Kiddin’ Around: Kids Bedroom Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

by Shreya Bilagi | January 11, 2024 | 5 mins read

Kids bedroom storage ideas for small spaces

Where there are kids, there is always a mess. Help your kid Tidy up in style and put a full stop to the mess. Check out kids room storage ideas for small spaces.I’m pretty sure you all have your own Dennis The Menace at your homes. These little angels fill your hearts with joy, laughter and memories but they also make you want to run away and hide in the closet. And those with kids will know what a task it is to clean up after a play date. And if you live in a small apartment the task is even tougher. DesignCafe has come up with kids room storage ideas for small spaces. You won’t regret the read. So hurry and get hooked now.

Go Infinity And Beyond With This Kids Toy Storage

You all have watched Toy Story, a 1995 hit movie released by Walt Disney Pictures. This movie made us all believe for a second that after we went to bed, the toys would come to life and have their own adventures. Well maybe they do, maybe they don’t but putting toys aways is a must after the play. This kids bedroom makes me want to jump through the screen and go play! With a multi-coloured animal carpet and a car’s sticker on one wall, this room is sure to be a fun play arena for your kids. This kids bedroom is equipped with kids toy storage boxes that make it a super quick and easy way for your kids to store away all their favourite toys. With timber blinds and a soft green bean bag, I’m sure your kid will want to spend lots of time here!

Kids toy storage boxes that make it a super quick and easy way for your kids to store away all their favourite toys.
Kids toy storage ideas with a fun play arena within a room with toy storage boxes

The Legacy Of Lego Continues

Let Lego be the building block to your child’s imagination. Yes you read this right! If your child is a sucker for lego blocks, then this super creative yellow shaded lego shaped wardrobe is about to leave your kid in awe. Out of experience, we at Design Cafe can swear by innovative wardrobe designs. No kid will want to pack their belongings away when the wardrobe is so mesmerising. This ceiling high kids storage unit makes storage fun and hassle-free. We reckon it’s totally worth a try.

Lego-style kids storage organizer makes storage fun and hassle-free.
A touch of sunshine with this summery yellow lego look
Get kids bedroom interior designs with 20% extra space

What Would We Do Without You? Colour Blue

This colour is of the ocean. 

This colour is of the sky. 

This colour is of the berries you put into a pie.

I’m sure you have guessed the colour we’re talking about? Yes, it is blue. 

Although blue is rated to be a popular pick among small boys gender stereotypes have undergone  a sea change over the decades. These days colour has no gender or age associated with it. Which means girls have changed their perceptions too and happily opt for and some boys like pink too. And if you have a kid who simply bleeds blue, this kids clothes storage option is perfect. This azure blue storage solution lets your kids hang their clothes in an organised fashion. You can store your kid’s shoes in a bottom shelf and to put the towels in a tall unit with shelves which is neatly merged into the storage unit.

Blue coloured kids storage unit option is a perfect and tall unit with shelves which neatly merges.
A lovely azure blue kids storage unit to keep you kid’s blues at bay

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For Kids Who The Artsy Smartsy Kind

We all doodle. Some of us doodle while we are stressed, others as a form of art, and the rest without being aware of their doodling. Kids love scribbling, be it on the wall, the wardrobes or even the floors. They pretty much treat it like their canvas. We’ve got a quick fix parents, listen up. If you have a kid that loves to doodle, then this kids room storage idea is something worth investing in. This storage unit is designed with creativity as its doors are made of slate. Which means now your kid can scribble away their worries and at the same time maybe tidy up a bit?

Kids room storage ideas with a wardrobe with doors made of chalkboard.
A wardrobe with doors made of chalkboard for the doodlers

Bedtime Stories, Books And Shelves

As kids grow, a habit that parents often cultivate in them is that of reading a book. If your parents read to you when you were a kid, you will be sure to remember the concept of bedtime stories. Just before you drift off to dreamland, you mom or dad would sit by your or snuggle in bed with the warmth of a bed lamp creating a shadow of story time on your wall. This concept has been there for decades. However, as interior design evolved kids bookcases and storage units have now become a popular pick. Having a storage option with a bookshelf is always a great idea.

Kids room storage with a wooden shelf cabinet to utilise space for storing books and toys in one place
A wooden shelf cabinet near the bed makes smart use of space

A Perfectionist Paradise – Kids Storage Cabinet

If your kid is a born perfectionist and loves to keep everything neat and tidy, then this kids storage cabinet is likely to please you. With a subtle colour of white and beech wood, this kids storage cabinet makes sure to provide space to store cute stationery and small showpieces. The shelves can be used to store books, and the cabinets above the bed can be used to store bed ware. A perfectionist’s paradise is it not?

Kids storage cabinet ideas make sure to provide space to store cute stationery and small showpieces.
A soft toned beach wood storage space makes this kids bedroom a nicely utilised space

This is what we at Design Cafe think about kids room storage ideas for small spaces. What do you think? Let us know! Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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