Bathroom Renovation And Remodelling Ideas On A Budget

by Sonia Sumitra Thakar | January 11, 2024 | 5 mins read

Bathroom renovations and remodeling ideas for indian bathrooms

Pocket friendly renovation tips to get your bathroom gleaming with aesthetic modernism.

When it comes to remodelling your home, you might not start with the bathroom. Stop and think for a minute. The bathroom is more than just a functional room to clean yourself up in, it can be a serene spot to take a pause from a hectic day. And if that’s the case, it’s all the more important for your bathroom to mirror the peace and serenity you are looking for with its harmoniously put together elements. Worry not, we aren’t talking high-end interiors here that will burn a hole in your pocket. We are merely suggesting some budget friendly tips to transform your ordinary washroom into a relaxing cool space.

Here are ten fabulous ideas to renovate and redesign your bathroom on a friendly budget.

Suspended Cabinets

The floating vanity or under-the-sink cabinet is a chic idea to keep your bathroom clutter-free and to get it looking stylish too. Skip end to end cupboards and clean out the floor space with a cabinet that is suspended under the sink.

Bathroom renovations with clean out the floor space with a cabinet that is suspended under the sink
Floating cabinets are sleek and are highly practical for Indian bathrooms
Stylish bathroom vanity designs for your bedroom en-suite

Refurbish Old Bathroom Cabinets

Replacing old cabinets can be a costly affair. Instead you can look at renovating existing ones with a splash of paint on the doors and base. You can refinish the doors with wood-look laminates and see your dull and dated bathroom transform into a cool and trendy one.

Refurbish old bathroom cabinets with wood cabinets are perfect for white washroom
Wood-look cabinets are perfect in an all-white washroom

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Modern Shower Panels

Replace that old shower fitting with a sleek modern shower panel. With their cool features, not only will they heighten the experience of your refreshing morning shower, they look amazing too. Check out ones with different functions and you can get one as complicated as your budget allows. Or you can simply swap out the old shower head with a large sunflower style one or a versatile hand-held one.

Do your bathroom remodel by replacing the old shower fitting with a sleek modern shower panel for an indian bathrooms
A fancy shower panel not only looks sleek but often comes with water-saving options

Upgrade Your Bathroom Fittings And Hardware

Bathroom fittings begin to look tarnished and lose their sheen with time. You can give an instant and cost-effective make over to your washroom by upgrading the hardware – faucets, towel rails, cabinet knobs, toilet paper holders, drawer handles, etc. Coordinate the metallic accents in the fittings with those in the lighting fixtures for a seamless cohesive look.

Do your bathroom renovations by upgrade your bathroom fittings and hardware
Modern bathroom fittings are slick and shiny

Hidden Cistern Toilets

Toilets with hidden flush tanks fit in well in contemporary bathrooms. Changing the old toilet tank or creating a faux wall for it to hide behind is a cheaper option than remodeling the entire bathroom. You can even opt for a low-flow tank that will save on water too.

Remodelling your bathroom toilets with hidden flush tanks for contemporary bathrooms
Hidden flush tanks give the bathroom a neat and clean appearance

Play With The Lighting

Bathrooms with adequate natural lighting are not so common. You can up the ambience of your washroom with strategically positioned LED lighting that is also conducive to your shaving and make up applying needs. Renovate your bathroom by installing hidden lights or back lit mirrors. Fancier fixtures may create an interesting play of light and shadow in a small room contributing to the dramatic effect you may be going for.

Renovate your bathroom by installing hidden lights or back lit mirrors
Playing with the lighting is an easy renovation idea for your bathroom
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Install Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are useful and if tied in with the rest of the decor (the cabinets, vanity, mirror, etc), are aesthetic and interesting. Floating shelves can be stand alone or can be installed parallel to each other at different heights. If placed well they can be decorative but do keep in mind that open shelving needs to be kept neat and tidy to look good.

Modern bathroom remodeling by installing floating shelves with cabinets, vanity, mirror
Open shelving frees up counter space and can be decorative at the same time

Glass Shower Partitions

Glass shower partitions are not only practical additions to keep the shower splashes away from the rest of your bathroom but they look sleek and yet they don’t make your bathroom look any smaller. Installing glass partitions can be one of the best ways to modernise the look of your bathroom without spending a bomb.

Renovate an indian bathrooms by installing glass partitions to make stylish look
Glass does its job without obscuring the view of the rest of the bathroom and is stylish too

Use Oversized Mirrors

Large mirrors can do wonders in smaller bathrooms. They can make a bathroom look bigger and lighter than it actually is. Mirrors also come in all sorts of frames – simple, fancy, modern, antique. Give your bathroom a new look with a huge mirror on one wall or have it extend over onto more than just one.

Reinvent your old bathroom by using oversized mirrors to make a bathroom look bigger and lighter
Oversized mirrors are a great way to reinvent your old bathroom

Accessorise With Wicker Or Cane Baskets

While renovating or remodelling your old bathroom on a budget just pay attention to the little things. Small additions like wicker baskets or cane hampers add delicate charm to a boring washroom. A vase of flowers exudes freshness and elegant soap dispensers and toothbrush holders can instantly transform a dull bathroom into a chic one.

Remodelling old bathroom with wicker baskets or cane hampers, it's a great idea for storing towels or dumping laundry
Wicker baskets are charming and a great idea for storing towels or dumping laundry
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You don’t need to break the bank to renovate your boring old bathroom. Just a few smart tweaks to existing decor or uncomplicated additions can help you remodel your bathroom into a lovely little haven within your budget.

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