Tile Designs For Your Living Room That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet!

by Ashish Rai | February 21, 2024 | 4 mins read

Latest tiles design for living room

From marble beauties to wood, wall tiles and more, the possibilities are limitless. Here are some inspiring tile designs to turn your living room into something magical.

Tiles have become an essential part of homes as they bring in style and class. With the advancement of technology, the market today has options galore – from wood, marble, ceramic and more. The colours, textures, price bands of tiles available today have left homeowners spoilt for choice. Whatever your taste or budget, size of your space or layout – floor tiles can make your living room look gorgeous. Read on for some inspiration!

Snow White Marble Beauty

Do you want your living room to look classy and smooth? The best option available to achieve this look is marble floor tiles. It looks beautiful, is easy to care for and is long-lasting. Marble lends an elegant and sophisticated look to any space. The magnificence of white marble will make your guests treat you like royalty.

Wall tiles for living room which are easy to care for and for long-lasting beautiful tiles for living room
Sprawling white marble can add a contemporary look to your living room

Wall Tiles For Your Living Room

Who said tiles need to be confined to the floor? Wall tiles are another way to refine your living room interiors. When matched with different colour combinations, it makes your living room look elegant. Soft tiles are a great choice for your living room wall design as it will make a classy statement.

Tiles for living room which are another way to refine your living room interiors
Wall tiles are a perfect addition to the living room to make it pop

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Enhance Your Living Room With Wooden Style Tiles

Wooden flooring has been in vogue for time immemorial given that homes with wooden flooring are able to attract a higher price in the market. However, if you are not able to afford the costs of wooden flooring, then wood-like tiles are your next best option. Take your living room interiors a notch higher with hardwood tiles. Not only are they becoming popular, but are more practical, easy to maintain, affordable and come in many varieties. Wooden tiles mimic the appeal of nature and are a great choice if you want a rustic, sophisticated look to your living room.

Wood tile adds a smart and stylish aesthetic to the living room
wood tile adds a smart and stylish aesthetic to the living room
Living room interior designs for family time

Make A Statement With Large Floor Tiles

If you have a spacious hall then broad tile flooring is a smart option. Supersized tiles as flooring give an uninterrupted look to living rooms, especially if you have an open plan layout. They also give the illusion of space. These types of tiles, thanks to their durability, are often used in commercial and domestic spaces. When you decide to revamp your living room floor tile design, opt for tiles made from materials like slate, limestone or porcelain to make it stand out. The bigger the pieces, the bigger the admiration!

Living room tiles design where tiles as flooring give an uninterrupted look to living rooms
Bigger the Better! The dramatic look of large-format tiles

Tessellate Tiles For Your Living Room

If you want to make an edgy statement, (and right from under your feet) the right floor tile design can be a game-changer to any space. Tessellation, or the tiling of a flat surface using one or a combination of geometric shaped tiles, is one way to do this. Go hexagon or a basic checkered pattern – your living room can spunk up its style quotient with tessellation. Funky, hexagon and square pieces give an exciting and intriguing look to the living room. Black and white checked floor tiles, like the one in this image, gives this living room crisp and cutting-edge aesthetics.

Living room floor tiles where the right floor tile design can be a game-changer to any space of your living room tiles
Mesmerize your guests with this black and white checkered tiles

Black Flooring Is Chic

And if you love all things modern and luxurious then black is the way to go. Classic and modern at the same time, black tiled flooring can style your living room floors with a statement. Black and hints of white are eternally chic and are popular with homeowners who love everything bold. choice. Pair it with stalk white sofas and a textured wall – and you will not need anything more to make a statement!

Floor tile colours for living room where black colours flooring can style your living room floor tiles
black marble will make a bold statement, every time

When it comes to redesigning your living room, floor or wall tiles infuse beauty and design within every part of your home interiors. DesignCafe offers a wide range of ideas and home interior solutions – do get in touch for a consultation!

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