Useful Tips To Grow Essential Herbs At Home

by Sneha Virmani | March 17, 2021 | 5 mins read

How to grow herbs at home which add so much to every meal that you want to grow

If you love your greens, the best way to have them is by growing them at home. Use these tips on how to grow herbs at home and enjoy fresh, organic produce all year long

There are plenty of ways to grow herbs at home. Whether it’s a small balcony window in your urban apartment or a lavish garden, growing your own herbs is a privileged access to organic greens. The aroma of freshly chopped basil plucked from your garden generously sprinkled over piping hot pizza is alluring. Or the robust earthy flavour of curry leaves sizzling in a pan has the power to fill up an entire room. Just about everything tastes manifold better with fresh herbs. And then there’s the joy of growing them at home, but like every baby, these too flourish with love and care.

Here are some tips on how to grow herbs at home that save you the extra bucks and effort of bargaining for free coriander.

Preparing The Pots For Herbs To Grow At Home

Soil, sunshine and space — the three main things you will need to know how to grow herbs at home. One of the most undemanding categories of plants, all you need are warm rays to grow the kitchen garden of your dreams. Essential herbs like parsley, basil and coriander thrive well in a sunny corner of your home. Make a place in the balcony or the kitchen window to place small containers with the seedlings. Ensure the pots have small holes to allow easy drainage of water. Place a tray beneath to collect excess water; this will keep your garden area insect-free.

Herbs to grow at home with pot
Reuse empty milk cartons, do DIYs with plastic bottles and coconut shells to grow your herbs at home
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Potting The Soil For Herbs To Grow At Home

The best reason to learn how to grow herbs at home is to enjoy organic, pesticide-free produce. This can only happen when you make conscious sustainable decisions. Segregate wet and dry waste from your kitchen to make your compost. Waste like used tea leaves, eggshells, vegetable skins and leftover green stalks that often end up in the bin are a great source of nourishment to seedlings. Take a half and half ratio of garden soil and your homemade compost to grow your herbs via the zero-waste method.

tips to grow herbs at home in the balcony with wooden box
When potting the compost-soil mix, moisten it lightly with water and fill three-fourths of the container. If using herb cuttings, ensure to cover the roots in soil and water it regularly till you see small spouts of growth

Caring For Herbs To Grow At Home

Herbs are easy to grow but each variety has to be cared for differently. To make life easier for you, place herbs with similar requirements together. Coriander leaves dry quickly and hence require only partial sunlight with a moist soil while mint thrives on the winter sunlight with sparse watering. Water your herbs frequently but only after testing the soil — it prevents your plant from being overwatered. Insert your index finger deep into the soil to check how dry the soil is. Another way to check for soggy soil is to monitor the colour of the leaves. If they are turning yellow, it is a sign that your herbs will dry and die out soon.

Growing herbs at home indoor in kitchen
If you find your herbs bending in a single direction, it is a sign they need more sunlight. To avoid this, regularly rotate your pots for an even distribution of light

Clipping And Pruning Grow Herbs At Home

There are plenty of easy herbs to grow at home, from basil (tulsi) to India’s favourite curry leaves. Some of these herbs even contain medicinal properties and are extremely easy to care for. However, even young plants require regular trimming to help the stems grow fresh leaves. If you see flowers growing along with your herbs, it indicates they are not being clipped. To retain the nutritional value of your herbs, clip off not more than one-third of the plant.

how to grow herbs at home in pots
Herbs like mint and dill, when they receive sunlight and water, tend to grow like a weed. It is best to clip them weekly and use separate pots for each herb
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Harvesting Herbs To Grow At Home

One of the most frequently asked questions of herb harvesting is regarding growing hydroponic herbs at home. A method practised in metro apartments, hydroponic herb harvesting is a cheaper alternative to traditional kitchen gardening that ensures fresh produce all year long. Hydroponic gardening allows you to grow a range of herbs among which basil, sage, oregano, thyme, parsley, chives, tarragon and cilantro are the most common. Use a container to hold water and nutrient mixture for your herb roots. An air pump will evenly distribute oxygen throughout the container and prevent your herbs from wilting.

grow at home herbs inside kitchen countertop
When using the hydroponic method to grow your herbs, always wash the roots clean. This prevents the water reservoir from contamination

With these expert tips on grow-at-home herbs, growing herbs at home indoors will be a breezy affair. All you need to do is pull out those gardening gloves and get to potting. To make the most of unused corners in your home, reach out to us at Design Cafe and we’ll help you create a green nook that paves the way for a tastier lifestyle.

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