Refreshing Reset: 10 Gorgeous Wash Area Designs Tailored for Compact Spaces

by Pulkit Singh | February 18, 2024 | 6 mins read

Wash area designs for your home

Wash area can be inspirational spaces too. Check out how to make the most of your home. Read on.

Nothing about wash area designs is exciting, right? Wrong. Doing laundry may be the most tedious house chore but your space doesn’t have to be boring. Infact, sprucing up this area can potentially make you look forward to this mundane but essential task. And why just laundry? Common wash area designs that connect dining and entertaining spaces are on the rise make it imperative that proper attention be given to these. 

Good cabinetry, clearly designated areas, beautiful basins and classy countertops can help you metamorphose this often ignored room, even in compact homes. Yes, this space is all about utility but that doesn’t mean it cannot be more. Take a look at our ten gorgeous wash area designs to get you started. 

1. Wash Area Tiles Design: Ace Aesthetics With Aplomb

Tiles are a great way to introduce colour or texture to the wash area. You could pick contrasting shades or complimentary one depending upon your taste. Check out the image below. The brown basin and the spherical mirror along with the tiles create textural depth. 

Wash area tile design with textured tiles surrounds a brown basin with a spherical mirror
Choose show-stopping tiles as a creative backsplash to the wash area
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2. Why Ignore Indian Kitchen Wash Area Design?

Traditionally, Indian kitchens haven’t housed machine machines or the laundry area. But with space crunch becoming the norm, Indian lifestyle is encouraging the placement of the wash area closer to the kitchen.

If a designated wash area is absent in your home, you could think about utilising extra kitchen space for the same. Place a screen door to divide the areas if you want and keep the are looking clutter-free and efficient.

Screen door separates the kitchen wash area design to create a distinct space division
Tall shelves open up floor space

3. Fancy Outdoor Washing Area Design

A popular spot for placing the washing machine is the balcony. Usually they are more spacious than the wash rooms especially in smaller apartments. There are many advantages to this. It is easier to clean outdoor spaces and even if you get behind your washing, no one is wiser. 

Outdoor washing area design on a balcony as it makes cleaning much easier
Wash area with a view!

4. Wash Area Grill Designs for Adding Texture To the Space

Tiles, backsplash, wallpaper and decor elements may be the dependable elements to add personality to your laundry room but have you thought about adding grills? They have a two-pronged effect- they draw the eyes upwards and can be used to hang pots, planters and other interesting items to add to the room. 

Yellow and grey wash area has a grill design for hanging planters and pots
Use plants to add life to your laundry room

5. Common Wash Area Designs Can Look Great Too

Just because they are the common wash areas, dont mean they don’t need due attention. Replace a boring basin and towel stand with pretty slabs, a perky faucet and roll those soft towels into a drawer. Why ignore the space when you can make it pic-worthy?

Common wash area design features a white basin and floating wooden storage
The mirror takes the spotlight
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6. Wash Area Designs in India Are Going Places

With functional cabinetry, attractive paint colours and modular designs, wash area designs in India are going places. As a sunny country, our laundry rooms look pretty and our clothes dry faster. The pink and teal in this was area complements the accessories in the balcony. 

Washing machine sits below open storage in a pink and teal wash area design in India
Go colourful with your laundry room

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7. Kitchen and Wash Area Designs 101

Whether your wash area is in the kitchen or in some other part of the house, a few tricks can help you save on space. Make your tiny laundry room mighty by using tall cabinets, floating shelves, sliding doors and using collapsible drying racks. 

Kitchen and wash area design includes a red basin with multipurpose storage underneath
Making the space multipurpose helps with small homes

8. Wash Basin Area: Designs That Are Gorgeous & Functional

The basin has its own story to tell. Gone are the days when the typical oval sink ruled the roost. From transparent to colourful ones, the wash basin has come a long way. Check out this gorgeous black beauty that stands our remarkably in the pristine white surroundings. The pop of green from the plants, and the offbeat mirror add glam to the area.

Wash basin area design in dining room idea with grey-coloured basin and an arched mirror
Boring basins are a thing of the past

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9. More Wash Area Design Ideas

We have shown many wash area designs to you but none in the washroom. So let’s bring this on. Now compact homes may be hard pressed for space in the bathroom but if you have room for placing your washing machine, why not? The image here shows the clever use of area above the machine for laundry knickknacks that can be placed behind cabinets with sliding doors to save space and add to aesthetic value. 

Wash area design ideas for bathroom
Using white makes the area look larger

10. Wash Area Design: The Last Word

Utilitarian spaces can be glamorous too. You could add to the appeal by using statement wallpaper, investing in state-of-art technology, getting a gorgeous sink, or hanging a jazzy mirror. Any and every area of the home can be made beautiful with the right colours and aesthetics.

Bathroom wash area design incorporates washing machine space and floating storag
Pretty and practical can go together!

Our collection of imaginative and practical designs is bound to inspire you to think twice before ignoring your wash area corner. Like with the task of cleaning, sorting and drying that accompanies this space, paying attention to details will brighten up both your home and your routine. We hope our ten wash area designs, especially useful for compact spaces persuade you to rethink your home. Contact our design team to help support you in this endeavour by reaching out to us here. 

FAQs on Wash Area Designs

1. How can I create an eco-friendly wash area design?

Create an eco friendly wash area design by using rattan or wicker baskets, sustainable detergents and creating a space using earth-friendly materials like bamboo, concrete, steel or reclaimed materials. 

2. How can I optimize the layout of a small wash area?

You can optimise the layout of a small wash area by: 

  • Keeping clutter at bay by using baskets, jars and trays
  • Opt for drying rods instead of a floor drying rack
  • Use pull-out shelves to store your cleaning essentials
  • Utitlise area above the washing machine by creating a countertop.

3. How can I incorporate storage solutions into a wash area design?

Handy storage solutions for wash area design: 

  • Use tall storage cabinets
  • Install upper cabinets above your washing machine
  • Use an extendable clothesline.
  • Incorporate floating shelves

4. What materials and finishes work best in a wash area design? 

Granite, ceramic and tiles are the best materials in a wash area design. Vinyl options are great for flooring and laminates work best for countertops. Satin paint is the best choice for wall paint.

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