Nazeem Khan And Family’s Regal 3 BHK Home in Mumbai

by Nikita Raikwar | February 21, 2024 | 3 mins read

A regal Indian home featuring classic furnishings

Take a peek inside the Khan family’s grand and luxurious 3 BHK home in Mumbai.

The Khan family wanted their house to narrate a royal Mumbai story. They were looking for the best residential interior designers in Mumbai to design their home with an aristocratic appeal that blends modern amenities. They were also sure they wanted a home that was spacious and well-lit with a view of the outside playing a major role. 

Our designers used a mix of imperial and modular furniture pieces for the Khans’ family home to ensure it mixed royal aesthetics with modern design. We included gorgeous traditional Indian dining setups and TV units along with modern kitchen storage and bedroom interiors that spelt luxury.

A Surreal Master Bedroom With A Well-Lit Designed Space

Our team of best home interior designers in Mumbai designed the Khan family’s master bedroom. They installed a breathtaking floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with mirrored shutters and a bed with a stunning tufted headboard. They fixed mirrors on either side of the bed to give the room two functional dressing units. Thanks to the abundance of mirrors, the room looks airy and well-lit, offering enough space for the couple. 

Guest Bedroom With A Stunning Carved Wooden TV Unit 

The second bedroom in Nazeem’s home was made considering a traditional royal design. We built them a magnificent carved wooden TV unit that’s a happy blend of antiquity and modernity. It includes stylised handles and leg design. The bed frame is complemented with a wooden side table to complete the look. 

Guest bedroom with a stunning carved wooden tv unit by architects & interior designers in mumbai
A guest bedroom with an antique TV unit and storage

A Sleek Kitchen Design With An Extra Appliance Garage

The Khan family’s kitchen is a lovely parallel kitchen with cutting-edge storage units. They come with sleek handleless cabinets and an extra appliance garage. The base unit includes a hob unit, sink unit and three-tier wired cabinets for storage. While the wall units are three shutter units for storing large containers as well as extra pantry.

A sleek kitchen design with an extra appliance garage by interior designers in south mumbai
A sleek and modern parallel kitchen design
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A Regal Dining Room With A Tall Breakfast Counter

The Khan family’s dining room takes inspiration from traditional Indian furniture styles. It has an elongated wooden table. The dining room setting is regal and includes an upholstered dining bench and designer wooden chairs. The dining area also comprises a tall breakfast counter on the side with bar-style stools to complete the look.

A regal dining room with a tall breakfast counter by famous interior designers in mumbai
A traditional dining space with a modern breakfast counter

A Royal Living Room With Antique Furnishings

The living room comprises a gorgeous wide window which lets in ample natural light and lends a luxe vibe to the room. It is furnished with a tufted royal wooden sofa set and an antique coffee table with cabriole legs.

Interior design services in mumbai for a royal living room with antique furnishings
An antique living space with tufted sofa seats

Designing and building this home was a royal experience for the team at DesignCafe. Our best residential interior designers in Mumbai took care of every minute detail to deliver a home that Nazeem and his family would cherish forever.
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