Summer In Your Living Room: 5 Tropical Designs For The Sunny In You

by Naina Khare | January 26, 2024 | 5 mins read

5 tropical living room designs

Did you ask for tropical living room design ideas? Say no more. Our top 5 designer-approved set-ups are here!

Are you drawn to beachy tropical decor? The style has been a sub-trend for quite some time now. Representative of exotic destinations, such as Hawaii or Australia, and the Caribbean, tropical interior design for living rooms is here to stay.

Creating this particular home decor style is easy as many elements support tropical interior design. For instance, adding fresh green plants inside the house for toxic-free air gives that typical vibe from the tropics. People also go for ventanillas to maximize passive cooling design inside their homes. If you too want tropical living room decor, here’s what you can consider: 

1. Tropical Living Room Decor with Brass and Wooden Accents

We’ve tons of jute rugs, wood furnishings, and brass accents in this tropical living room design. This brings in plenty of warmth to ensure a cosy and inviting space. The colourful contrasting prints throughout contribute to the playful yet formal spirit of the room. And, though it doesn’t necessarily stand out, the cream wall colour makes a transformative difference. Had it been white walls, it would be much starker. 

However, before decorating your living room, remember where you reside. For instance, if you live in a casual beach house, your design scheme should differ from an urban industrial loft space. This tropical living room design bestows the tropical vibes of a coastal home through fun motifs and wood furnishes. Yet, it still looks sophisticated through fresh upholstery, a thoughtful layout, and beautiful artwork. 

Tropical living room decor with brass and wooden accents
If you wish to be on a tropical island, this tropical living room decor is IT for you!

2. Modern Tropical Living Room Design with Patterned Accents

This decor is an example of modern tropical design. Adding darker blue-greens and patterned accent pieces helps formulate a subtle, layered scheme – with the tropical niceties! If you don’t want to play with many patterns and bold hues, you could appreciate experimental pieces and tasteful pops of colour. Rather than opting for all black and whites, the anchor pieces – like the sofa and tables – remain neutral, while the throws, lamps, and artwork should offer a splash of colour. Dark green, navy, peach and pink are the go-to colours for the inevitable tropical vibe!

Tropical living room design with patterned accents
Infuse your living room with island-inspired greens and a tropical oasis

3. Light-Mood and Cheerful Tropical Living Room Design

A burst of sunny, vibrant colours and exotic fruit prints is a refreshing look to wake up to. A traditional canopy in the living room can run from stark and severe to playful and funny – and nowhere is it quirkier than in the form of this tropically cheerful decor! The addition of green plants is an authentic injection of the tropical look. Still, the pastel wall, solid grey-coloured sofa, and calming safari-inspired touches perfectly balance the potentially overwhelming print. 

Note: with a print somewhat busy, it’s best to keep the furniture lines and background simple. We want to create a relaxing vibe, not a total riot of colour and shapes. Create an exotic vibe with leaf motifs, natural textures, and bold colours. Blend rich greens with raw materials for a tropical mix!

Cheerful tropical living room design
Conjure the beauty of faraway locales without venturing out the door with this tropical living room decor

4. Fresh and Lush Tropical Living Room Design 

This green neutral-toned living room is elegant and family-friendly. The credit goes to the soft and textural upholstery mixed with grey paint, a modern couch set, and plenty of wall accents. Spruce up the empty corners with large indoor plants and trees. Also, use a variety of embellishments to create visual interest with different heights and shapes.

Lush tropical living room design
Create gorgeous tropical decor with nature motifs, seagrass accessories, and corals
Plan your living room home interiors with us!

5. Classic Tropical Living Room Design

Though classic and timeless, this tropical living room interior is fun! Aesthetically, it’s refreshing and unique, which gives the formal sitting room subtle, fun energy that inspires creativity and puts guests at ease. No detail is overlooked, from the stark white ceiling to the navy blue sofa and patterned yellow cushions for extra seating. To make the tropical atmosphere feel even more soft and intimate, the room is dressed with sophisticated curtains that match the emblazoned rugs. The sofas are all configured at an angle to break up the monotony of a classic, symmetrical living room – and all the fun, luxe fabrics warm up the open and airy space.

Classic tropical living room design
Create an inescapable modern island vibe with your living room


You can formulate an extensive space lending a typical tropical vibe with ventanillas, windows on the topmost part of the walls, or even floor-to-ceiling windows. Never forget to install lush plants to complete the tropical outdoors look.

We hope this article comprising our top 5 tropical-themed living room decor was helpful to you. If you liked our content, please share some love in the comments below. For more questions or queries, hit us up. We answer Here. Cheers!

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