8 Design Solutions And Ideas For An Awkward Living Room Layout

by Sreya Dasgupta | February 9, 2024 | 7 mins read

Awkward living room design ideas

Here are some designer-approved tricks and ideas to make your awkward living room space look stylish and stunning

When thinking of home interiors, the living room is the first thing that comes to our mind. It is the most happening space of your home and attracts maximum attention from your guests and your family members as well. From entertaining your guests and enjoying movie nights with friends to spending quality time with family, this is the space where most of the fun activity happens. But designing a living room with unconventional shapes and layouts can be tricky. It can end up making your living room look unwelcoming, awkward and clumsy. So, we have come up with some unique ideas and design solutions to elevate the look of your awkward living room and make it look quick and stylish. So, let’s get ready to address the problems of awkward living room layouts and find solutions for each one.

How To Design An Awkward L-Shaped Living Room

The living room comes in various shapes but the L-shaped living room is quite difficult to design because of its restricted space. To tackle this quirky space, you can opt for a double-sided sofa unit. This will give you a view of the entire room and help you utilise the space to the fullest. While one side of the sofa faces the entertainment area where you can enjoy movie nights with family, the other side of the sofa faces the open kitchen to entertain your guests while preparing meals. Use your L-shaped living room corner to create a cosy bar nook where you can enjoy some chill time with friends. We have added a modular bar unit which features a combination of wooden finish shutters and a tinted glass front. Two tall chairs complete the look.

Awkward l shaped living room design
A multifunctional L-shaped living room
Enhance your living room's interior design with our solutions!

How To Plan An Awkward Living Room With Stairs

Stairs can take up a lot of space and lend a bulky look. But if you have a duplex or villa, having a staircase within your living room is quite inevitable. The trick to handling this problem is to choose a modern staircase design for your living room. Here we have opted for a glass railing and steps for the spiral staircase. Glass looks easier to the eye and makes your room look elegant and bright. Opt for muted wall paints and light wood finish laminates to match with the interior theme. We added some ottoman storage and functional entertainment units to the modern living room.

Awkward living room with a glass spiral staircase
A glass spiral staircase adds elegance

Designing An Awkward Living Room Layout With A Fireplace

If you have a living room with an extension and a fireplace, there is an excellent trick for you. Use those walls to create a personalised library for you. The wall-mounted book cabinet with glass fronts on either side of the fireplace highlights the length of your walls and is perfect for bibliophiles like you. Keep a small ladder so you can reach the top-most shelves of the book cabinet. Add some comfortable sofa units and a small round coffee table to enjoy a comfortable reading session. We have used gypsum wall panelling to add some definition to the living room. You can highlight the wall behind the fire unit with a painting and bring attention to the fireplace.

Awkward living room layout with a fireplace
Build your new favourite spot in your home

How To Manage A Narrow Rectangular Living Room

The problem with a narrow living room is figuring out how to create the perfect visual distance between the TV unit and the seating area. To solve this issue, opt for a wall-mounted TV unit and a window bay seater. This will make your room look wider and more spacious. Make sure to keep the centre of the room empty, and if you want to place a coffee table choose a glass top table. This looks lighter to the eye and makes your room look uncluttered. You can also place a study unit to utilise the length of your room and add to the functionality of the space.

Narrow rectangular living room with tv unit and seating area
Ideas to create space in a narrow living room

How To Separate A Long And Open Living And Dining Space

Is your living room awkwardly large yet insufficient to build a wall and divide it into two? You can create a subtle boundary in your living room for a separate dining space without making the interiors look bulky. Opt for a modern jali partition behind the sofa unit, and you are good to go. The room is designed with a traditional Indian theme with intricate jali work on the partition unit and colourful curtains. We have added a sectional sofa and nested coffee table to complete the look of the living room. Choose a pop of colour for the accent wall to add vibrance to the space and give a separate identity to your dining area.

Separate a long and open living and dining space
A partition helps define an awkward living room
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Utilise The Dead Space Under The Stairs Of An Awkward Living Room

In this living room, we have utilised the dead space beneath the staircase to create a space-saving TV unit with concealed storage and a compact study unit. This modular unit adds to the functionality of the space and takes the design game of the awkward living room space higher by several notches. The open shelves and cabinets provide ample storage and display space while the sofa unit completes the look of the living room. You can add pull-out drawers beneath each step of the staircase to add extra storage space in the room.

Awkward living room use space under the stairs to utilise the dead space
Use the under-staircase space for a modular TV unit

How To Manage An Awkward Living Room Space With Large Windows

This living room with an attic loft space and large windows can look very weird if not designed with precision. But our interior designers have made sure to turn it into a beautiful home, nothing less than a dream paradise. We have chosen an open layout to make the space look clutter-free and luxurious. The glass panelling brings in a lot of natural light and brightens up the space. The loft area is utilised to curate a comfortable bedroom, while the open kitchen comes with a breakfast counter for cosy mealtimes. You can use curtains to avoid harsh sunlight and scorching summer heat. The interiors are kept minimal for free flow movement and a spacious vibe. This is an excellent layout for uber-cool couples who love to add a bit of quirk to their lives and their homes.

Awkward living room layout space with large windows
Awkward living room layout ideas for quirky homes

How To Design The Awkward Living Room Corner Of Your Home

Do you have an awkward living room corner with a slanting wall and don’t know what to do with it? Well, you can transform it into a photo gallery with some nice frames and wall art. Place a tall potted plant to bring a splash of greenery to the space and create a comforting vibe. These decor elements accentuate the look of your minimalistic home interiors and turn your awkward corners into a cute display area.

Awkward living room corner with a tall potted plant
Awkward living room corner to showcase your creativity

We hope your worries about designing an awkward living room end here. If you still have any doubts or want some inspiration for designing your modern living room, book a free consultation with our designers today. We will help you with personalised designs that suit your budget and lifestyle. Our services come with a 10-year warranty and no-cost EMI options as well. So, whatever may be the shape and size of your house, we will help you turn it into the cosy haven of your dreams. You can also visit a DesignCafe Experience Centre near you to check out our latest design concepts and get a detailed quotation from our designers. We hope to design your dream home soon!

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