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Your House, Your Furniture: Stylish DIY Furniture Ideas For Your Home

Diy furniture ideas for your home

You can’t be held responsible for what you say while DIY-ing! Explore these creative DIY furniture hacks and turn something boring into something amazing.

It’s crazy how expensive modern furniture can be. Ditch the overpriced furniture and self design to give your home a more exclusive feel. Besides, imagine how great you’d feel when your friends and family ask where that furniture is from? DIY furniture is quite popular these days and the process even easier with endless youtube tutorials available for free online. Our idea behind this article is to give you some DIY furniture design ideas you can create if you ever decide to give DIY furniture a  shot! Let’s dive right into the wonderful world of Do-It-Yourself.

A Headboard With A Fun Side Table

Upholstered headboards are quite popular but a costly accessory for your bed. Our first DIY furniture suggestion is this headboard that’s simple to design and yet swanky to look at. Complimenting it is a matching side table. All you need is a light coloured plywood and an old fruit crate. Drill or nail the plywood to the back of your bed that becomes a headboard while an old fruit crate placed next to your bed acts as a side table. And decorating this side table is a wooden disc to place scented candles or coffee mugs while the crate can be used for storage. This is an excellent idea for those of you who fancy rustic style interiors or want to add hints of this style to their otherwise dull bedroom.

DIY bedroom furniture plans, light-coloured plywood and an old fruit crate to make a side table for matching headboard.

Design Tip: Painting the plywood in a bold colour to add some fun. Also, place tiny indoor potted plants on the crate for a stroke of freshness. Sandpaper down the plywood and crate to buff it followed by a coat of varnish to get rid of splinters

A DIY Shelf To Store All Your Knick-Knacks

Your hardware restoration goals just got a whole lot more achievable. If you want a unique shelf to make a statement to your living or dining area, here is our DIY idea. All you need are grills (preferably from your old utensils rack), a couple of wooden planks, some adhesive, nails and a drilling machine to get this project started. Collect decor pieces you want to display because this shelf will be ready in no time. Attach the grills to the planks and add stoppers at the bottom to make your shelf stand firm. And voila! Your shelf is ready. The rack shown in this image is designed for a large space. However, if you are tight on space, but like the design, reduce the number and size of planks to make a compact shelf.

To make shelf DIY furniture, you need grills, a couple of wooden planks, some adhesive, nails and a drilling machine.

Design Tip: If wooden planks in their real colour might look dull and inexpensive, colour them in black as shown in this image or any colour that goes with the rest of your decor.

A Fun Brunch Nook For Your Break-Out Space

A DIY brunch corner with a table for two! How cool is this idea? Here is what you need. Crates, a cable spool, some wooden discs and plyboard. Place the crates on the floor one topping another. You can also stick them together to make it sturdier. Place a plyboard behind this structure as shown in this image. Drill a wine rack into the ply board to hang your glasses. Now for the table. You need a cable spool (easily found at hardware stores or second-hand shops). If you are unable to find it, take two huge wooden discs, and wooden planks to make a spool yourself.