7 Modern And Multifunctional TV Wall Unit Designs For The Living Room

by Pallabi Bose | January 3, 2024 | 4 mins read

Tv wall unit designs for living room

7 ways to make your living room look even more charming with TV wall units. Read on!

A TV unit is a living room staple. Like any other furniture, they come in a variety of styles. Sleek, modern and space-saving living room wall units are riding the herd nowadays. While some prefer low-lying closed units to keep things tidy, others prefer open shelving systems to display their prized collectables. There are a lot of ways an entertainment unit can be designed. Here is a curated list of modern wall unit designs for the living room from DesignCafe homes.

Multipurpose TV Wall Unit Designs For The Living Room

Sleek, innovative and stylish — this TV wall unit design for the living room from DesignCafe is the perfect solution for those who prefer multipurpose furniture for their homes. The console serves the purpose of an entertainment centre, a dressing table with built-in storage that can be reused as a study desk and a hidden bookcase. While it will look great in any home, this TV wall unit is particularly well-suited for compact homes.

TV Wall Unit Designs For The Living Room With Hidden Storage

This stunning wall unit design for the living room can easily elevate the style quotient of your home. It has multiple storage options — closed drawers, open shelves and even a hidden compartment behind the TV! It comes in handy to hide ugly bunches of wires, small devices like TV remotes, set-top boxes or entertainment consoles. The wall unit also has a bookcase attached to it to display your collections. This is an excellent modern wall unit for your living room if you want extra storage in your home without making it look bulky and cluttered.

Trending tv panel designs for your living room
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Trendy TV Wall Unit Designs For The Living Room

Are you a fan of dark, moody interiors? Then this light wooden TV wall unit will surely catch your eyes. The black wooden panelling as a backdrop adds charm to the entire room’s aesthetics. The wall-mounted TV is paired with a low-lying cabinet to store small accessories and wires. It also has an overhead floating cabinet and tall bookcase beside it that beautifully cuts the black wall’s monotony. This TV wall unit is space-saving and a perfect choice for urban homeowners.

A tv wall unit for the living room comes with black wooden panelling as a backdrop
A compact light wooden wall-mounted TV unit

Sweet And Simple Low-Lying TV Unit

Low to the ground and easy on the eyes, this simple TV unit is an excellent solution for those who want modern and uncluttered decor. The clean white and veneer wooden finish add charm effortlessly with the light wooden panelling in the back.

A simple living room tv wall unit designed in clean white and veneer wooden finish adds charm
Simple TV unit with a wood-panelled backdrop

Marble Panel For Elegant Wall-Mounted TV Unit

We are in love with this marble back panel. It’s a stunning, show-stopping piece for homeowners who love chic beauty. The mirror panel blends in effortlessly with the marble and makes the living room appear double in size. It is paired with a brown floating shelf and a sleek wall-mounted cabinet made of high gloss white laminate.

Wall-mounted tv unit design for living room against marble panel blends in effortlessly with the mirror panel
An elegant marble wall unit for the TV

Scandinavian-Style TV Unit Against A Patterned Wallpaper

The scandinavian style is all about clean lines, minimalism and many white and wooden elements. This TV wall unit design beautifully brings together all the aspects of the Scandinavian interior to give this home’s living room a relaxing Nordic vibe. The geometric-patterned wallpaper and striking cove lighting elevate the charm of this living room. The low-lying cabinets made of veneer-finished laminate provide ample storage, while the floating shelves on top can display books and other decor items in a clutter-free way.

Scandinavian-Style tv wall unit for the living room and low-lying cabinets provide ample storage
Minimalist wooden TV wall unit for the living room
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Wall-To-Wall Seamless TV Unit With Hidden Storage

This off-white and dark grey TV unit-cum-cupboard offers multiple storage solutions in one. The TV compartment can be opened to reveal even more storage. A good hideout for unpleasant wires and other small items from the living room. The cove lighting in the unit effectively breaks the monotony of white and grey. This wall unit is perfect for homeowners who crave extra storage.

A wall-to-wall modern tv wall unit for the living room comes with hidden storage
A flatscreen TV mounted on a unit with hidden storage

We hope these stylish and elegant TV wall unit designs for the living room inspired you to get one for your home. Reach out to us if you need assistance in deciding what will go well with your space. Our team of designers will help you get the best wall unit designs for your living room and everything you need for the perfect home. So, what are you waiting for? Book a consultation today! For more inspiration on home interiors, don’t forget to check out our blog and guide section.

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