Redefine Style In Your Living Room With These Modern Curtains

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 11, 2024 | 5 mins read

Living room curtain design redefines style of the space

Whisk some magic in your living room with these designer curtains

Curtains are like the show-stoppers. Drape them on any window, in any room and they enhance it in no time. Apart from being functional they add to the style quotient of a room. They are used in the bedrooms, kids rooms, and study rooms but they liven up your living room more than anything else. Apart from being a great choice for home decor, decorative curtains for the living room also make your space more liveable and cheerful. 

There are umpteen curtain styles for the living room and you may choose the one that absolutely appeals to your sensibilities. From the bright pop of colours, pastels till patterns, you are really spoilt for choice. The best thing is you do not need to burn a hole in your pocket to drape beautiful curtain designs in your living room.

So, have a look at our recommendations for modern curtain designs for living rooms and create a stunning living area for your home.

Feather Soft And White

The charm of white curtains spread across sweeping windows in your living area is absolutely timeless. If you want your room to be well lit, dreamy and sublime then do get those mesmerising white curtains to get this effect. You can experiment with various textures and fabrics for the same because white curtains never really go away out of fashion.

White curtain design for living room looks well lit, dreamy and sublime
A well-lit, airy living room on your mind? Choose splendid white curtains then
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Fabulously Floral Curtain Design

If done right, soft, flowing curtains exude nothing but sophistication. Easily pair that up with floral patterns or motifs all over it and you will always be around a visual treat. You can go for a vivid palette, pastel coloured flowers or a bunch of flowers as a symmetrical pattern – whatever you choose, bring these beauties home.

Latest curtains for living room in floral pattern design
Curtains with the patterns of flowers look really tasteful in a living room

Pacifying Blue Curtain Design For Living Room

Great for the windows, eyes and your mood, blue curtains bring peace and elegance to your living room. When it comes to blue, you can choose from a wide palette of hues. Interplay it with just the right texture and blue curtains will add a fine touch to your living room. 

Blue curtain designs for living room bring peace and elegance
Blue curtains look befitting almost in every area of your home. They make your living room more soothing

A Minimalistic Pattern

Be it minimal or a fancy living room, curtains with elegant patterns always steal away the show. Select off whites or deeper shades of grey, black or brown over the fabric of satin paired with clean strokes of black and your living room will transform in no time.

Fabric curtain styles for living room
Go for patterned curtains to cut through the mundane decor of your living room

Beautiful Black

Don’t judge them too soon because black curtains are actually trendy and a great choice to make for your living room. They look chic and stunning. This colour is ideal for a living room that spells luxury. If you are a powerhorse and a high flying executive, black curtains are what your guests need to see.

Black designer curtains for living room look chic and stunning
Black curtains lend a luxe look to your living room
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Cheerful Yellow

If you want to design a vibrant and cheerful living room yellow curtains are what you need. This colour makes living rooms look spacious, well-lit and airy. Not to mention how easily they let you have your own piece of heaven with all their aesthetics.

Yellow colour simple curtain design for living room look spacious, well-lit and airy
By all means choose yellow curtains to keep coming back to a cheerful living room

Lavish Pinks For Living Room Curtains

Pink curtains can actually make you fall in love with life all over again.  Even if you don’t really love this colour it benefits your imagination. From cottons, flowy satins, silk and more pink curtains can surpass almost every texture and fabric out there.

Lavish pink decorative curtains for living room make you fall in love with life all over again
Pink curtains add a peppy layer of life and lightness to your living room

Gorgeous Golden Curtains

Recommended right from the heavens, golden curtains are simply a class apart. With all their sheen, texture and sophistication, this is one of the most beautiful colours for your curtains in the living room. They shine through the day and make your living room more liveable. Also as a design choice they work perfectly with modern decor. 

Golden curtain design for living room works perfectly with modern decor
Looking for the latest curtain designs? Golden curtains got you covered

Mesmerising Mix

Mix and match curtains are great to adorn the living room of mavericks, artists and connoisseurs. With an eclectic throw of colours like blue, white, pink and textures like sheer or satin this curtain design adds untested freshness in your living area. 

Mix and match curtain styles for living room add untested freshness
Throw in a plethora of colored curtains to make your living room more vivid

Enchanting Shibori

Tye, dye and Shibori curtains are simply breathtaking. Make the most of them while they are ruling the charts and get them for your living room. Shibori doubles up as one of the most classy curtain styles for the living room and you would know soon for sure.

Shibori living room curtains are simply breathtaking
Shibori curtains bring character and art to your living room
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So, pick your favourite curtain designs from our curated ones here and watch it transform your space. Pair them with a stylish coffee table and decor accents to make your living room a space you will want to live in all day! Want us to help you set them up with your living room? Do book our consultation.

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