10 Creative Ideas To Inspire You To Design Your Master Bedroom!

by Devna Tiwari | February 23, 2024 | 7 mins read

Master bedroom design for a room with wooden flooring and white walls in master bedroom wall decor

Where the bedroom is wrong the whole house is wrong – Margaret Kennedy.

Of all spaces in your home, your bedroom is undoubtedly the most personal. It is a space that many of your guests may never really see but still demands a great deal of attention. It’s where you relax, muse over your day, or just read a book. So it only makes sense for it to have the right colour palette and designs. Your bedroom must showcase your style perfectly and blend in with overall aesthetics. 

Considering your master bedroom is literally the master of your entire home, you must ensure it looks the part. If you need major master bedroom inspiration, then you are at the right place. Whether you are looking for a complete overhaul or just a few styling ideas, these creative designs will get you excited. Read on to see which master bedroom design speaks to your style and then carry it right home! 

Themes Are Timeless

Just like animated movies are enjoyed by adults too, bedroom themes are not just for kids either. As adults, we often stick to plain old boring designs and decor. However, the truth is that a theme for your master bedroom is a fantastic design hack.  It unifies a room and lends a tranquil vibe of selective use of colour and patterns. A pale-coloured wall, sheers in mandala print, a big rug in ikat and soft white bedspread gives this room an old Indian charm. The classic teak headboard and side tables are vintage style and blending in is a white wingback chair. Elegant pendant lights complete the theme. If subdued and chic is your taste, this is a perfect pick for you.

Master bedroom design in black and white themed which looks timeless
A black and white themed master bedroom for a subdued look

Old Rustic Charm

Undoubtedly the main focal point of this bedroom is its hardwood flooring that is beyond impressive. It gives this bedroom a radiant glow and goes well with the brown-toned furnishings. This particular bedroom has abundant space for a separate seating area by the window without looking cramped. This master bedroom creates a creates an extremely rustic look and has an old feel to it, yet carries all elements suitable for a modern lifestyle. Hint: check out the huge side tables with multiple drawers. The texture and colour of the bed frame blend well with the neutral coloured walls. If you adore traditional bedroom design and decor this has got to be your first choice!

Master bedroom design ideas in old rustic style which carries all the modern lifestyle elements as well
An old rustic styled master bedroom like this will make you never want to leave your room.

Highly Contemporary

Now if you are one to keep up with the latest trends, contemporary designs might be your choice. As cold and sterile as the word may sound, contemporary design can be inviting and sleek if combined with the right textures, colours and furniture. In this room, we see a stunning platform bed against a wooden panel that reaches right up to the ceiling and a footboard. A seating cum reading corner near the window is perfect for that afternoon reading time. Two massive pendant lights, on either side of the bed, pull all these elements together making quite the statement! 

Contemporary master bedroom interior design for your home with an elegant look
This master bedroom is just the right amount of contemporary – inviting and trendy

A Bed With A Statement

Upgrade your master bedroom with some glamour and bring in a statement bed. From platforms to classic four-poster beds options are endless. Pick a bed that adds class to your bedroom reflects your taste and doesn’t compromise on your comfort. Here, a dark wooden platform bed sure looks royal with a full wooden frame and leather cushioned headboard. This bed blends in beautifully with the rest of the space. If your taste is a little more modern and subdued, you can always pick a platform or four-poster bed built with a chic headboard.

Master bedroom interior design with an extravagant bed for adding a royal touch to the space
This beautiful wooden bed adds a royal touch to this room

Bring In The Warmth Of Wood To Your Master Bedroom

If you are happy with your existing master bedroom design, but you feel it can do with a little bit more style try something modern and non-mediocre.  Add a reclaimed wooden platform below that extends right up one wall. This design adds unique charm to your master bedroom and brings in those warm fuzzy vibes!

Master bedroom design which has the warmth of wood and exudes a modern vibe
Bring in the warmth of wood to your master bedroom for a modern look

Revamp That Flooring

While you are designing or renovating your master bedroom, don’t overlook the flooring. Ditch conventional materials like marble, tile, or granite and try something totally unique. Tiger striped hardwood flooring, for instance, as we see in this image compliments the entire space. Moreover, flooring that stands out can transform your entire master bedroom in just one go!

Master bedroom designs having a tiger striped flooring which completely revamp the look of your room
Tiger striped flooring sets this room apart

Let There Be Light, Let There Be Love!

Who says no to a crystal chandelier? There’s nothing more disappointing than a bedroom with just one tube light. Give your bedroom choices by adding a beautiful chandelier or opt for several mounted lights floating in your master bedroom. Perfect lighting will not only make your room brighter but will also make it feel spacious. Let us tell you the secret formula: White walls + soft bedding + beautiful drapes – over the top decor = dreamy master bedroom!

Master bedroom design with crystal chandelier, mounted lights which makes your room look brighter
In the right light at the right time, everything is extraordinary

Hello Creativity

It’s not mandatory to stuff everything inside your cupboard. You can always play a little hide and seek. Bring in creative storage options, a corner table with floating shelves, drawers and cabinets. These pieces of furniture help you store and display your belongings creatively but also add some fun to your bedroom.

Master bedroom design with a blue coloured wall and a corner table with floating shelves
A corner table matched with floating shelves increases the creative quotient of this bedroom.

Well, there you have it, unique, beautiful, balanced, and picturesque master bedroom ideas. If you are looking to upgrade your bedroom but aren’t sure where to begin, this is the place for you. It all depends on your choice of style and design – modern, luxe or simple. The devil is really in the details! 

Create A Reading Nook 

If you are someone who loves getting lost in the pages of your favourite books or pen down your epiphanies but don’t have a quiet corner all to yourself then adding a cosy yet a vibrant reading corner in your master bedroom will do the magic. It will give your room a more personal touch. Just throw some colour-popping pillows.

Master bedroom design with a beautiful wooden chair to create a vibrant reading corner
A perfect little corner to read.

Heighten The Storage Measures!

One thing people tend to overlook while designing any space of the house is that decorating the space should not be the only focal point. One should design the space in such a way that it’s easy to maintain it. Increasing the storage possibilities at the initial level will help you keep your bedroom clutter-free.

Adding multifunctional cabinets, side tables, wardrobes with multiple drawers and shelves or if you have enough space, getting yourself one of those dreamy walk-in closet will keep the style quotient intact and will help you organize your stuff.

Small master bedroom ideas with wardrobes of l shape and multi functional cabinets in the walk-in-closet
Who are we to say no to a walk-in closet?


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