Rohan Jaju’s Contemporary 3BHK Home At Kalyan

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 20, 2024 | 6 mins read

3bhk home interior designers in mumbai at kalyan city

Let’s go on a tour of this smartly designed 3BHK home with contemporary interiors and a touch of the traditional curated by DesignCafe’s interior designers in Mumbai

Property Type: 3BHK

Location: Mumbai

Designer: Deepika Gupta

Rohan Jaju and his family needed a place that was simple, clean and spacious. They did not want to worry about creating space or struggle with furniture arrangements. The family sought a space that enhanced their millennial lifestyle with enough space and floor area for their kids to play around safely. They also wanted their place to be interesting, so minimalism should not make the place look dull. Thus, Design Cafe’s team of interior designers in Mumbai had to come up with an interior plan that was uncomplicated and free. Our team of interior designers in Mumbai created a contemporary theme that would keep things simple but interesting. So, with contemporary furniture choices and a twist of surprising design elements, DesignCafe, as the top interior design company in Mumbai, shaped a millennial 3BHK home for Rohan and his family.

Let’s explore Rohan’s lively 3BHK home at Kalyan. The place is urban enough to mirror the metropolitan lifestyle of neighbouring Mumbai but has enough authenticity to keep things basic.

An Au Courant Open Living Room

Contemporary is about keeping up with the trends. This living room comes with trending furniture choices and a touch of the traditional to keep things interesting. DesignCafe’s interior designers in Mumbai styled this living room with a highly functional TV unit with a wooden laminated floating storage and a traditional drawer system. On top of the TV unit, there’s a floating white shelf with artefacts that complement the traditional wooden look of the unit. The dark wood and white laminate of the TV unit add contrast to the room. The living room also has a deep blue couch with a rectangular ottoman that completes the set. There’s a white laminated centre table that visually links with the white sections of the TV unit. The living room has a false ceiling. The overall colour scheme of the room is white, with wood, green and blue in between.

3bhk white living cum dining area design in kalyan city mumbai with tv unit, false ceiling and sofa.
All these shades in the room create the perfect mixture of fresh and cool colours

The Lively Dining Area

The house has a dining nook with velvet upholstered chairs in olive green. The colour beautifully contrasts with the living area in blue. A unique hanging light adds character to this space. The dining table for six is a traditional wooden table with a white laminated top that borrows the design continuity from the white laminated furniture in the living room. Ornamental discs on the wall add a touch of the traditional to the otherwise contemporary dining set-up. The dining area also has a white-top crockery unit with wooden cabinets.

Dining area designed with hanging lights, dining table and four chairs designed by the best interior designer in Kalyan City Mumbai.
The room is characterised by Indian art and sculpture pieces that create an authentic vibe in the room

A Unique Foyer Design

A beautiful foyer with the owners’ names on a backlit white glass and a jali door brings a traditional touch to this home. This also adds a surprising twist to the overall contemporary interiors of the place. The foyer exhibits an all-wooden look that instantly connects with you.

Foyer interior design in Mumbai at kalyan designed in wood with backlighting and a jali door brings  traditional touch.
This area adds a classical angle to the home, making it different from standard contemporary settings

A Bright Master Bedroom For The Couple

Rohan and his wife wanted their bedroom to be simple and bright. This master bedroom qualifies as a minimal spot with enough space to walk around. The large bed here with a tall padded headboard brings comfort to the place. The bedroom has a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with loft storage and is built on either side of the bathroom based on a contemporary design. This bedroom also has a soothing vibe highlighted by small biophilic design elements like indoor plants. The wardrobe created by our top interior designers in Mumbai, which has a glossy finish, reflects light, contributing to the brightness of the room.

Master bedroom designed by a top interior designer in Mumbai Kalyan City with false ceiling and wardrobe in a glossy finish.
The ceiling of the room is kept simple, allowing it to add height to the space

A Blue And White Kids’ Bedroom

Rohan and his wife wanted their kids to have a cheerful bedroom where they play and bond together. So, DesignCafe’s best interior designers in Mumbai created a cute bedroom for the boys where there’s enough space to play around, chill and study. It has a blue and white colour scheme with a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with extended loft storage. A bunk bed for two designed by our residential interior designers in Mumbai with padded headboards adds personality to the room where the brothers can grow up and share a life together.

Kids bedroom designed by dc interior design company in Kalyan City Mumbai with bunk bed and wardrobe looks minimal.
The room is decorated with wall hangings and toys to keep things playful

A Vibrant Guest Bedroom For A Great Interior Design In Mumbai

Rohan wanted his guest bedroom to be vibrant and lively. Therefore, we used a lot of wood and warm lighting.  The room has a bed with a wooden headboard. The nightstand has the same wooden finish as the bed. Two pendant lights above the bed add serenity to the room.

Guest bedroom with wooden wardrobe and hanging lights elegant design, Dc interior designer for Atmosphere Wadhwa.
To keep the traditional design elements present in the bedroom, we used a Radha-Krishna photo on the wall-mounted open shelf beside the bed
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An Uncluttered Parallel Design Kitchen

This parallel kitchen in white and blue has white brick cladding walls with rotating vertical storage. The top cabinets on both sides of the kitchen have a faded white finish that adds brightness to the place. The rotating storage unit created by our best interior designers in Mumbai saves a lot of space, making the kitchen great for the contemporary lifestyle.

A small parallel kitchen with tall pantry unit looks minimal designed by 3bhk DC residential interior designer in Mumbai Kalyan City.
A small parallel kitchen with tall pantry unit looks minimal designed by 3bhk DC residential interior designer in Mumbai Kalyan City.

Rohan and his family needed a place that promoted simple living. They wanted the place to be user-centric with furniture sets that are functional instead of just decorative. They wanted the entire place to be seamless with similar palettes across different rooms and yet have surprising elements to keep things interesting. DesignCafe’s best interior designers in Mumbai crafted a contemporary setting featuring traditional design elements to create subtle but impressionistic interiors.

Have you been looking for a contemporary design solution for your home? Get in touch with our interior designers in Mumbai, and we will guide you to choose every detail of your home interiors — from wall colours to china patterns!

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