Sofa Set Designs For A Small Living Room

by Devna Tiwari | February 23, 2024 | 4 mins read

Amazing sofa set designs for small living room

A lowdown on the best sofa set designs perfect for a small living room!

If you live in a small home, you will be familiar with the never-ending struggle of finding the right sofa set for your living room. When you don’t have the square footage to add a bulky Chesterfield or a full-length L-shaped sectional sofa what do you do? Homeowners often find themselves getting overwhelmed by the plethora of attractive sofa designs for their living room, especially if the home has a narrow entrance. 

While buying the perfect sofa for a small living room may feel overwhelming, a conventional sofa set with a modern touch is the perfect choice for small living rooms. This is because most sofa set designs available in the market are pre-assembled. 

Now that we know sofa sets are an excellent option for a small living room the question is which one? Your living room is where you apparently spend most of your time, and indeed, the one your guests notice the most. The right sofa set will anchor the overall aesthetics of your living room regardless of its size. So to make this process of finding the right sofa set for your small living room smooth we bring you our favourite designs to help you pick one that’s best for you.

Modern Sofa Set Design For A Small Living Room

A modern sofa in a bright pink colour is everything that an urban style living room deserves regardless of its size! Wooden legs support this five-seater sofa and its cushions are upholstered in comfortable material and striking colour. The structure of the sofa is such that it provides a great backrest be it for the three seater or the additional armchairs. Apart from being a great choice for a small living room, a sofa set design like this is available in various colours and patterns to choose one that blends well with your overall interiors.

Pink colour sofa set designs for small living room
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L-Shaped Sofa Set Design For A Small Living Room

It’s safe to say that we all love those sleek, extended L-shaped sofas we see in catalogues or movies. Haven’t we all always dreamt of having one in our living room. Most of us fear an L-shaped sofa can fit in a large living room, however, an L-shaped sofa that’s relatively smaller in size as this one is specially designed to fit a small living room. Besides, a set like this one will make your living room look more spacious as the silhouette of this sofa takes up half the space as compared to the other three separate pieces. Here this stunning mustard-toned L-shaped sofa has an additional one-seater sofa along with an ottoman to squeeze in some extra seating.

Mustard-toned l-shaped sofa designs for small living room

Red Lawson Sofa Set For A Small Living Room

The Lawson is a quintessential American style sofa. It is simple and comfortable. The boxy shape of a Lawson sofa is ample and has three back and seat cushions each. Both these sets of cushions are loose making it easier to deep clean the sofa. The arms aren’t necessarily rolled either. A great pick if you have a nuclear family. Besides, there are various colours and materials you can upholster it in that makes it a popular choice for modern style living rooms irrespective of its dimensions. Here, this red Lawson sofa set is perfect for a small living room. If your living room is extremely tight on space you can eliminate the single seaters and incorporate the three seaters alone.

Red lawson sofa set with cushions ideal for a small living room

Sofa Set With Tufted Seats For A Small Living Room

For a neoclassical design that’s shown above, a tufted sofa set is an excellent choice! The design is kept subtle with the use of muted colours like white and beige. This allows the features of the sofa’s design like its tufts and moulding on the walls to stand out on their own. This configuration has a large three-seater in the middle and two armchairs on either side, making it ideal to entertain guests along with your family. Tufted seats serve as an amazing backrest, not to mention add a royal touch to any living room it enters.

Beige coloured tufted sofa and two armchairs add a royal touch to the small living room
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And it’s a wrap! These sofa set designs are just the right fit for small living rooms. These sofa set designs are easily available in different colours, materials and price range making them fit almost every budget and match every taste. We hope these ideas help you make an informed decision.

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