Stylish Wine Rack Storage Designs For Small Yet Sleek Kitchen

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 31, 2024 | 6 mins read

kitchen wine rack ideas for your kitchen

Elevate the look of your kitchen with these stylish wine rack designs and entertain your guests in style

Modern homes need modern interiors. And what better a way to do this than by adding a wine rack to your home or kitchen’s interior design. They are elegant, posh and add to your home’s aesthetics. The only flipside is that they take up a lot of your floor space and might be a little tricky to fit in small apartments. So we have got some ravishing kitchen wine rack and storage ideas that will help you flaunt your wine collection without cramping up your space. These space-saving designs are intelligent, easy to maintain and add to the functionality of your kitchen.  Here is how you can transform your kitchen into a mini bar where you can wine and dine with your friends and family while preparing your favourite meal. These intelligently designed kitchen wine racks are perfect for urban dwellers who love to enjoy a glass of wine while cooking together.

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A Small Inbuilt Kitchen Wine Storage For Open Kitchen

This kitchen wine storage unit beside the breakfast countertop is perfect for a small apartment with an open kitchen. This cosy corner has everything you need to unwind after a long day of work. The comfortable high chairs add to the vibe of this space. This kitchen wine storage setup has everything you need to entertain your guests as you prepare your meals.

Inbuilt kitchen wine rack for open kitchen
A cosy corner to unwind while preparing your meal and have a nice glass of wine

A Floor To Ceiling Kitchen Wine Rack To Store Your Wine Bottles

A designated space to showcase your wine collection is all you need for an uber-cool kitchen. This kitchen wine rack provides you with ample space to organise your wine bottles in a clutter-free manner.  It also becomes the focal point for your kitchen. Why spend on an elaborate wine cellar in your home when you can house your wine bottles in a sleek wine rack unit in your kitchen? They are space-saving and budget-friendly as well.

Kitchen wine rack designed from floor to ceiling to store wine bottles
If you are a wine enthusiast you will fall in love with this wine storage design

A Stylish Kitchen Wine Glass Rack

Wine glasses are delicate and prone to breaking. Keeping it safe can be quite tricky. So we have come up with an idea to keep your wine glasses away from the high traffic area of your kitchen. This wine glass rack helps you keep those expensive glasses away from the reach of your kids as well. With proper use of lights these wine glass racks act as a decor element to your kitchen and elevate the beauty of this space.

Stylish kitchen wine rack to keep your glasses safe and stylish
Keep your expensive wine glasses safe and stylish
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A Kitchen Trolley With Wine Rack

Your kitchen trolley is a great way to organise your wine bottles if you want to save some space and make your minibar a mobile affair. You can place it anywhere in your house according to your convenience. Place it in your living room if you want to enjoy a glass of wine while binging on your favourite movie. Place it at the corner of your balcony if you want to unwind and enjoy the sunset while sipping in some wine with your partner. A kitchen trolley gives you the independence to use this piece of furniture just the way you like it.

A kitchen wine rack with a trolley to organize your wine bottles
Your mini bar follows you wherever you go so you can wine and dine in any spot of your home

A Built-In Wine Rack In The Kitchen Cabinet

Are you fond of minimalism? Then this simple wine rack is perfect for you. Rather than a separate wine rack, we have incorporated a dedicated space in your kitchen cabinet for those precious vines. This gives your kitchen an elegant and cosy vibe to your kitchen. You can use this space to keep your wine bottles and your expensive wine glasses as well. Modern modular kitchens are all about using the space efficiently to give you a clutter-free space for cooking and storage. This kitchen wine rack design is a perfect example of all the good things your kitchen deserves.

Built-in wine rack in the kitchen cabinet with wine glass holder behind breakfast counter
Let your kitchen cabinets house your passion for wine and with style

Turn Your Island Counter Into A Minibar

A kitchen island is a multifunctional area that can be used for cooking, chopping and entertainment. You can also use it to enjoy yourself with your friends and family. You can also use the space underneath to arrange your wine bottle. A kitchen table with a wine rack underneath and some room for your glasses can transform your kitchen island into a personalised bar.

Kitchen island counter with wine rack to create stunning space for your wine bottles
Utilise your kitchen island to create a stunning space for your wine bottles

A Rustic Kitchen Wine Rack Design

If you want to add a rustic look to your kitchen, this wall-mounted wine rack design is just for you. You can place your wine collection safely in these wall mounted racks. They add a statement to style to your kitchen without much effort and are quite pocket friendly as well. Try this unique wall mounted wine rack for your kitchen for a unique style statement to your home.

Kitchen wine rack that add a rustic look to your kitchen
An Industrial style kitchen wine rack design for a rustic touch

A Wine Rack Ideal For A Small Kitchen

If you are new to the world of wines and still exploring the concept of adding a wine rack in your home, you can try this small diamond shaped wine rack. If you have a smaller collection of wine or prefer spending some cosy time at home and do not have large gatherings, this small wine rack is perfect for your home. You can organise your exclusive collection of vinos in these racks and let them age in style. This kitchen wine rack design blends seamlessly with your kitchen cabinets and creates a cosy corner in your kitchen space.

A wine rack ideal for a small kitchen
Don’t let small space stop you from your dream of owning a beautiful wine storage wall
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An Inbuilt Wooden Wine Rack With Wine Glass Storage

A wooden wine rack is timeless. It adds vintage charm to your kitchen space. This kitchen wine storage unit blends with your kitchen cabinets yet lends an elegant look to your space. They are easy to reach and perfect for nuclear families. This dedicated space to house your bottles and glasses makes it a compact bar setup within your kitchen.

Inbuilt wine rack made of wood with wine glass storage
Wood lends a vintage look to your entire kitchen space

Hope these beautiful designs inspire you to add a wine storage rack in your kitchen as well. If you want to know about more such design ideas, check our blog section or make an appointment with our designers right now. Our experienced designers will help you design your kitchen just the way you want. Our space-saving features will help you get 20% additional space as well. So what are you waiting for? Book now and get ready to be a proud owner of a modern and functional modular kitchen.

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