Wash Basin Designs For Dining Room

by Shreya Bilagi | December 14, 2020 | 4 mins read

Elegant wash basin designs for dining room

We at Design Cafe are here to help you with the perfect wash basin design selection for your dining room. Feel free to read this blog post to know more about wash basin designs for dining rooms. Hurry, read now!

What’s a dining room without a wash basin? A wash basin allows you to quickly wash off the food from your hands after every meal. It is indeed a privilege to have a wash basin in your dining room. Wash basins are a convenience that everyone deserves — imagine life without it. We would need a bowl and a tumbler to wash off the mess from our hands if it were not for wash basins. If you have a new home or a house that needs a new wash basin to be installed in the dining room, we at Design Cafe are here to help. We have a new blog post on wash basin designs for the dining room.

Beautiful Bold Red Wash Basin Design For Dining Room

If you love the bold, bright colour red, then this wash basin design for the dining room is something you might actually like. This modern dining room has a bright red wash basin which underscores the stunning beauty of its immediate surroundings. This red wash basin contrasts well with the dark grey-toned wall. The red colour wash basin rests on a seamless white quartz countertop. Below this wash basin, there is space to accommodate hand towels which can be easily accessed after washing your hands. The cabinets under the sink have timber doors and give you enough space to keep away your handwash or other belongings. 

Bold red washbasin cabinet design for dining room against the grey pattern wall looks stunning.
A bright and bold coloured sink in red against a dark grey wall

A Stunning Wash Basin Made Of Copper

Like a rustic look with a touch of tradition? If yes, then check out this dining room wash basin, made of copper. This stunning copper wash basin is perfect if you want an Indo-Western touch to your dining room. This copper wash basin has a matching copper framed mirror to add to its beauty. It is constructed on top of a frosty white marble countertop. This copper wash basin has a wooden chest of drawers and cabinets so all the soaps, napkins and other things can be safely stored. This washbasin countertop has sufficient space to keep all your handwashes, moisturisers and even an indoor plant.

Copper modern washbasin design for dining room with matching copper-framed mirror rustic look with a touch of tradition.
A beautiful copper wash basin with matching copper-framed mirror
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A Classy Glass Wash Basin Design For Dining Room

Like things clear and glassy? If yes, then take a quick look at this dining hall wash basin. This dining hall has a fun and friendly vibe with a splash of sunny yellow on the wall where the wash basin is. This wash basin is made of thick glass and looks great. The best thing about glass wash basins is that they merge into any sort of dining room setting; from a peep-friendly dining room and an ultra-modern living room to a simplistic room, glass wash basins look great. This glass wash basin is constructed to rest on a frosty white seamless countertop. This wash basin has a single drawer below it for hassle-free storage of items. 

Classy glass washbasin design in dining room rests on a white marble top against a yellow background simplistic yet stylish.
A pretty glass wash basin in a round shape rests on a white marble top against a yellow background

Let’s Go Stainless Steel

Want a rough-and-tough wash basin design for your dining room? Why not consider a stainless steel one? Stainless steel wash basins are a great idea if you’re particular about nasty stains. Stainless steel wash basins are great if you want the wash basin to last in the longer run. You can count on stainless steel wash basins. This wash basin design comes with a stand of wicker baskets for easy storage of soaps and towels.

Kitchen cum dining room wash basin made from stainless steel with a single wooden drawer below looks beautiful.
A stainless steel wash basin with a single wooden drawer below

A Modern Wooden Wash Basin

If you have a modern dining room and need a modern wash basin, then check this out: this dining room comes with a one-of-a-kind wooden wash basin which fits perfectly into this freestyle modern dining room. This wash basin is neatly constructed on a black quartz countertop. This wash basin design comes with cabinets under the sink, which are made from light wood; these cabinets have a push-to-open mechanism. This sink pairs beautifully with a large copper mirror in the shape of a sunflower.

Modern dining hall washbasin made from wood on a pitch-black quartz countertop with large copper mirror looks elegant.
A wash basin made from wood on a pitch-black quartz countertop
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