How to Declutter Your Home: 6 Best Room-by-Room Methods

by Agniva Banerjee | January 26, 2024 | 7 mins read

Effective ways to decluttering your home

From kitchen cabinets to bedroom closets, unlock the best tips for decluttering your home with expert strategies.

Ah, the never-ending battle against the invasion of clutter, where misplaced socks are found amid abandoned electronics and paperwork rebels on kitchen countertops! Welcome to our battlefield, where you declutter your home, where the quest for tidiness seems like an unending search for the Holy Grail.

Imagine a scene straight out of a cluttered symphony, where the harmonious chaos of disarray plays its grandest concert. But fear not, for we, armed with information and a sprinkle of wit, stand ready to face this domestic battlefield.

It’s time to turn chaos into harmony! In this blog, we give you 6 best room-by-room strategies on how to declutter your home. Hop in:

Start With Living Room to Clean and Declutter Your Home

When tackling your living room clutter and learning the easy ways to declutter your home, focus on:

  • Furniture Assessment: Examine the arrangement of your furniture. Improve the arrangement for greater usability and traffic flow. To provide extra breathing room, think about taking out objects that are cramming the area.
  • Surface Clearing: Make your coffee tables and bookcases look more streamlined by getting rid of extraneous objects like outdated magazines, pointless decor, and broken devices. Maintain clear surfaces and an uncluttered space to make it feel welcoming.
  • Compartmentalize into Zones: Set apart particular spaces in the room for various activities, such as conversation, entertainment, or reading. This keeps the area useful by preserving its purpose and order.
Clean and declutter your home living room with proper furniture arrangement, and maintain a clean surface
Keep your living room clutter free with simple tips
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Right Kitchen Strategies: Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home

Use these simple tips for your culinary haven to declutter your home fast and efficiently:

  • Clean Cabinets: Empty cupboards and drawers by donating duplicates and getting rid of out-of-date stuff. Simplify your kitchen necessities to make more room and accessibility possible.
  • Appliance Inspection: Only keep the equipment and appliances that you utilise daily. Appliances that aren’t useful for your everyday culinary activities and have been collecting dust should be donated or sold.
  • Organise by Zones: To speed up your cooking process, put comparable items—like baking tools or spices—together. Organizing by zones ensures putting things in their proper places for quicker access and convenience.
Easy ways to declutter your home kitchen include keeping only daily essentials, cleaning cabinets, and organising by zone
A clean kitchen is a clutter-free kitchen

Declutter Your Home Fast Via the Bedroom

For peaceful and clutter-free positive vibes, declutter and organize your home’s most cosy place, the bedroom. Here are some handy tips: 

  • Closet Checks: Do a closet audit and categorise your clothing, accessories, and shoes. Things that no longer fit or complement your style should be recycled or donated. Sort through your clothes and only keep what you truly love and wear.
  • Under-Bed Storage: To keep the bedroom clutter-free, use the area under your bed for additional bedding or off-season apparel. It’s a fantastic way to store items so they’re hidden yet still available when needed.
  • Minimal Design and Decor: Create a peaceful resting environment by reducing the number of overly ornamental items. A bedroom devoid of clutter encourages better relaxation.
Declutter your home bedroom with a closet check, use under-bed storage and limit ornamental items
Organize your bedroom for a sound sleep

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Bathroom Blues: Clean & Declutter Your Home Here First

Bathrooms are the most used and most visited places, even when guests visit and good hygiene is mandatory. Ensure your bathroom stays clutter-free by focusing on:

  • Toiletry Triage: Dispose of expired toiletries and medications to free up space and ensure you’re only using safe and effective products. Keep towels and personal care items to what’s necessary.
  • Cabinet Control: Organize cabinets and drawers efficiently to maximize available space. Utilize organizers to keep items tidy and easily accessible.
  • Regular Maintenance: Implement a weekly wipe-down to prevent buildup and maintain cleanliness, ensuring your bathroom remains a pleasant and hygienic space.
Declutter your home bathroom fast by disposing of expired toiletries, organizing cabinets, and doing regular maintenance
Clean homes have spotless bathrooms
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Home Office: Declutter Your Home Space Before and After Work

To maintain productivity and keep your space organised after a long day, consider these office tips:

  • Paperwork Cleanse: To reduce paper clutter, digitise documentation wherever it may be done and arrange files. Keep your workspace organised by shredding or recycling old documents.
  • Functional Supplies: Check and dispose of office materials and equipment that are no longer needed or functioning. Reduce the number of things you need for a more productive workspace.
  • Desk Clutter Prevention: Create a method for keeping track of everyday necessities to keep your workstation organised and clear of extraneous items that could impede productivity.
Declutter and organise your home office after work
Organized home office ensures higher productivity

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Entryway Energy is Better in a Clutter-free Space

Create an organized welcome area when you go for easy ways to declutter your home. Your entryway speaks volumes about your place as this is the first place where visitors step in. Keep it clutter-free with these handy tips:

  • Shoe and Accessory Organization: Create a designated space for shoes, umbrellas, and daily accessories. Use organizers or shelves to keep these items tidy and easily accessible.
  • Functional Furniture: Consider adding functional furniture like a shoe rack or a small table with storage to keep keys, mail, or other essentials. Ensure these pieces serve a purpose and don’t contribute to clutter.
  • Open Space: Maintain clear pathways to allow easy movement through the entryway. An uncluttered entry sets the tone for a welcoming and organized home.
Declutter your home foyer by organising accessories, adding functional furniture and maintaining clear pathways
Foyer with minimal decor offers a bright welcome

Therefore, decluttering becomes less daunting when done room by room since it enables concentrated attention to be paid to particular areas. Recall that the objective is to create a place that fosters functionality, clarity, and calm in addition to just making room. Wondering how to declutter your home before moving or think of Marie Kondoing your space daily? Fret Not! Our expert advisors are right here to guide you with the most convenient tips and tricks: Contact Us | Home Interior Design | DesignCafe

Till then, Cheers to your successful decluttering!

FAQs on Decluttering home

1. What are some common obstacles people face when decluttering their homes?

Common obstacles when decluttering include emotional attachment to items, overwhelm from the sheer volume, indecision about what to discard, lack of time, and feeling guilty about letting things go. 

2. What is the best time or season to start decluttering?

The best time to start decluttering is when you feel motivated and have dedicated time. Some prefer starting in spring for a fresh beginning, while others tackle it as a New Year’s resolution.

3. How can I decide what items to keep and what to discard?

Decide what to keep by considering usefulness, frequency of use, sentimental value, and whether it aligns with your current lifestyle. Discard items that no longer serve a purpose or bring joy.

4. What tools or supplies do I need for successful decluttering?

Supplies for successful decluttering include boxes or bins for sorting, trash bags for discarding, labelling tools, cleaning supplies, and storage containers for organizing.

5. Are there any guidelines for organizing and storing items after decluttering?

Guidelines for organizing post-decluttering involve categorizing items, utilizing storage solutions like bins or shelves, maintaining designated spaces for specific categories, and labelling containers for easy access. Regular maintenance helps sustain organized living.

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