this bright brown shaded living room looks elegant.
A brilliant brown shaded living room with spectacular sofa set and large chandelier for a grand welcome

Let Golden Colour Of This Sofa Set Amaze You

You will be surprised with some sofa colour ideas that are stunning. Take a look at this sofa set in golden yellow. Now, who would have ever thought it would look this amazing. Well, it does! If you are a fun-loving family, who does not mind a punch of brightness in the living room this sofa set is sure to bring you smiles. In a living room with arched windows, a patterned mosaic wall and an aqua pouffe, this edition of yellow coloured sofa set fit right in. 

Golden sofa colour combination in this living room with arched windows are stunning.
A living room with arched windows, framed patterns and a wooden flooring welcome a bold piece of furniture

These what we at DesignCafe think are some excellent eye-popping sofa colour combinations for your home. We hope you enjoyed this read. Let us know what you think! Send us an email. Can’t wait to hear from you! 

FAQs on sofa

These are some of the questions that are frequently asked by our clients:

1. What is the best colour for your sofa? 

Well if you are scared of stains and have kids we would suggest opting for dark-coloured sofas. But if you love light hues then that’s fine too. However, do keep in mind the maintenance light-cloured sofas come with 

2. What colour sofas are in style? 

Eye-popping colours are now trending. A green, red, yellow, olive, bubblegum blue sofa are some colours you can choose from.

3. What coloured curtains would go with a dark brown sofa?

Olive will also go great as contrast as well as light colours like creams, light browns and white.

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