11 Multipurpose Furniture Designs To Save Space In Your Home

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 31, 2024 | 11 mins read

Best multi purpose furniture ideas for your home

Modular multipurpose furniture designs don’t just save space, they also bring  functionality to your interior design

Furniture is the backbone of interior design. It is a tool that facilitates design themes in a place and also helps to add comfort to homes. Furniture also helps in delineating areas in your place, giving character to each area. However, furniture is also one of the primary space-consuming design elements. Hence, it is of utmost importance to wisely choose your furniture pieces, especially when you have a limited space—which is quite common these days.

As most cities have smaller apartments, choosing furniture that smartly utilises your space does the trick. So, what do you do to save space and yet maintain class? You invest in multipurpose furniture designs. As the name suggests, these are new and innovative modular furniture designs with at least two functions. Also known as space-saving furniture, such multipurpose furniture for small spaces is just perfect.

Being a firm believer in space-saving designs, Design Cafe brings several modern-age multipurpose furniture designs to save space in your living rooms, bedrooms and even your kitchens. So, without further ado, let’s explore our designer-picked multipurpose furniture designs. Wait for the 11th one—it is genuinely unexpected.

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A Multipurpose Wardrobe With A Smart TV Unit

Most bedrooms have TV sets. Also, every bedroom requires a wardrobe. Therefore, with a limited area in the bedroom, the TV becomes more of space overhead. Hence, it is wise to invest in multipurpose furniture to solve both wardrobe and TV unit problems. How? Well, Design Cafe brings some extraordinary wardrobe-cum-TV unit designs that will indeed resolve your bedroom furniture problems. One of such TV unit designs is shown in the picture below.

As you can see, the bedroom wardrobe has a built-in TV unit that will take zero space but is 100 per cent efficient. The cabinet is designed with a sliding door mechanism—helping you save some more space in the bedroom. The TV remains attached to the wardrobe—giving you a clutter-free design. When not in use, you can hide the TV with the sliding door, giving you a neat furniture design.

Sliding wardrobe with a built-in tv unit is multi-use furniture for the bedroom, giving a clutter-free design.
A sleek multipurpose bedroom wardrobe design

A Loveseat Sofa Attached To A Murphy Bed

We all know sofas and couches take a lot of space in the house. And space becomes more crucial for homes that require an extra bed because not all houses have a guest room. So, what to do? Well, here’s an incredible way to have a spare bed without compromising on the sofa area. This sofa can also be termed a modern loveseat attached to a Murphy bed that can be lifted when not in use. And whenever you need to have the bed, you can just pull it down and arrange it above the loveseat. This sofa-cum-bed is an ideal way to save space in your living room. The bed will come in handy for guests, and the loveseat sofa can be your ultimate comfort space in your home. See, it solves two purposes with one design!

Sofa cum murphy bed multipurpose furniture for small space intelligent way to save space.
An intelligent way to save space is with this multipurpose loveseat-cum-Murphy bed set-up

A Multipurpose Study Unit With Attached Space-Saving Bookshelf

Now that work from home has become routine, it is essential to have a study/workstation at home. This means you will need to create some extra space for your study unit. However, a study unit also requires a shelf unit to store your books and work documents. This is why we brought a multipurpose furniture design for your study unit that comes with an attached space-saving bookshelf. As you can see, the study unit has a straightforward and elegant design that will fit any interior theme. The floating wooden study desk has space-saving handleless drawers with two open floating shelves. Right beside the desk, there is a tall bookshelf—ideal for stacking books, storing bags, etc. The study unit is also attached to the wardrobe on the other side, creating an essential bedroom furniture ensemble. You can select this type of multi-use study unit for small bedrooms.

Multi-purpose furniture, study unit with an attached bookshelf elegant design fits the interior theme.
A contemporary multipurpose study unit with an attached bookshelf

A Wardrobe With A Concealed Dressing Unit

Bedroom wardrobes take a lot of space, especially if you go for floor-to-ceiling wardrobe designs. However, you can’t compromise on the size of your wardrobe if you require a lot of clothing storage. So, you can save space without compromising on your wardrobe size by going for a multipurpose wardrobe design. As shown above, modular wardrobes can have different multipurpose furniture designs to help you save space. And one of the most efficient multipurpose furniture wardrobe designs is the one with a concealed dressing unit. A dressing unit requires an ample amount of space, especially if you need an accessory unit. Therefore, the best choice for you is to go with a wardrobe with a concealed dressing unit as shown. The wardrobe has a pull-out accessory shelf that can store all your dressing essentials. The unit also has a full-size pull-out mirror to complete the dressing unit.

Floor to ceiling wardrobe with a pull out dressing unit in the bedroom is a multi-use furniture design.
A space-saving multipurpose wardrobe design with a concealed dressing unit

A Bookshelf That Works As A Partition Between Rooms

These days, most apartments have open layouts. This helps in creating a more liberal and airy interior design for homes. In such arrangements, most areas overlap with each other. Hence, designers use furniture to delineate areas in open layout homes. While there are many ways to delineate spaces, one easy way is to go for semi-closed partitions that won’t obstruct the openness of your place and yet create a visual boundary between areas. There are several partition elements that you can try. However, the most purposeful way of utilising the partition is by using a multipurpose partition design, as shown. The metallic partition piece is actually an open shelf unit that can help you display your artefacts, photo frames and indoor plants while delineating your open layout. You can use this type of shelf-cum-partition unit for studio apartments.

A room partition with open shelf space multi-purpose furniture design creating an airy interior design for the area.
A multipurpose room divider design element with open shelf space

A Wardrobe That Comes With A Study And A Bed

Why invest in an old fashioned TV unit when you can have a piece of multipurpose furniture with modern TV units? If you are struggling with space in your home, we got you the ultimate deal. Here’s a multipurpose furniture design for a wardrobe-cum-TV unit-cum-bed-cum-study desk. Yes! All four functions in one single furniture unit! The central furniture unit is the wooden finish wardrobe with a study desk and a TV unit. However, if you look closely, you will see that the folding desk/TV unit can be pulled down and expanded to form a folding bed. When not in use, you can lift the bed and conceal it with the TV unit. Right below the TV unit, there’s a study desk that can be ideal for setting up your laptop or monitor for work from home sessions. The TV unit also has a pinboard that can help with your study/work sessions. You can complete the study desk unit with a low bucket chair. The wardrobe has a two-door design on one side and a tall closed cabinet with base drawers on the other side. This type of wardrobe design can be perfect for small bedrooms.

Multi-purpose furniture idea, wardrobe cum study desk cum bed in the wooden finish is the space-saving design.
A multipurpose furniture design for a wardrobe-cum-TV unit-cum-study desk
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A Shoe Rack With An Attached Bench In Your Foyer

Most foyer areas have shoe racks, but what if we say you can have a more functional shoe rack than your regular shoe storage options? Yes, check out this fantastic shoe rack unit that comes with a bench where you can comfortably sit while wearing your shoes. The shoe rack has a closed cabinet where you can store your occasionally used footwears. The rack’s attached bench has an open rack space below for everyday footwear. The shoe rack bench is padded with a cushion to give you a comfortable seating space in your foyer area. This type of multipurpose furniture is ideal for modern homes that follow clutter-free designs.

The foyer area has a multipurpose room furniture shoe rack with an attached bench design.
A multipurpose shoe rack design for your foyer

A Wardrobe With Attached Dressing Unit And Space For Keeping Shoes

We love to interpret bedroom wardrobe designs because they allow us to play with functional, user-centric ideas. And here is one such crazy wardrobe design that will solve all your bedroom storage issues. The primary furniture unit is a white laminated three-door wardrobe design. The wardrobe comes with a modular dressing unit attached to its left side. The dressing unit has the same white laminate finish and has a mirror with storage cabinets and drawers on the upper and lower side. The mirrored space also has a railing space where you can hang your shirts and purses. The wall-mounted dressing unit is perfectly designed for modern Indian homes; it also has a shelf space where you can stack in the dressing unit chair to create a clutter-free look. There’s an open shelf unit on the right side of the wardrobe with an attached study desk unit that remains enclosed by the wall around the bed. Besides the dressing unit and the study unit, the wardrobe also has a built-in shoe rack space where you can display your elegant stilettos and shoes. This classy multipurpose wardrobe design will not only save you a lot of space but also add dimension to your bedroom interior.

Wardrobe multipurpose bedroom furniture with inbuilt shoe rack, attached study unit and dressing unit is the best design.
A lavish multipurpose wardrobe design with a dressing unit and a built-in shoe rack

A Kitchen Island With Storage

Kitchen islands help you add more countertop space in your kitchen. But that’s not all. We bring you this multi-use kitchen island design that will help you make your kitchen more functional. The white marble top kitchen island is a perfect breakfast counter where you can eat and chill while cooking. But the kitchen island also has a hidden storage option where you can store all your cutleries and less frequently used utensils. The island counter has a wooden storage unit to house your precious crockeries, away from the open shelves of your kitchen. This unit multiplies the kitchen’s storage option without taking any space. You can add such multipurpose furniture kitchen island design if you require added storage and countertop space in your kitchen.

A kitchen island with a lot of storage multi-use furniture design makes the kitchen more functional.
A multipurpose kitchen island with a lot of storage space

A Bunk Bed That Is Great For Storing Your Kids’ Stuff

A kid’s room is mostly the hardest to arrange with all the toys and books piling up as your kid starts to grow and acquire new tastes. This is why it is essential to mind your kid’s room’s furniture designs. One such example is this kid-friendly, modular multipurpose furniture—bunk bed-cum-shelf unit. As you can see, the bed has multiple storage options that will let you keep all the toys under the cabinets. The bed has two handleless drawers where you can stack your little one’s clothes, towels, etc. The bed has a closed one-door wardrobe unit for storing clothes, school uniforms, etc. There is a toy shelf with compartments above the bed where you can keep your kid’s soft toys. Then there’s an open bookshelf unit with drawers where you can stack all the schoolbooks, comics, novels, etc. The two-tier bunk bed with a wardrobe and a bookshelf is ideal for a kid’s room as it is designed to help the parents keep better control of the mess.

Multipurpose bunk bed designed with an attached wardrobe and shelf is the most innovative multi-purpose furniture design.
An innovative multipurpose bunk bed design for your kid’s room

A Wooden Staircase Design With Hidden Storage

Did you know your stairs can also be a piece of ideal multipurpose furniture for you? These days, wooden staircase designs are creating waves as people are inclining towards natural interior designs. And, if you have space, you can twist your wooden staircases with a multipurpose design theme like this one. Here the stair treads are actually wooden storage boxes that can store your clothes, shoes, books and everything. This is an exciting multi-use furniture design ideal for small homes that require extra storage options.

Multipurpose furniture wooden staircase with a hidden storage design for the small home creates extra storage.
Save space in the stairs with this multipurpose staircase design

There you go—11 incredible multipurpose furniture designs that will save space and bring in an innovative design twist to your place. So, choose wisely and plan your place’s spatial area to keep things neat and clutter-free. For more assistance in space-saving, multi-use furniture designs, contact us now.

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