Vintage Bathroom Ideas With Sleek Modern Updates

by Sonali Desai | January 22, 2024 | 5 mins read

Vintage bathroom ideas with modern updates

These vintage bathroom ideas with modern elements make for interior masterpieces.

Vintage-themed decor is one of the most popular trends today, especially for bathrooms. You can take inspiration from history, your ancestral home or give it a completely new spin by adding a touch of modern functionality to it. Remodelling your bathroom into a vintage wonderland can be interesting architecturally, which may perhaps require some research and development. 

A good designer should be able to help you with how practical are these antique bathroom ideas. Instead of doing a full-blown copy of a 1960s bathroom, you can add a few elements of the past. For instance, art deco sconces on bathroom walls, vintage faucets and natural elements like plants or golden mirrors.

Let’s explore some fantastic vintage bathroom ideas that can provide the rustic of the past and practicality of the present.

Vintage Bathrooms Still Create A Strong Statement

They say old things never die. This is true in the case of vintage bathrooms that are becoming a favourite with modern-day homeowners. If you are looking for an authentic vintage décor, then a Victorian theme or design influenced by monarchs could be the style and finish you’d love to adopt in your bathroom décor. A clawfoot bathtub is a statement piece which also adds to the character. If you’re inspired by Indian heritage then opt for brown and maroon colour tones in your bathroom décor. 

Vintage bathroom ideas that creates a statement
Floral wall art with wood details for a vintage vibe

Vintage Green Tile Bathrooms Are Whimsical And Comforting

Green is one of the preferred choices for bathroom tile colours, especially in a vintage style. But it’s tricky to pick the right shade of green for your vintage bathroom to achieve that perfect vintage feel. Mint green, sage and turquoise can be used on the walls alone or in combination with other colours. The final outcome depends on the finishing and on your choice of décor items and elements.

Vintage bathroom ideas with green tiles
A modern-vintage bathroom with green mosaic tiles
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Vintage Bathroom Wallpapers For A Cheery Vanity Area 

Even the smallest bathroom can easily pack the most personality with the right wallpaper. There are plenty of options to choose from — coastal to farmhouse modern, romantic floral, geometric and traditional patterns — that showcase your culture and heritage. Vintage bathroom wallpapers are stylish, gorgeously graphic and help you set the scene. Go ahead and take the risk with peel-and-stick removable vintage bathroom wallpapers and kick your fear of commitment out the window.

Vintage bathroom wallpapers for a cheery vanity area
A nurturing composition of trees and butterflies

Vintage Bathroom Fixtures Are Timeless And Classy

Vintage bathrooms are exquisite. So, in order to match its level of style quotient, one must incorporate vintage bathroom fixtures as well. There are so many unique antique options available in the market today. For instance, porcelain washbasins, wall-mounted brass towel racks, farmhouse sinks, polished brass drain parts, bridge faucets and widespread faucets, etc.

Vintage bathroom fixtures that are timeless
Gold bathroom fixtures radiate the power of antique

Vintage Bathroom Lighting For A Rejuvenating Space

In order to achieve the best vintage bathroom look, what’s important to determine is the dimension of your bathroom. You have to choose vintage lights that fit in well in your bathroom because most vintage bathroom lights are usually big in size than the modern types. It’s equally important to take stock of the design ethics that have gone into the décor of your bathroom and your house. You may perhaps like to complement and elevate those décor ideas too. 

Vintage bathroom lighting for a rejuvenating space
An ivory bathroom with antique lighting
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Vintage Bathroom Wall Art Brings Glamour Galore 

You can spruce up a bathroom magically with vintage bathroom wall art. A simple art of wall tiling can be done effortlessly without going overboard. Then there are theme-based wall art options like seaside, using seashells or tiny sea miniatures. If you love natural elements what’s better than a plant? You could also enliven the walls by mounting some vintage posters that go with the theme of your bathroom like country chic posters with floral prints that will constantly cheer you up.

Vintage bathroom wall art that brings glamour galore
Wall art accompanies the glass shower area

Vintage Bathroom Storage Ideas That Are Clutter Free

They say it’s the kitchen and bathroom that sell a house — the two rooms used by homeowners extensively isn’t it? Now when it’s used more often, it needs plenty of storage options. Vintage bathroom storage is not all about good looks, it is indeed clever! You’d be surprised to learn how even vintage bathroom storage can help maximise every square inch of your space. Some options are — built-in bathroom footed cabinets, pedestal shelving, ladder bathroom towel rack and ledge bathroom storage. And the list is endless. 

Vintage bathroom storage ideas
Bathroom with twin mirrors and antique storage

You may think that antiques are too fancy, but it totally depends on how you use vintage bathroom styles to convert your space. To know more, ask our experts at DesignCafe.

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