8 Wooden Headboard Designs Your Bedroom Is Missing

by Henna Achhpal | January 20, 2024 | 6 mins read

wooden headboard designs for your bedroom bed

Wooden headboard designs that strike the right balance between aesthetic and function

A bedroom without a bed is incomplete, and so is a bed without a headboard. Besides comfort and functionality, it’s essential to pick a headboard material and design that fits well with the rest of your bedroom’s decor. Not only is it a decor choice for one of the most used areas of your bedroom, but your headboard decision can also make or break your bedroom’s look and feel. Wooden headboards are a great way to introduce an earthy element to otherwise modern and contemporary bedrooms.

You may wonder what wooden headboard designs for beds in simple shades of brown could do to elevate your room. But it’s precisely this underrated feature that makes wooden headboards such an ideal design choice. Wooden headboard designs quietly complement bedrooms that already have many design elements vying for attention. Wooden headboard designs for beds complete your room with a minimal and sleek look. They are also durable, easy to clean and maintain.

These images of wooden headboards inspire you to visualise the look you would like in your bedroom. In case you have a wooden bed, you will also find ideas for wooden bed head designs to help you choose.

Wooden Headboard Designs That Blend In With The Room Aesthetic

Here’s an exciting idea for wooden headboards that blends well with the rest of the room’s look. The multi-brown vertical finish of this wooden headboard design, matching with the bed and the rest of the room’s furniture, is one of the unique wooden headboards inspiration you will find. This headboard that extends over the bedside tables and blends in with the wardrobe design is perfect for large rooms and if you’re in search of ideas for a wooden headboard double bed.

Bedroom with wooden headboard designs in multi-brown vertical finish gives a clean look.
Match the wooden headboard design with the bed and furniture for a clean look
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Wooden Headboard Designs That Elevate Your Bedroom Casually

If you’re looking for cheap wooden headboards, go for a wooden headboard in a simple finish that matches the bed. Add utility with a wooden headboard that’s extended on both sides to have attached side tables. Finish off with a set of classic bedside table lamps. Understated wooden headboard designs for beds such as this are perfect for a bedroom that boasts a designer wallpaper and art gallery behind the headboard like this one.

A simple bed wooden headboard designs extended on both sides, and table lamps placed on it with a classic look.
A simple wooden headboard design is the perfect match for a bold wallpaper

Sharp Lines For An Elegant Look

This is another classic in simple wooden headboard designs. Sleek horizontal lines in wooden headboards for full-size beds fit right into a contemporary bedroom such as this. The wooden headboard’s classic brown finish matching the rest of the wooden bed gives the entire room an elegant look. The wooden headboard adds instead of taking away from the patterned wallpaper. The stylish lamp with a robust black lampshade completes the bedroom perfectly.

Wooden headboard designs with horizontal line designs against a wallpaper wall looks elegant.
Your designer wallpaper stands out with a headboard in a classic wooden finish

Wooden Frame With Upholstered Middle

When you’re caught between choosing between a wooden headboard and an upholstered one and can’t make a decision, why not combine both? A wooden headboard framing a tufted upholstered middle is among the popular modern wooden headboard designs. Get the best of both worlds with wooden headboards for queen-size beds like these. The wide tufted upholstered headboard in a neutral colour lends a glam look, while the wooden frame gives your bed a sharp edge.

wooden headboard designs frame with the tufted upholstered middle in grey colour lends a glam look.
Elevate your bedroom with sharp glam with a combination wooden headboard

Wooden Headboard Designs That Add A Farmhouse Appeal To Your Bedroom

For those who like everything unconventional, the traditional wooden headboard designs just won’t do. Designer wooden headboards are what you need when you’re looking for something that reflects your personality. This slab of rustic wood splashed across the wall behind your bed brings your bedroom to life with a farmhouse vibe. A bed with a wooden frame for legs keeps the spotlight on the designer wooden headboards. It’s the perfect hack to add character to a bare wall behind your bed — hanging lights with geometric retro lampshades in the corner complete the room’s look.

Bed with a unique wooden headboard design in the white bedroom brings a farmhouse vibe.
Go for designer wooden headboards to revive a plain wall
Eyeing bedroom interiors that's aesthetically pleasing?

Shortcut To Classy Sophistication

Make a statement with designer wooden headboards like this one. The large headboard screams extravagance. At the same time, the attractive diagonal stripes in a moody coffee-brown shade attract attention to the centre of your bedroom right away. Patterned wallpaper in a pastel shade complements the look of your wooden headboard perfectly. Designer wooden headboards give your bedroom an instant upgrade to classy.

A large wooden headboard design with diagonal stripes design in a coffee-brown shade in the modern bedroom looks classy.
Designer wooden headboards in moody browns command attention

Bold Headboards For Simple Wooden Beds

Contrast a simple wooden bed with a headboard in a bold colour and glossy finish. This wooden bed headboard combination should be a good inspiration for wooden bed head designs. The look works best in guest bedrooms or smaller bedrooms that don’t offer many design opportunities. When you have plain walls and can’t do much to change them, going for a bold headboard is a good idea. This quick-fix brings out a simple bedroom’s personality without making it look too cluttered.

Wooden headboard design in ocean blue colour and glossy finish in the white bedroom looks bold.
Headboards offer the potential to experiment with loud colours in a minimal bedroom

Contrast White With Bold To Up The Drama

Add drama to your bedroom in an instant with an upholstered headboard in a daring shade like this deep red. This choice for a classic white wooden bed head elevates the glam quotient of your bedroom manifold without being over the top. The elegant red headboard completes the classic white wooden bed.

Wooden headboard design, A white wooden bed with a red upholstered headboard elevates the glam to the white bedroom.
This white bed and solid red headboard combination defines contemporary

Looking through pictures of wooden headboards is an excellent way to begin your decision-making. When you’re browsing through the many wooden headboard designs, make sure you consider the rest of the bedroom’s look and wall colours. Wooden headboards may be different shades of brown, but the colour of your wall, size and style of your bed and its position in the room will determine which wooden headboards will be a match for your bedroom.

If you enjoyed reading about wooden headboard designs, also explore DIY Headboard Ideas.

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