8 Perfect Vitrified Tiles Design Ideas For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | February 22, 2024 | 4 mins read

Vitrified tiles design ideas for your home

The slightly more expensive substitute to ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles have proven to be a great investment for home interiors. Explore your options with these eight perfect vitrified tiles design ideas for your home.

If your new home is up for designing or if your old one needs a good spruce up you might want to consider vitrified tiling for the new look. Vitrified tiles are not too different from traditional ceramic tiles, with the addition of silica in the mixture. During the vitrification process the tiles acquire a beautiful glass-like sheen that retains itself even after several years of use.

What Is The Difference Between Ceramic And Vitrified Tiles?


  • Ceramic tiles contain clay and water. The mixture is baked at high temperature in a furnace
  • They have a certain shine but they are mostly earthy in their appearance
  • Ceramic tiles are popularly preferred for backsplashes and counters for the aesthetic appeal to their pretty designs


  • Vitrified tiles have silica and some more minerals and solvents in addition to clay
  • Vitrification is the process that gives tiles a glass-like sheen that is not only durable but makes these tiles a much cheaper alternative to marble or granite
  • These tiles are popularly preferred for flooring

Vitrified tiles are quick to fit. They are hard and hence perfect for humid weather and moist places. This type of tile works great as a backsplash or flooring as they are easy to clean and maintain. Vitrified tiles also come in skid-proof varieties which makes it a perfect choice for homes with kids. Take a look at these eight ways of using vitrified tiles in your homes.

Vitrified Tiles For Classy Flooring

Vitrified tiles come in a variety of styles and work best for flooring. The tiles used for this living room give this space unmatched sophistication. The flooring is extremely easy to maintain and is comfortable for people of all age groups to walk with ease on, on a daily basis.

Modern living room with vitrified tiles flooring is effortless to maintain and is comfortable for people.
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Vitrified Tiles As Kitchen Backsplash

Pretty vitrified tiles make for a great backsplash option. These Moroccon-styled, elegant looking vitrified tiles are the perfect way to make a kitchen look bright and cheerful. Their easy-clean property makes it effortless to maintain these tiles in a place like a kitchen where they are regularly prone to stains.

Vitrified tiles used in this kitchen backsplash in Moroccan-styled are the perfect way to the bright and cheerful kitchen.

Vitrified Tiles For Kitchen Flooring

The classic appeal of this kitchen requires just the right kind of flooring. Vitrified tiles in the kitchen lend an air of sophistication while ensuring that this space remains easy to navigate. Kitchen are spaces where maximum activity takes place with a lot of traffic. Therefore the flooring is important to ensure the safety of all family members.

Traditional kitchen with types of vitrified tiles flooring used that brings classic appeal to the area.

Vitrified Tiles For The Bedroom

Going for a classic-themed bedroom? While marble is certainly a great option you can opt for similar vitrified tiles that deliver on the elegance and are lighter on the pocket.

White vitrified tiles in classic-themed bedroom deliver on the elegance and are lighter on the pocket.

Go For An Elegant Floor Design

Vitrified tiles offer great options in terms of style and patterns. For an elegantly designed living room such as this one this patterned variety of vitrified tiles ticks the right boxes. This design keeps the aesthetic quotient of the room intact.

Elegantly designed living room with vitrified tiles offers excellent options in terms of style and patterns.

A Game Of Floor Designs

A rather unique choice of tiles for home interiors this type of vitrified tile adds a different charm to the bedroom. On first look, the pattern created by the tiles reminded us of a carrom board! Quirky designs like these are achieved with vitrified tiles as they can be laid in a close-knit manner with ease.

Quirky designs vitrified tiles sizes in hexagon add a different charm to the classic bedroom.
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Simple Sophistication For The Balcony

Your balconies and terraces are exposed to varying weather conditions. The tiling has to be durable. Vitrified tiles are a great and affordable option for such spaces. If you plan to fill up your balconies with a lot of potted plants, vitrified tiles are exactly what you need as they are super easy to clean and maintain.

Simple vitrified tiles texture in the balcony are super easy to clean and maintain.

Anti-Skid Vitrified Tiles For The Bathroom

Bathroom tiles need to be given conscious thought as these are spaces that need the most amount of regular cleaning and resistance to water. Vitrified tiles in anti-skid varieties are great for bathrooms as they don’t create water logging issues. This type weathers a lot of usages and prevents accidents.

Anti-skid vitrified tiles for the bathroom are great as they don't create water logging issues.

Vitrified tiles need expert supervision while fitting as it requires good technique to fit these. They come in a wide price range that suits all kinds of budgets even more varieties that are constantly being updated. Get in touch with us to discuss vitrified tiling options for your home.

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