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Curtain Design Ideas To Dress Up Your Home Windows

Latest curtain design ideas for your home

Curtains do more than just regulating the light and heat in a space, and maintaining privacy at night. They add loads of charm and character to your space.

Windows are the most important element of a house’s architecture. Curtains on it serve as an interface between the window and the homeowner/user for the purposes of cross-ventilation, thermal insulation, noise control, two-way light regulation and keeping privacy of the living space from outsiders. They can make any room look higher, wider, more spacious, appealing, organic and in harmony with other decorating elements depending upon the perfect combination of colour, pattern, fabric and model used. There are many variants to choose and this list below will help you pick one that suits your style, preference and taste.

Corner-Window Curtains With Pelmet

These blue corner window curtains with pelmets are a perfect choice for those looking to effectively utilise corner spaces. The hidden-tab style of hanging curtains keeps the messy part out of view behind pleated fabric and adds style and elegance to the overall landscape of this living room. They look country-style and contemporary when paired with white and beige-themed furniture and interiors.

Corner window curtain design with pelmet for your home

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Ceiling-To-Floor Drapes And Jute Blinds Combo

These ceiling-to-floor drapes and jute blinds combo bring in warmth and comfort required for a peaceful reading corner. The puddle-length drapes breaking on the floor with the blinds regulating the right amount of reading light adds visual drama to the space. This curtain design makes reading books or even sipping a cup of hot coffee/tea a delight for homeowners. The orange coffee table, a set of vintage armchairs and plants standing by the windows binds the whole look together beautifully.

Ceiling to floor drapes and jute blinds combo gives peaceful reading corner

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Bring In Breezy Cool Vibes

These blueish-grey curtains will immediately transport you to snow-capped mountain tops with its icy tone and style. You can feel the breezy cool vibes and immediately enter a calming state. These curtains go well with light grey antique-looking walls, the sleek leather three-seater and the low-height coffee table. You can also blend the other decor with shades of grey to give it a complete look. Top if off with a cool-looking lamp and a green plant.

Blueish grey curtains bring in breezy cool vibes to window curtain design

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Gold-Themed Patterned Drapes

Add a tinge of royalty and class to your large living room with these gold-themed patterned drapes. You can easily draw in or draw out the curtains using tiebacks that are embellished with golden tassels to accentuate the design of these curtains. The whole window treatment seamlessly blends with the mirrored-accent wall, chocolate-brown furniture and the glass chandelier.

Gold themed patterned drapes add a tinge of royalty and class to your large living room

Faux-Leather Adjustable Shades

These dual-window faux-leather adjustable shades help make a bold and sleek statement in your bedroom. You can easily raise the shades when you want to let the natural light in using a roller or lifting mechanism which bunches depending on the shade’s style. This entire bedroom landscape speaks of class when complemented with a beige coloured accent wall with in-built light panel.

Latest window curtain design with a faux leather shades makes a bold and sleek statement in bedroom

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Horizontally-Pleated Turquoise Blue Curtains

These horizontally-pleated turquoise blue curtains are an ideal choice for your kid’s bedroom. Since they are in their growing and learning years, a creative mix of blue and green cool tones are soothing to the eyes and immediately help lower stress levels. The addition of sheer curtains gives you additional privacy and complements the white interiors and furniture of this room.

Curtain design with a horizontally pleated turquoise blue curtains for kid’s bedroom

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Kitchen Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are an ideal choice to decorate your kitchen windows. Roller blinds are great if you want to bring in a creative mix of personality and pattern into your kitchen. These roller blinds come in easy-to-clean and moisture-resistant options to get rid of grease and dirt generated from food preparation, washing up dishes and other related chores.  These brown and white striped roller blinds can be conveniently even pulled up neatly out of sight for an uninterrupted outside garden view, and also matches with pretty wooden cabinetry.

Kitchen window decoration with roller blinds bring in a creative mix of personality and pattern in kitchen

Mustard-Themed Curtains

If you are looking for living room curtains to match with your light green sofa set, you can go in for these mustard-themed curtains. They bring in the right balance of formalness and informalness into the space and are a striking contrast to the interiors of the living room. Pair it with a rugged carpet, a uniquely-designed wall feature and some recess lights and you are good to go!

Latest curtain designs for living room with a mustard themed curtains

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Sheer Curtains

These silver-shaded sheer curtains provide maximum amount of daylight into the family room even when the curtain is closed since they are made of semi-transparent and thin fabric. They look light, decorative and fancy at the same time. They complement the wide-framed windows and subtle-toned furniture and upholstery in this room’s interiors.

Simple curtain design for your home with silver-shaded sheer curtains

Pinch-Pleated Drapes On A Ring-Top Rail

Pinch-pleated drapes on a ring-top rail look beautiful and charming in this study room. Being ideal for small spaces, they give a contemporary and smart feel to the room landscape while maintaining fabric efficiency. The look is minimalistic and at the same time, also gives a complete look to the room.

Study room curtain design with pinch pleated drapes on a ring-top rail look beautiful

You Can Never Go Wrong With Golden Beige

This beautiful combination of golden beige and brown curtains bring in more intimacy and warmth to the space. They are complemented with sheer curtains to add an extra layer of privacy. Ceiling curtain tracks have been used for easy movement of the curtains from one side to another. This curtain mechanism and style allows for a minimalistic and clean look and scores brownie points for its remote-controlled automation capabilities, ease of use, adaptability, simple installation technique and versatility.

Golden beige and brown curtains bring clean look for your home interior

Window Seat Shades

Turn your simple and classic bedroom into an amazing, brighter and an even more relaxing place by installing these window seat shades. Enjoy uninterrupted and breathtaking views of nature right from your window seat in the corner during the day and pull them down during the night for privacy. Throw in some muted and natural coloured decorative pillows and throw pillows, a vintage rug and a pair of hanging light fixtures beside each side of your bed for better task lighting.

Window seat shades turn your simple and classic bedroom into an amazing

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Tricoloured Vertically-Striped Drapes

The tricolour vertically-striped drapes adds a lot of visual drama and a bold sense of character to this living room. They are a perfect choice as they add both beauty and texture to the windows and accentuate the entire room’s landscape. Pair it with a classic and elegant looking sofa, some colourful throw pillows, a stylish lamp and a uniquely-styled glass table with a stable and solid base.

Tricoloured vertically-striped drapes adds a lot of visual feel to your living room

All in all, you can bring a unique elegance to your home by furnishing your windows with carefully and aesthetically put together curtains/drapes/blinds using a combination of colours, fabrics and styles that suit your taste. Improve the overall appearance of your home’s interiors to make it a stand out space!

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