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Curtain Color Combination For Your Home

curtain color combination for your home

When you build your home you tend to leave out a lot of detail without actually putting much thought on how the colours of your curtain will play out or how specific curtain colours can make a huge difference to the ambience of a room in your house. We at Design Cafe make it a point to make sure we write about intricate details of interiors so that your home can look its best with the most simple hacks. Today for you we have our latest blog on Curtain Color Combination For Your Home Don’t miss out read now!

Curtain Colours For A Kids Room

If you have kids you know giving them a room with lots of floor space and fun coloured themes is a win-win situation. Kids love to colour and as they are born to explore and have an imagination like none-other. This kids bedroom has a blue and yellow theme to it. With a dark blue headboard against a patterned wallpaper this one’s a fun place to be in. The curtain colours in this bedroom are a combination of three colours white, cream and yellow. These curtain colours are apt for your children’s bedroom as a bold blend with beige the room looks spacious without compromise on colour. 

This kids bedroom has a curtain combination of three colours white, cream and yellow looks spacious.
A kids bedroom with two twin cots and a patterned backsplash with wooden flooring
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A Tri-Coloured Curtain Colour Combination For Your Living Room

If you are a sucker for colours and patterns and love to experiment with them then this curtain colour combination for this living room can’t get any better. A multicoloured curtain against the window in a living room brings a happy hippy vibe throughout the space. The lampshade between a contrasting coloured sofa in yellow and red brings a sense of sunset. The patterned carpet in blue-white subtle down the bright colours. The curtain blends beautifully as it’s a tri-coloured bliss and evens out the tones in this living room which bring it to life.

Tri-coloured curtain color combination blends beautifully in this living room and brings a happy hippy vibe.
A fun-filled coloured living room with tricoloured curtains amidst patterned decor

Curtain Colours For A Breezy Beachy Vibe At Home

Ever wanted the sense of the beach to stick with you well we got an idea. Why not tweak your living room? This gorgeous breezy living room with smart wooden flooring definitely represents the sand at the beach.  Now let’s make this living room a little more beachy by playing around with curtain colours that represent the sea. Blue and white is a perfect curtain colour combination where blue represents the calm yet mystic ocean while white can be the waves or resonate simply to the sky. Feeling beachy yet?

Breezy white living room with blue curtain colors feels beachy.
A living room with a beachy feel and curtains that remind you of a walk by the sea with a salty breeze

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Brilliant Beige Colour Curtains

Having a small living room? Are wondering if you could somehow make it look spacious and bigger? Well, have we got good news for you. Using beige coloured curtains actually make a room look much more spacious. So hey wasn’t that an easy fix. You can now create an illusion of having a spacious living room even though your living is not so spacious. Light coloured wall paints curtains, and even furniture can make a room look larger than it actually is. So there we let out a little interior secret.

Beige colour curtains in this small living room with white furniture look elegant.
A sweet small elegant living room with beige colour curtains and white furniture

A Story Of Beautiful Blue Bedroom

If a Victorian bedroom is your kind of comfort and you love a soft blue then this blue wall curtain idea for this gorgeous classic Victorian style bedroom is truly a boon. Take a look at how beautifully this room comes together with delicate and elegant bedding wear that blends in beautifully with the Victorian themed curtains and walls. This shade of blue is one of a kind and spells out calmness. Are you ready to experience some peace in the heavenly designed bedroom? 

Soft blue wall matching curtains in this classic Victorian style bedroom is gorgeous.
A angelic Victorian style bedroom with the lightest tint of blue around which will leave you relaxed

This is what we at Design Cafe believe are some brilliant curtain colour garden décor ideas for your home. We hope you enjoyed this read. Let us know what you think! Send us an email. Can’t wait to hear from you! 

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