DIY Headboard Ideas For Your Bedroom

by Devna Tiwari | February 14, 2024 | 5 mins read

DIY headboard ideas for your bedroom

Design the most stunning element of your bedroom interiors all by yourself! Here are some of our most favourite DIY headboard design ideas to help you get started!

Regardless of the style – eclectic, traditional or industrial – your headboard can become a focal point of your bedroom. Picking the perfect headboard is a crucial task — but that doesn’t imply your choice is limited to a showroom’s catalogue.

A headboard can bring a significant impact to a bedroom’s aesthetic no matter what it’s size is. In a large bedroom a headboard fills the space. On the other hand, in a small bedroom a headboard makes the bed feel special without taking up a lot of space. While there are several designs of headboards to choose from, nothing can beat a DIY personalised headboard!

These easy to create DIY headboards design ideas will impress even the most non-creative mind out there! Let us take a look at them shall we?

DIY Wooden Headboard Design

This one tops our list mainly because it’s easy to create and extremely economical! All you need to create this DIY wooden headboard is plywood, some nails and a hammer. Carefully place the plywood sheet at the back of your bed and fix it well by hammering the nails onto the bed rim. If you have a metal bed, you can simply place the plywood sheet behind the bed. And there you have a simple headboard ready! You can paint it in any of your favourite bold colours to match your bedroom interiors.

DIY wooden headboard designs in plywood, some nails and a hammer

DIY Rustic Style Headboard Design

If you love the idea of a rustic styled bedroom and want a headboard design that blends in perfectly, this one’s for you! To create this design yourself, pick a plywood sheet, a rectangular-shaped wooden tabletop or wooden panels and paste it symmetrically. Now paint it with a coat of varnish or commonly known as wood polish .This will help get rid of chips/splinters and will highlight the wooden texture with a subtle shine. Once it’s dried, you can fix it onto the rim of your bed with nails or place it behind the head as shown in this image here.

DIY rustic style headboard design is another type of diy headboard
Want to know what kind of bedroom designs suits you

Paint A Headboard!

This will need some effort. Yes it will. But we aren’t going to make you paint your whole headboard.  You need to only work on the laser level that covers the head rim of the bed. Use a bold two-tone colour palette, a solid colour or an elegant amalgamation of contrasting colours forming a pattern as shown in this image. A painted portion will create an illusion of a headboard without taking up additional space.

DIY headboard painting with a bold two-tone colour palette or a solid colour

A DIY Open Box Shaped Wooden Headboard

How about a headboard with some storage? All you need to do is attach wooden planks around a full-length plywood sheet with the help of an adhesive or nails to form an open box-shaped structure as shown in this image. Once ready, you can paint it in a shade of your choice or a coat of varnish if you want to retain the look of real wood and place it behind the bed. The edges of this structure are a sneaky way to tuck in your books, alarm clocks and all those tiny little things that otherwise clutter your nightstand or bed!

DIY open box shaped wooden headboard design with a full-length plywood sheet
small space, big style we've got designs for tiny bedroom

A DIY Headboard Extension

Most standard sized beds come with a regular headboard (by regular we mean nothing too fancy and nothing too visible!) that is usually hidden behind the cushions and pillows. If you own such a bed you can consider adding an extension! Add wall art above the existing headboard with wooden abstracts as shown in this image to make it look like an extension of the existing headboard. You can also hang a textile right above the bed. Look for loose-weave fabric as it will be easier to hang. Another way of adding an extension is by putting a giant painting or creating a straight photo wall section in-line with the breadth of the bed.

Homemade wood headboard extension with a wall art above the existing headboard with wooden abstracts

DIY Headboard Design With Crates

The easiest of all, this headboard design is akin to two-minute noodles of the DIY world! Take a couple of fruit crate boxes and attach them together with the help of nails. Now place or fix it at the back of your bed and it’s ready! If this looks too plain and simple to you consider painting it in a bold colour or with a coat of varnish to get rid of splinters. You can further add fairy lights, strip lights or soft fabrics to style up this piece. As we see in this image the simple and readily available fairy lights add a cosy vibe to this bedroom setting. The soft cushions and pillows further make it look just perfect!

DIY headboard design with crates makes cosy vibe to this bedroom bed

And there you have it! Six easy to make DIY headboard ideas for your bedroom.

Hope you have fun creating one yourself. Just Do It Yourself!

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