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Bathroom Decor Ideas For Your Home

bathroom decor ideas for your bathroom

If you need some fantastic bathroom decor ideas you have landed on the right page. Take a quick read to know more about bathroom decor.

Wouldn’t you love a warm bubble bath or hot steam shower to relax after a tiring day? Everyone needs their time. We at Design Cafe believe the best me-time is acquired in the bathroom. Bubbles, flowers, scented candles, books, a stylish mirror, beautiful bathroom decor – everything that can make you indulge in your bathroom experience is what we have written a blog on. Don’t miss out. Read now! 

Royal Bathroom Decor

Stop imagining and come back to reality. This bathroom decor will make you go weak in the knees. This bathroom is every man’s dream! The interiors of this bathroom are so beautifully done that you would not mind just sitting in there forever. With an elevated jacuzzi next to a window decorated with scented candles and lavender you can relax as you enjoy some aromatherapy amidst warm lights. Once you’re done with your dip you have a chair with a mirror so you can dry your hair and do your makeup Hollywood style. This bathroom decor is for those of you whose priority is luxury.

An elevated jacuzzi next to windowed bathroom decor with scented candles and ceramic pots looks classic.
A classic warm lit posh bathroom with scented candles and ceramic pots

This Bathroom Decor Is For Those Of You Who Love A Lot Of Wood

If you like a rusty touch with plants around then this bathroom decor idea will make your day. The interiors of this bathroom have been beautifully designed with vitrified tiles and wooden panel work. The dark wood brings out a rustic yet classic look to the bathroom. The bathroom is also equipped with a lift up widows and a sledge where you can place plants in pots. A beautiful vertical pebble garden has been constructed along the side of the bathroom wall with pretty lush green plants as part of the decor that add to the ambience of this bathroom.

Bathroom interior decoration with wooden panel & plant around in this bathroom brings a rusty touch.
A bathroom with a rustic touch and a dash of greenery with a mini white pebble garden

Decor For A Small Bathroom

You don’t need a large bathroom to add decor; you can do it with a small bathroom too. Check out this small bathroom decor idea. If you don’t have much space in your bathroom but would like to pep it up a bit then wicker baskets not only act as a laundry basket but add to the decor too. Even the kind of toothbrush and soap holders you choose are considered a part of bathroom decor. This bathroom may be small, but with wicker baskets, a pretty dark brown toothbrush holder and a simple vase filled with flowers make this bathroom a beautiful place to bathe in!

Wicker baskets and a simple vase filled with flowers make this bathroom beautiful are small bathroom decor ideas.
A simple small bathroom with simple bathroom decor and frosty white floating cabinets

A Perky Fun Bathroom Decor Idea

This bathroom interior decoration is sure to take your blues away. If you love a splash of blue and the concept of tiny bathrooms, this bathroom is a small wonder to have a bubble bath in. This bathroom is decorated with a sweet blue console stool in blue, drop downlights in white, a wired laundry bin, hooks on the walls for your luffa, a napkin and a back scrubber. Well, now you know never underestimate a tiny bathroom as it can do wonders when the decor is right.

Plants around the bathtub in a white and blue stool with drawers are bathroom decor accessories that look gorgeous.
A tiny bathroom with plants around a small bathtub in white and blue stool with drawers

A Simple Bathroom Decor With Pretty Pink And A Splash Of Yellow

There is no rule that your bathroom can’t have simple bathroom decor. This snow white bathroom with light wood flooring and white interiors will remind you of snowfall. This bathroom spells out simple yet elegant. The only piece of decor it has is those pretty pink flowers in a vase and a canvas with a splash of yellow across. Even the smallest or simplest decor makes a difference. The pink flowers and a canvas with a line of yellows bring a fresh pop of colour into this bathroom.

White bathroom with light wood flooring & a white ceramic tub is simple bathroom decor that looks elegant.
A lovely white bathroom with a white ceramic tub and cherry blossom like a flower

This is what we at Design Cafe think are some sweet, simple yet stunning bathroom decor ideas for your home. We hope you enjoyed this read. Let us know what you think! Send us an email. Can’t wait to hear from you! 

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