Top 5 Curtain Color Combination For Your Home

by Shreya Bilagi | February 14, 2024 | 4 mins read

Curtain color combination ideas for your home

Curtain colour combinations that are sure to brighten your home!

When we build our homes, we leave out many details, like how the colours of the curtains will play out or how specific curtain colours can make a huge difference to the room’s ambience. At DesignCafe, we make it a point to give you all the intricate details so that your home can look the best with the simplest hacks. Today we have our latest blog on Curtain Colour Combinations For Your Home. Check it out now!

Printed Curtain For A Kid’s Room

Giving kids a room with lots of floor space and fun coloured themes is a win-win situation. Vibrant colours not just make your kids’ room look beautiful but add a fun element too. Curtain colours instantly add a pop of vibrance to the pace and are easy on the pocket too. If bright colours seem too much, you can add printed curtains in cute motifs for a subtle touch. This kid’s bedroom has a blue and white theme to it. With a dark blue patterned wallpaper, this one’s a fun place to be in. The curtain is kept simple to compensate for the bright colours and accents. This will also help bring ample natural light and fresh air into this bedroom.

blue and white curtain color combination for kids' room
A nursery-themed kid’s room with printed curtains

A Multi Coloured Curtain Colour Combination For Home

If you like colours and patterns, this curtain colour combination is for you. A multi-coloured curtain against the window in the living room brings a happy hippy vibe throughout the space. The lampshades between a contrasting coloured sofa in white bring a sense of sunset. The dark-coloured walls match beautifully with the multi-coloured curtains, making the pace look vibrant and lively.

Curtain with mutiple color combination brings a happy hippy vibe
A multi-coloured curtain combination for a fun vibe.

Soothing Curtain Colours For White Walls

Want reminders of your last beach vacation? Why not tweak your living room? This gorgeous breezy living room with smart wooden flooring represents the sand at the beach. Now let’s make this living room a little more beachy by playing around with curtain colours representing the sea. 

Blue and white is a perfect curtain colour combination where blue represents the calm yet mystic ocean while white resonates with the waves. Add a teal sofa unit and some soothing wallpaper to amplify the calmness of the space.

Bring in beachy vibe with blue curtain color combination for white walls
A living room with a beachy feel and curtains that remind you of a walk by the sea with a salty breeze

Brilliant Beige Colour Curtains

Do you have a small living room? Could you somehow make it look spacious and bigger? Using beige-coloured curtains makes a room look much more spacious. We have added a wall-mounted tv unit to free up the floor space. You can also add patterned wallpaper to add an aesthetic touch. Clean lines, functional furniture and ample lights are all you need to brighten up your home.

Grey and beige colour curtain combination
A sweet small elegant living room with beige colour curtains and white furniture

Go Bold With Blue Colour Curtains 

If a bold interior is your comfort and you love a soft blue, this blue wall curtain idea for this gorgeous and classic living room is truly a boon. Look at how beautifully this room comes together with contrasting colours of blue and grey. You can add a blue sofa to match the curtain colours. A decorous wall panelling, wooden furniture and accent lights are all you need to make your home interiors the talk of the town.

Blue curtain colour combination for grey walls which will leave you relaxed
A classic living room with a tint of blue around, which will leave you relaxed

FAQs On Curtain Color Combination

Should curtains match wall colours?

Curtains don’t necessarily need to match the wall colours. You can use contrasting shades to add some character to the room. However, having a cohesive vibe between the curtains and the wall colour is important for each to complement the other.

Which colour is best for curtains?

The best colour of curtains depends on the room’s aesthetics and your requirements. Some people prefer dark hues and heavy drapes, while others prefer a more light, breezy feel. The most popular curtain colours are browns, beiges, whites and greys. 

What colour curtains go with white walls?

White walls complement almost every curtain colour. Beiges, blues, soft pinks and even white curtains look great with white walls. 

Our experts at DesignCafe believe these are some brilliant curtain colour combination ideas for your home. We hope you enjoyed this read. If you want a personalised home interior, talk to our designers today. They will help you with modular home interiors that suit your budget and lifestyle seamlessly. Hope to design your home soon!

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Shreya Bilagi is a content writer at Design Cafe home interiors blog.

Shreya Bilagi

Shreya Bilagi is a content writer at DesignCafe who has a creative and adventurous personality. She has worked in the media for the past four years starting off as a Radio Jockey with Radio Mirchi and later an anchor on television. Her love for dogs is infinite. Art and culture, spirituality, theatre, travelling, Netflix and wine all fall under her circle of passion.

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