Well-Utilised Laundry Room Ideas In Balcony

by Pooja Dara | February 9, 2024 | 6 mins read

Laundry room design in balcony for your home

Take a look at these mind-blowing balcony laundry room ideas that can help you transform your ordinary balcony into a much more multifunctional space. Read further and get inspired

A balcony is one of the most essential spaces for many urban homeowners and people living in apartments for multiple reasons. First, it helps you connect the indoors to the outdoors. Second, it helps you cross-ventilate your living space. Third, it provides you with an escape for your leisure activities like bird watching, relaxing, reading books, tea and snack sessions, etc. But have you ever thought of incorporating a laundry area in your balcony? We bet you haven’t until now.

Integrating a laundry room idea in your small balcony is indeed a great idea owing to multiple benefits:

  • It makes the space more multifunctional and efficient.
  • It does not let the moisture/humidity (and associated problems) accumulate within the enclosed apartment/home.
  • It allows you better manage your laundry washing and drying process as the balcony gets ample sunlight.
  • It gives you the flexibility to add on more utility space and storage when the need arises. 
  • It reduces the load of laundry cleaning and related items in your bathroom or the inside laundry room.

What Are The Factors That You Need To Keep In Mind While Designing The Laundry Room In Your Balcony?

  • The availability of enough space in your balcony for the washing machine and/or dryer (front-load or top load).  
  • The provision of additional storage for cleaning and drying equipment when the need arises.  
  • The layout should be such that the area doesn’t look too cluttered and claustrophobic.
  • The practicality and durability of the utility worktops and the internal layout of the shelves, cupboards, etc. 
  • The provision of flexibility in design accommodates the ironing board, deep sink and vacuum cleaner.  
  • The balcony laundry area’s theme should be in sync with the rest of your house (~visual continuity). 
  • The provision of ample sunlight (fully/partially) so that the clothes can dry out easily and quickly. 
  • The provision of good drainage, ventilation, heating and electrical power systems can be connected to the already existing ones set up indoors.

Let’s now dive into some excellent laundry room designs in the balcony that many homeowners are going gaga over.

Customised Laundry Room In Balcony

This customised laundry room in the balcony comes fully equipped with a space for fitting in your washing machine and a multitude of open shelves and other storage options for all your laundry-related needs. You can stack detergents and tissues in rattan boxes and insert a hanging rod or two for drying out clothes. You can use the sliding windows to regulate the amount of sunlight entering the space while you’re waiting in the chair for the entire process to finish.

A customised laundry room in balcony has a multitude of open shelves and other storage options
This customised laundry area can accommodate not only your laundry essentials but also your floor cleaning essentials

Decorative Laundry Room In Balcony

This decorative laundry room in the balcony looks quite traditional and elegant, with white and grey-themed tiles enveloping the skirting, washing machine recess, a wooden base cabinet with a vessel sink, anti-skid flooring and the backsplash. The large hinged windows allow an ample amount of sunlight to enter this space.

Decorative laundry room in balcony with a wooden base cabinet and a vessel sink
The wooden top and bottom cabinets give a warm and cosy look to this closed balcony laundry area
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Laundry Room In Balcony With Built-In Space for Washing Machine

This laundry room in the large balcony comes with an integrated space for the front-load washing machine and a mix of different-sized closed and open cabinets for accommodating all your laundry essentials. The pull handles on these cabinets make it easier for all the family members to access the storage areas without much assistance (use a foldable step ladder).

Balcony laundry room with built-in space for a washing machine
This large balcony area can be used as a multifunctional space with the washing and cleaning area on one side and the leisure area on the other side

Laundry Room In Balcony With Overhead Clothes Line

This laundry room in the balcony features both a dedicated laundry corner and a cleaning corner with a top-mount sink and wooden base cabinet. You can sip on your hot cup of coffee by the window while you’re waiting for your clothes to wash and dry. In the absence of dedicated wall space for drying racks, you can also use a pulley-style ceiling-hung design for drying out your clothes.

The balcony laundry room with an overhead cloth line and small potted plants
You can even place small potted plants on the window ledge for a pop of colour and visual interest

Laundry Room In Balcony With Sliding Window Mechanism

This laundry room in the balcony with the sliding window mechanism makes your space look visually larger, brighter and airier. You can pull the curtains down when you want to create a partition for privacy and push them back up when you want to amplify your view, and let your clothes dry out instantly with ample sunlight.

Laundry room design in balcony with a sliding window mechanism
The decorative grilled railing enhances the look of the balcony, while the white cabinets provide sufficient storage space for all the laundry needs

Rustic Laundry Room In Balcony

This rustic laundry room in the balcony lends a traditional and old-school yet seamless vibe to the modern-themed balcony. The combination of dark brown and medium grey in the structure and design aesthetics of the balcony gives a delightful feel to the bare eyes. All the cleaning and drying materials like the washing agents, detergents, brushes, hangers, an iron, etc., can be neatly stored in these wooden cabinets and taken out as and when they need to be used.

Rustic laundry room in balcony with dark grey cabinets
The wall-to-wall countertop with an integrated sink gives a rich look to the laundry space, while the dark grey cabinets make it look more stylish

All in all, converting an often under-utilised balcony into a mini-laundry room can serve as a boon to those who live in apartments/houses with space constraints. Also, if you need any extra guidance on your balcony laundry room project, reach out to us at DesignCafe via email or call. Our interior design experts will be more than happy to help you out.

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