Exquisite Wash Basin Colour Designs For Your Home

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 15, 2024 | 5 mins read

Gorgeous wash basin colour designs for your home

Because your home deserves a luxe wash basin, go for one today!

Whether it is for your bathroom or for your dining space, a wash basin makes the first impression on your guests. Moreover, with you using it every day, it goes without saying that an exquisite wash basin design with a soothing colour palette does kind of impact your sensibilities. Aren’t we right? Most of the modern homes — and even traditional ones — have an aesthetic synergy across their space. As a modern homeowner, we are sure you must have felt the need for the same.

We need to keep in mind that details like the colour of your wash basin in your bathroom or elsewhere — though seemingly trivial — eventually turn out to be rather vital. If you are confused about what kind of wash basin colour you must go ahead with, keep your bathroom in mind! A bathroom mirrors the overall theme and ambience of your home. You would want the wash basin colour to align with the same. We suggest going with the trends, understanding your sensibilities and choosing a wash basin colour that genuinely speaks to you and looks refined.

Keeping all of that in mind, here’s presenting a lowdown on all the splendid wash basin colour design ideas that would enhance the mood and feel of your bathroom in no time.

Plush Pink Wash Basin Colour

Not at all feminine, a pink wash basin stands out in your bathroom for all the right aesthetic reasons. With its old-world, yet so modern, charm, a pink wash basin peps up your mood and stands out in a minimalistic and even a contemporary bathroom. You’ve got no reason not to consider this one, folks!

Plush pink colour wash basin with white storage cabinet in the bathroom stands out in a minimalistic way.
A grey-coloured wash basin strikes a perfect balance between function and aesthetics
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Gorgeous Grey Wash Basin Colour

A grey wash basin effortlessly adds elegance and luxury to your space. It is easy to maintain and soothing to the eyes. Explore various textures and shapes for this colour shade and in any case, a grey wash basin would never fail to make its impression on your guests. Also, if you are considering a black or white wash basin but are not able to finalise either, then a grey wash basin is the answer, ladies and gentlemen!

Grey coloured wash basin with a unique design in the dining room
A grey-coloured wash basin strikes a perfect balance between function and aesthetics

Wonderful White Wash Basin Colour

Who can deny the elegance of a pristine white wash basin? Although it looks familiar when done right, it effortlessly synergises your space. Its modern texture never goes out of fashion. We suggest that you go with a rectangular or evenly shaped white basin. Though it might take some extra cleaning, it will never lose its sheen.

White colour wash basin which is never out of fashion
Never out of fashion, a white wash basin is simple yet sophisticated

Bold Black Wash Basin Colour

Many homeowners are not afraid to take an unconventional design call for their spaces. If you are one of them, then a charcoal or solid black wash basin would undoubtedly appeal to you. Owing to its iconic colour, it not only stands out in your space but it also impresses with its exquisite textures. It is also very convenient to maintain compared to a lighter shaded wash basin. Get this one home to design an extraordinary bathroom.

Bold black wash basin Colour that reenergize a plush bathroom
Go for a black-coloured wash basin to reenergize a plush bathroom

Charismatic Cream Wash Basin Colour

Although it looks like it belongs to the family of white wash basins, a cream-coloured wash basin has more nuance and subtlety colour wise. This wash basin will fit well in every type of bathroom, modern or minimalistic. Even many traditional Indian households have formed a liking for a cream-coloured wash basin. All thanks to its blending tone and texture, a cream-coloured wash basin gives a sophisticated twist to a modern and even a contemporary bathroom.

Cream coloured wash basin with storage stands out and looks modern.
A cream-coloured wash basin stands out and looks really elegant

Breathtaking Brown Wash Basin Colour

While it is an indeed unconventional choice for a wash basin, take our word for it: a brown wash basin brings the best of all the worlds together. Texturally, it hits the right notes and as a colour, it is neither too dark nor too light. Therefore, from the point of view of aesthetics as well as maintenance and ease of access, it fares well. Include it on your list without a second thought! This wash basin colour would work well with marble or granite flooring in a bathroom of any size. Consider this one for an overhaul for sure.

Brown wash basin colour that looks aesthetic.
Choose a contemporary, subtly brown wash basin for your modern bathroom
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Now that you are aware of these wash basin colour design ideas, go ahead and get one for your bathroom. If you need some customised recommendations, feel free to reach out to us for a consultation. We will be happy to assist.

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