Drawing Room Wall Design Ideas

by Anmol Kalro | February 22, 2024 | 4 mins read

Fresh and futuristic wall design ideas to draw up a fabulous drawing room for your home. 

Whacky Designs For Those Drawing Room Walls

It’s tricky business, designing a room that’s meant for both – recreation and reading, procrastination and pursuing, entertaining and introspection. How does one fixate on a design that’s meant for both work and space?  One of the most effective ways to boost a room’s interior is by focusing on the creation of a statement wall. Walls are canvases that you can effortlessly exploit to give your drawing room a stunning makeover- even with minimal space usage. From antique to contemporary, here are five magnificent designs that are sure to turn a ho-hum wall to all things extraordinaire!

Minimal Design For Drawing Room Wall

Nothing like a plain white wall with a burst of a bright colour complementing the vibe set by that of a simplistic design. You can use abstract shapes painted in bold colours such as the edged yellow pyramid in this design. It looks so effortless yet a whole lot trendy, too. If you choose to opt for a rather minimalistic wall such us this, you can embellish the whole look with an inverted triangular vase shelf that fits the triangle on this wall like a glove. Not a fan of triangles? Go square. Any geometric shape is sure to look mighty stunning. 

Rustic Design For Drawing Room Wall

Your drawing room is probably the one place you look forward to unwind, be creative and feel relaxed, right? Earthy tones set a vibe for exactly this. A beautiful stone wall that looks abstract and rustic, yet somehow supremely chic is a brilliant choice for a serene sit-out. Moreover, there’s no need to accessorise the design because the charm of this wall lies in the whole au naturale stone texture. To compliment the design, you could choose to fit in petite hanging pendant lights of a soft grey shade that doesn’t take away the spotlight from the wall itself,  but add an unmatched charisma nonetheless! With the perfect choice of antique chairs you can create the most perfect reading spot in your drawing room.

Eclectic Design For Drawing Room Wall

Irrespective of whether you are partial to black and white or burst of colours, showcasing art on a wall by literally turning it into a canvas never fails to add visual interest to a room. Best suited for someone looking to have an artistic drawing room design, a painting of a majestic crane does much to grab attention making this the spotlight of your design. Black is often an underrated wall colour and this painting against a black background gives the entire room an eccentric feel. 

Neoclassical Design For Drawing Room Wall

The definition of all things classy, this minimal wall design looks rich in an antique sort of way but- with a modernistic twist. Sometimes, all you need to turn a normal looking wall into a fabulous one is a royal mirror. The golden mirror on the wall sets the theme for the rest of the furniture to perfectly fall in place – a stunning golden coloured study lamp, abstract pillows with golden polygon prints and fine mustard drapes. A theme this royal demands subtle colours as backdrops – grand beige broken up with white frames to make your modern-day drawing room feel straight out of a king’s palace.

Industrial Design For Drawing Room Wall

It’s natural for someone who uses their drawing room for work on priority to want a rather utilitarian space – but of course, stylish nonetheless. An all-white brick wall is elegant, chic and with the right set of white drapes, can also prove to create an airy feel in your work station. White and gold is a classic pair that never runs out of style. The added beauty of dark brown wood is only just a bonus! Keep the wall furniture to a minimum with a petite dark brown shelf. Also Read: 10 Brilliant Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

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