Sofas That Are Trending In 2024

by Sneha Virmani | January 26, 2024 | 8 mins read

Luxurious trending sofa designs in 2021

A beautiful sofa can make your home appear a lot more inviting. Check out these trending sofa set designs of 2024 and take your pick. We’ve also listed down the use of colours and materials that best complement the design to help you make a better choice

Designs change, trends evolve, colours come and go but if there is one that remains constant in a home, it is the sofa. Buying a sofa for your home is no easy feat, which is why these trending sofa designs are the perfect mix of style and functionality. A crucial element, a great sofa infuses life into a living room while everything else fits in to find a place for themselves. A common theory among design experts is: if you want to refurbish your living room without tearing down the walls, just include a trendy sofa.

Moving away from traditional fabrics to matching sets, these trending sofa set designs will bring paramount comfort and transform the space.

Bold Luxurious Trending Sofa Designs

If 2024 is anything like its predecessor, the dominance of bold colours with luxurious finishing is something that will help you enjoy your home as much as a hotel. Whether you love spending time at home or enjoying hosting parties regularly, one of the best-trending sofa designs in 2024 is elegant austere models. Designed to ooze contemporary luxury, the intriguing blue with soft pink statements set the mood for any occasion.

Luxurious sofa sets in ocean blue colour is trending sofa design and looks bold.
With two bold colours at play, it is best to keep the entire living room painted with a white background. It allows the sofa to stand out as a piece of statement furniture

Contemporary L-Shaped Trending Sofa Designs

Trending sofa designs 2024 is seeing a return of warm earthy shades that create a beautiful tactile look and feel. Built for comfort and functionality, this contemporary L-shaped sofa adapts to the space in the room to create an environment of convenience. A shift from a more formal arrangement, this modular L-shape sofa design is becoming increasingly popular in homes with large seating areas. Besides its versatile design, the sage green colour brings a vintage 20th-century appeal to the space, while the use of luxurious materials like suede represents a tastefully done home.

Contemporary l-shaped sofa in sage green colour lends warm earthy shades is the trending sofa designs this 2024.
Highlights of gold and copper used for the centre coffee table speak of affluence by bringing a modern touch to a vintage-inspired room
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Cosy Oversized Trending Sofa Designs

If there is one thing common among all trending sofa set designs, it is comfort. But nothing truly beats the comfort of an oversized couch with plush cushions in a scrumptious lounging area. Also known as the cocoon spot, the sofa in a sophisticated dusty brown colour sprinkled with Scandinavian-style cushions dispenses an unmistakable charm. Complementing the large sofa are two statement chairs and pouffes that instantly convert a cosy lounging area into an elegant living room.

Trending sofa set design, cosy oversized sofa set in dusty brown colour with plush cushions in the living room look elegant.
A mix of delicate colours and neat lines, this cosy oversized sofa is a realistic choice only if your home has the space to accommodate it

Classic Vintage Trending Sofa Designs

Coming back with a bang among the best trending sofa designs this 2024 is the classic vintage Chester model. Made using faux leather for durability and comfort, this antique design will fuel nostalgia at your home, from when life was simple and living rooms were more than just areas of decor. Refined with practical modern-day elements, a classic vintage sofa in a luscious rich leather upholstery is an iconic piece of furniture for your home. A trend that will never truly go out of fashion, this two-seater Chesterfield model offers ample seating space and comfortable armrests for a night of delightful banter.

Two-seater Chesterfield leather sofa against the black wall lends a classic vintage look is the trending sofa design.
You can also choose to make a more conscious choice by opting for vegan leather or use a mix of linen for your upholstery

Warm Trending Sofa Designs

A fashionably charming creation of 2024 is a mix of regal with colour. Smooth curves with intricate detailing create the perfect sofa design for a modern-day living room experience. Dripped in princely purple and opulent orange, this uniquely shaped sofa design is what exotic dreams are made of. It is the sheer appearance of this sofa set design that breathes life into a living room that has negligible elements at play. In addition to its off-beat design, this model shows how two sharp colours can perfectly coexist in a single room while creating a pacifying environment. With the use of such bold colours to upholster the sofa, it is best to keep everything else in the room as simple as possible.

New trend sofa set in a unique shape design with intricate detailing
A classic round glass table in black polish adds just the right amount of glamour to an already striking space

Considered to be one of the constituent pieces of furniture in a living room, these trending sofa designs 2024 have plenty to offer. From comfort and style to a dynamic reflection of the artistic spirit in you, choosing sofa designs could not get easier. If you are still lost in thought or would like to consider options befitting the space in your living room, reach out to us at DesignCafe. We can help you create a warm and inviting space that best reflects your needs.

FAQs On Trending Sofa Designs

1. What are some popular shapes for sofa designs?
Here are some commonly found shapes for sofa designs:
1) Straight/Chesterfield: These sofas have a classic and timeless design with straight lines and a tufted/buttoned backrest. They provide a formal and elegant look.
2) Sectional: Sectional sofas are composed of multiple sections that can be rearranged to create the desired look. They are versatile and provide ample seating, making them a popular choice for larger living rooms or open-concept spaces.
3) L-shaped: These sofas form an “”L”” shape, offering both a seating area and a chaise or ottoman for stretching out and relaxing. They are space-efficient and work well in corner spaces.
4) U-shaped: U-shaped sofas provide generous seating and create an intimate atmosphere. They are great for larger living rooms or entertaining areas, as they can accommodate multiple people.
5) Curved: Curved sofas have a distinctive curved shape, adding an elegant and unique touch to a space. They create a softer and more organic look compared to straight or angular designs.
6) Sleeper: Sleeper sofas serve dual purposes, functioning as both a comfortable seating option and a bed for guests. They are ideal for smaller spaces or multi-functional rooms.

2. Should I choose a sofa with or without arms?
To make this decision, consider where and how you plan to use the sofa. Sofas with arms can provide additional support and comfort, especially when sitting for extended periods. The sofa arms can serve as a resting place for your arms and create a cozy and enclosed feeling. But if you have limited space, sofas without arms can be more versatile in terms of positioning and arrangement. A sofa without arms creates a more open and visually spacious look as they tend to have a sleeker and more contemporary appearance.

3. Can I add patterns to my sofa design, and if so, what patterns work best?
Yes, adding patterns to your sofa design is a great way to infuse personality into your living space. If you want a modern and contemporary look, go for geometric patterns, such as chevron, stripes, or herringbone. Floral patterns bring a touch of elegance, charm, and a hint of nature to your sofa. For an artistic vibe, opt for abstract patterns that are a mix of shapes, lines, and colors.

4. What are some ways to incorporate texture into my sofa design?
Choose upholstery fabrics with texture, such as velvet, tweed, or linen. These fabrics add richness and depth to the sofa. If you have a plain sofa, add throw pillows and cushions with different textures. Mix and match fabrics like faux fur, knits, embroidered, or woven patterns to create an inviting look.

5. How can I make a bold statement with my sofa design?
One of the easiest ways to make a bold statement with your sofa design is to choose a sofa in a bold and eye-catching color. Another way is to opt for a sofa with a distinctive and unconventional shape like a curved design. Select a sofa with bold patterns, such as geometric prints, abstract designs, or floral motifs to turn your sofa into a striking focal point. Installing dramatic lighting fixtures above or around your sofa can create a captivating ambience and draw attention to the sofa.

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