8 Fabulous Reading Room Designs That Transform Regular Spaces In Your Home

by Mehnaz Farooque | February 22, 2024 | 7 mins read

Reading room design for your home

Having a serene reading room at home is now possible with these interesting reading room interior design ideas 

Your home is where you relax and do your favourite activities most comfortably. It is a place that’s adapted to your lifestyle. So be it a theatre-like TV room or a library-like quiet corner, your home resembles you. Thus your home should be designed with every detail that makes your life easy. There are several ways your home interiors can facilitate your lifestyle. One way is to create spaces, corners and nooks dedicated to certain activities. Very few think of reading room design.

So, we have for you some interior design hacks to transform common house spaces into reading rooms. From reading room design with window bay seating to loft reading room interior design – here are some interesting and space-saving tips on how to design a reading room by transforming the regular spaces in your home. 

1. A Reading Room Design In The Balcony

You can transform your common balcony space into a reading room with this design. A balcony with an enclosed setup is the most ideal for reading room interior design. The reading room has a modular bookshelf with storage drawers beneath to store fragile copies that aren’t suitable for the open rack. The bookshelf features a tall rack with an attached bench – perfect for lying down and reading. You can also get a bamboo swing to cosy up with your novels. The reading room has a peppy yellow accent wall that creates a lively vibe in the space. There is also a wall-mounted folding coffee table for caffeine breaks. This reading room design is ideal for balcony spaces with large windows.

A reading room design with a bookshelf with storage drawers is ideal for reading room interior design
A reading room by the balcony view is always a good idea!

2. Reading Room Interior Design For The Attic!

If you have an attic, the best way to utilise the space is to transform it into a creative reading room design like this one. Most attic spaces have large windows – exceptionally great for reading. All you need to do next is to have a modular bookshelf to store all your books and a bench or a bed where you can sit, lie and flip through the pages of your books and voila, you have got yourself a beautiful reading room interior design! Another reason the attic is great for reading rooms is they are low traffic areas with little movement. So you will get all the quiet you need for your book readings.

Reading room interior design of the attic with a bookshelf and bed transforms into a creative reading room
This attic reading room is ideal for the quiet hours
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3. A Sophisticated And Modern Reading Room Design

Are you one of those bibliophiles who prefers a quiet and composed reading corner where things are perfectly matched to create a sophisticated vibe? Then this home reading room design is for you! The room has an elegant interior setup with a matte grey wall colour scheme and classic wall moulding designs. The floor has a wooden laminated finish that creates a warm ambience. The room has two comfortable handleless upholstered chairs – ideal for long hours of reading. A window nearby keeps the room’s ambience bright and fresh. A simple white wood bookshelf is placed near the chairs to let you easily pick your book and flaunt the rest of your book collections. This reading room design is ideal for spacious homes with a classic interior theme.

Modern reading room design with a simple white wood bookshelf and harmless chairs creates a sophisticated vibe
A simple and elegant reading room setup for those bookworms

4. Peppy Reading Room Design Ideas With A Bedroom Setup

This is a reading room design with a bedroom setup. The room has a very vibrant and young ambience that has different peppy colours. The reading room features a wall-mounted study table set up right next to a window bay seating setup – ideal for reading sessions. Beside the window, there is a low lying bench with storage beneath where you can sit, lie down and relax while reading your books. The room also has a bed with storage, so you can easily create this reading room design in your single bed bedroom. The reading room also has some hexagonal wall mounted shelf designs where you can place your books, notes, etc. This peppy reading room design is perfect for young students.

The reading room design with a wall-mounted study table and the shelf is the reading room design ideas with bedroom setup
Here’s a serene reading room set up in your bedroom

5. A Small Reading Room Design In The Living Room

This small reading room design is great for people with extensive living areas where they can set up a reading corner. As you can see, the room has a very warm ambience with its cream colour scheme and off white furnishings. The wooden flooring accentuates the warm vibe of the room. Just beside the living room sitting area, you can set up your reading corner with a comfortable wing chair and a tall, sleek bookshelf. The room follows a vintage feel with a mid-century style tall coffee table with curved legs and the curved top of the bookshelf. You can set up such a vintage-style reading corner in a regular living area with minimal furnishings.

A small reading room designed in the living area features a wing chair, sleek bookshelf and coffee table
Make room in your living room for this reading room setup

6. A Library Reading Room Design Near The Stairs

This is another reading room design in an open living area. The library reading room design or the reading corner has a tall, white laminate bookshelf with handleless drawer cabinets at the bottom. The reading area is furnished with a broad high armchair where you can sit, relax and read your books. The reading area has a warm floor lamp that can help you focus on your book even when the rest of the place is not illuminated. To create a natural vibe, you can place some indoor plants near the reading chair.

The library reading room is designed next to the living room stairs with a bookshelf with handleless drawer cabinets
Utilise the space near the stairs with this library reading room design

7. A Home Reading Room Design In The Bedroom

Bedrooms are the best place to set up your reading nook. That’s because bedrooms are usually the quietest places in the house. You can, therefore, have a relaxing reading room design along with a bedroom. This reading room design is also ideal for small homes with less space. You can keep the bedroom minimal with only the most essential furnishings like a modular wardrobe, a regular bed with storage to keep things clutter-free and then have a window bay seating for reading. The reading room here has a beautiful wooden finish cupboard designed around the window of the room. The wooden frame creates a cosy window bay seating arrangement, exceptional for reading sessions at home.

Home reading room design in the bedroom with a beautiful window bay seating setup
A minimal bedroom design with a beautiful window bay seating reading room setup
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8. A Rustic Reading Room Interior Design

This rustic reading room interior design has a beautiful red brick cladding wall design that brings in a natural appeal. Then there’s a concrete finish flooring design that keeps the reading room calm and peaceful. Next to the brick cladding wall, there is a deep green wall design that accentuates the natural aesthetics of the room. This reading room design incorporates an interesting metallic bookshelf cum display rack that accentuates the rustic design theme of the room. We have included a solid wood armchair and tall centre table. You can create such a reading room design in any corner of your house where the movement is low.

Reading room design with metallic bookshelf cum display rack accentuates the room's rustic design theme
A gorgeous rustic interior design for a quiet reading room setup

These are some of our favourite reading room interior design ideas to transform regular home spaces into beautiful reading rooms. So try these out and have your dedicated reading space in your house because you deserve it! Don’t forget to check out our other blog posts for more interior design hacks.

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