Your Checklist On How to Choose Curtains For The Living Room

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 6, 2024 | 4 mins read

How to choose curtains for your living room that match to your style

Get ready for a curtain lowdown and how to choose curtains for your living room

Think about home decor and the first thing you think about is flooring, furniture and overall interior design. But guess what is the most important element when it comes to home decor? The curtains! From privacy to that extra impressive mark, curtains serve the purpose of both function and aesthetics. They are not only important elements of decor but also help in creating the right mood for your home. Many homeowners often feel overwhelmed and think a lot about how to choose curtains for the living room. But it’s not rocket science!

There are many permutations and combinations for selecting the right curtains but it is an easy decision to pull off. Be it soothing solids, peppy patterns or exquisitely ornate, many vivid varieties of curtains are available for the living room. Here’s presenting our well-researched tips on how to choose curtains for the living room to make this decision breezy for you.

Select The Right Fabric

The basic task when you are thinking about how to choose curtains for the living room is to pick the perfect fabric. If you go for a thin fabric then it won’t block the light adequately, and if you choose a thick material then it would block all the light. So, you should choose the curtain fabric based on the effect you wish to create in your living room. Don’t forget to consider the texture of these materials as well. Be it cotton, satin, rayon or nylon – all of them have different properties. So choose the fabric for your curtains wisely.

Choosing the right fabric for living room curtains
Choosing the right fabric for curtains is crucial

Understand The Difference Between Drapes And Curtains

Drapes and curtains are two different things. While curtains are lighter in terms of density and fabric, drapes are denser. While drapes guard your privacy, curtains enhance the overall look of your window and room. Homeowners mostly interchange the two and get confused on the go. Drapes are great for bedrooms. Curtains are perfect for infusing that extra light and airiness in your living room. So, the next time you are making that decor decision for your living room, go for curtains by all means.

Understand the difference between curtains and drape while choosing the one for your living room
Know the difference between curtains and drapes
Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

Think Over The Colour

The decor of your living room will go beyond your curtains hence their colour should complement the room’s overall palette. Be very mindful when you’re selecting the colour. The curtains that you select could complement the wall colour of your living room. In case you want the curtains to be the focal point then choose a contrasting colour for it.

Choose the right color for your living room curtain that complements the wall
Pick curtain colours that contrast the walls

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Decide Between Solids And Prints

Patterned and solid coloured curtains have a charm of their own. To evoke an artistic or natural mood in your living room, you may choose printed curtains. Solid curtains grant more character to the living room and elevate its minimalism. If you are going for muted accessories and accents then choose patterned curtains, or else, go for solids for sure.

Choose patterned curtains for living room for evoking artistic mood
Evoke style with patterned curtains

Finalise The Measurements

Often homeowners go ahead and buy curtains without measuring the length and width of the window they are meant for. This leads to a lot of back and forth with the merchants. Before you go ahead and buy a readymade curtain, make sure you have the exact measurements with you. By knowing the ideal measurements for your curtains, you would be all set to complete the decor of your living room.

Finalise the measurements of living room curtain
Measure the width and length of fabrics

Consider The Maintenance And Durability 

While fabrics form the core of your curtain selection, their maintenance and durability are some of the main factors that would impact your choice. Curtains need to be washed every three to six months. Considering the same, know which fabric is low maintenance and which fabric is high maintenance. Cotton and synthetic are low maintenance fabrics while wool, sheer and silk are high maintenance ones and need more upkeep.

Consider choosing curtains for a small living room that is durable and maintenance-free
Evaluate how much maintenance each fabric needs

By now we are sure all your doubts on how to choose curtains for the living room must have been resolved. Just keep the basics in mind – select the right fabric, be clear about the textures, colours and maintenance needs and you will be on your way to set up the living room of your dreams!

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