9 Bright White Bedroom Curtain Ideas For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | January 15, 2024 | 5 mins read

9 bright white bedroom curtains ideas for your home

Add fresh and soothing vibes to your bedroom with a beautiful set of white drapes

A room feels inviting when it is designed to be light and airy. Curtains are associated with both aspects. As one of the final pieces of decor that get added to a room, curtains are all the more important in setting the right vibe. In a bedroom, these curtains play an even more prominent role as they must provide privacy and let in fresh air and light.

White curtains are a thing of beauty, they fit right into any kind of bedroom. Also, let’s admit it, our dramatic selves enjoy watching a light breeze play with white curtains from time to time! Here are some white curtains ideas for bedrooms which will help you select the perfect one for your space.

Opaque, Pleated And Tied

The white curtains are hung from beyond the false ceiling, seamlessly covering the points where they are fixed. This white curtain idea works best when the windows are not big or don’t start from the floor, because they enhance the frame of the window. These are the plain pleats, which are common yet classy, and can be tied with simple string detail.

The white pleated curtain hung from the ceiling looks classy, white curtain ideas for bedroom.
Pleated white curtains add an elegant look to the bedroom
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Different Than Usual

Just like a projector screen, you can have your white bedroom curtains in a retractable design. Serving an ultimate modern look, these curtains are in a different but operational style. The sides of this curtain bring in a soft glow of light while maintaining complete privacy when the curtain is pulled down.

Master white bedroom curtain designed like a projector screen for big windows looks modern.
This white curtain design is reminiscent of a projector screen

Red And White Curtains For Bedroom

The red and white curtains for bedroom add an element of contrast to space. The white part of the set is sheer, and brings in light, while the red part ensures more privacy for some quiet downtime. Above all, the combination adds a bit of a cheer to your personal space.

Big window with red and white curtains for bedroom in bright and light colour combination adds a bit of a cheer to space.
The bright and light colour combination works well for bedroom curtains

A Regal Combination

These curtains are just like the previous ones but are a bit more flowing while they gather towards the end. For a decor that reflects pure class, a combination like this works well with white curtains. These are installed behind the false ceiling which does not reveal the rods or the installation points, maintaining the charm and beauty of their flowy texture.

Off white curtain in the bedroom with brown and shade of beige colour combination gives charm to space.
Browns and shades of beige look a class apart when paired with white curtains

White Bedroom Curtains With All The Frills

The kids’ bedroom or the nursery always needs a little something extra, and the curtains are no exception to the unwritten rule. The breathable white curtains have a pretty frill detailing at the top. In an all-white nursery, tiny details with textures and designs can break the monotony of the colour and make it a lot more interesting and fun.

Kids' bedroom curtains for white walls with sheer design and tiny details are exciting and fun.
The design of these white curtains is all about the details

White Bedroom Curtains With Self-Design

The semi-transparent drapes are instrumental in letting in just the perfect amount of light. The beautiful self-design on these white bedroom curtains looks even better when light passes through it. The design on the curtains seems like an extension of the texture on the bedroom wall, making the different elements seem connected. The use of white for the full-length curtains covering one entire wall of the bedroom ensures that the space looks inviting instead of stuffy.

Full length white sheer curtains for bedroom with texture beautifully designed.
We love almost sheer white curtains with the wave-like self-design!

Two Types Of White

How can you make a perfectly normal bedroom window interesting? By using classy white drapes in complementary textures! The play with textures makes this all-white bedroom design look extremely classy.

Two types of white curtains for white walls in a bedroom with different textures look classy.
All-white curtains look even better when two different textures combine
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Simple Is Beautiful

There is nothing more beautiful than simplicity, and white tops that list. With this kind of flowy and breathable texture, you won’t need much else for your bedroom decor. Just leave some extra length of the curtain brushing the ground and tie it in the same simple manner, and your bedroom window will look stylish and charming!

Simple white bedroom curtains in flowy texture for a small window are charming.
Simple white drapes for the bedroom are fuss-free and pretty

A Silken Finish

The pearl white curtains paired with a grey, sheer variety take this bedroom design up by several notches. The overhead lighting adds a dramatic touch to the long drapes. The warm neutral colour scheme of the room feels like royalty with the addition of these silky white curtains.

White curtain ideas for bedroom long drapes white pear curtain with a grey colour combination transforms the space.
A pearl-like sheen on white curtains can transform your space

The colour scheme of your bedroom and the ambience you are going for will be the decisive factors for choosing the fabric of your white bedroom curtains. Let us know if our white curtain ideas for bedroom helped you pick out a white curtain design for your space!

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