For All The Wine Lovers: Check Out These Wine Rack Design Ideas For Your Home

by Pooja Dara | January 25, 2024 | 10 mins read

Elegant wine rack designs for your home

A carefully chosen wine rack design can indeed facilitate the proper and efficient storage and ageing of your precious wine collection. And since there is a multitude of choices available in the market today, we’ve rounded up some of the most trending wine rack design images that best fit your needs. Read further to find out

A wine rack is an essential piece of furniture and decor in a home that’s full of wine lovers. It doesn’t matter if you’re growing your existing collection or just entering the world of wines, a wine rack can become your saviour by giving your bottles and glasses a good place to rest.

Before we get into the crux of the blog post, let’s address some FAQs for prospective wine rack buyers so that some of their doubts/concerns are laid to rest.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Wine Rack?

  • It facilitates the organised storage of your wine bottles in a single location, whether they’re 10 or 100.
  • It is space-saving and can be accommodated in any corner/surface of the house depending upon the design chosen. 
  • It is durable and strong since most of the wine racks are made of wood, metal, wrought iron and tough glass.  
  • It is versatile (customised designs and sizes) and quite affordable as compared to designing a whole wine cellar. 
  • It offers great aesthetic appeal to the room and can become a focal point/conversation starter. 
  • It helps in the proper positioning and conditioning of the wine bottles so that they mature well over time, and preserves their quality and flavour. How?
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  1. It allows for better temperature control (~50-60 degrees Fahrenheit) and balanced humidity (~60-70%). 
  2. It keeps the cork wet and does not let it crumble/dry out. 
  3. It makes it easier to evenly turn it as the wine bottle is horizontally placed. 
  4. It reduces the amount of direct and bright light hitting the bottles (because they require low lighting).
  5. It helps you easily identify the bottles without having to move them much.

What Are The Average Dimensions of A Wine Rack?

Ideally, the average wine rack design dimensions are based on those of a standard wine bottle. So, if the wine bottle has a standard diameter of 3-3.2 inches and a height of 12 inches, then the wine rack’s depth should be at least 15 inches to store the wine bottle in a completely horizontal position. However, the exact dimensions of a wine rack may also vary according to the final design chosen (without or without shelves, glass holder and bar pull-out). 

A quick note on how to build your own traditional wood wine rack: 

1. Measure the width and height of the location where you want to place the wine rack

2. Cut out the wood panels according to the dimensions taken and sand them to remove any unevenness on their surfaces

3. Assemble and interlock the wood panels together with wood glue or nail gun

4. Paint the wine rack (if you want) and let it dry thoroughly.

How Much Does A Wine Rack Cost?

Wood-based wine rack designs are priced on the higher end as wood is an expensive material and comes in multiple finishes. Also, wine racks that include extra features (wine glass storage, extra drawers and cabinets for accessories) and are more stylish will cost more. 

Here are some estimates for certain wine rack designs for your reference:

  • A normal tall glass shutter unit with internal glass shelves to store wine bottles and glasses — 2 ft. (width) x 7 ft. (height) x 1.5 ft. (depth) — will cost you from Rs 34,000-35,000 (without GST).
  • A small open-box wine rack design with criss-cross shelves — 2 ft. (width) x 3 ft. (height) x 2 ft. (depth) — will cost you from Rs 15,000-16,000 (without GST). If you want to add a wine glass holder below it, then the holder will cost you another Rs 350. 
  • A wine rack design with a bar pull-out concept to store around four-six wine glasses, three-four bottles and a few knickknacks will cost you Rs 32,000  (without GST). This is applicable for the high-gloss and normal laminate variety and also comes with a heavy-duty channel.

What Are The Different Types Of Wine Racks Designs Available And Their USPs?

  • Wall-Mounted Wine Rack: It is directly mounted onto the wall, thereby saving floor space. Sometimes, it also finds a place between two wall-mounted kitchen cabinets. It allows expansion of the wine rack later but not too much (between six and 20 bottles).  However, it is difficult to transport in case one relocates.
  • Stackable Wine Rack: It is perfect for those who want to start small with minimal storage space but are flexible as you can keep adding more layers and expanding it as your wine collection grows. No installation is required as such and minimal building is involved. It is cost-effective too. 
  • Freestanding/Floor Wine Rack: It is the most economical and popular option among all wine racks. It can accommodate 2-3 or 50-100 bottles depending upon the size chosen. It is much more versatile as you needn’t worry about the height and weight of the wine rack. 
  • Countertop/Tabletop Wine Rack: It is perfect for people who live in small apartments or homes and holds a maximum of about 2-6 or 15-20 wine bottles depending upon the size. You can place it on the dining table, side table, kitchen island or any spare counter space and access it conveniently. However, it is not ideal for long-term storage as kitchen and dining room conditions may vary. 
  • Hanging Wine Rack: It hangs either under a cabinet space or from the ceiling, unlike wall-mounted wine racks. They hold less capacity but look really aesthetic. Some designs also come with additional space for hanging wine glasses too.

What Do You Need To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Perfect Wine Rack For Your Home?

There are several factors to keep in mind while buying a perfect wine rack for your home:

  • The budget for your wine collection and its wine rack storage. Ensure that the wine rack design you buy is safe enough and minimises the risk of your bottles falling down. 
  • The total horizontal and vertical space you have in your home and the location to accommodate it. 
  • The possibility of growing/expanding your wine rack design in the future (for the wine connoisseur or casual collector).
  • The number of wine bottles (or the volume) you currently have in store. 
  • The dimensions and size of the wine rack design chosen and the extra features you want to add to it. 
  • The desired resting position of the bottles on the wine rack — horizontal (most preferred), tilted (second-best option) and vertical (least preferred).
  • The material you want the wine rack design to be made up of — glass, wood, iron or metal —  its durability and the maintenance and care it will require in case the wine bottle is dropped accidentally. 
  • The lighting conditions (dim/dark lighting), humidity, amount of movement and temperature in the desired location to allow the wines to mature properly. 
  • The difference between racked bottle capacity and bottle capacity.

Finally, let’s check out these amazing wine rack design ideas and take the best pick to adorn your home with.

Freestanding Metal Wine Rack Design

This freestanding metal wine rack design truly looks like a work of art in this open-kitchen space. It is strong and lends a very contemporary and edgy feel to the kitchen area. It can store up to 20 wine bottles aesthetically, is relatively lighter and takes up less space. Metal wine racks also pair well with wooden cabinets.

Wine rack design with thin frames that allows maximum storage
This wine rack design has thin frames which allow for maximum storage and fits all your needs

Modular Wine Rack Design

If you’re looking for beauty on a budget, then this modular wine rack design is the perfect choice for you to store your wine bottles and wine glasses together. It serves as an attractive focal point in this living room with its zig-zag pattern and steel rods joining all three open cabinets together.

A big modular wine rack design made from wood for storing wine bottles
This modular wine rack design forms part of a bigger side cabinet and showcase and looks gorgeous

Standard Cabinet Wine Rack Design

This is a standard cabinet wine rack design that can easily store and display 12 wine bottles in rectangular slots/bins. It is quite compact and has an additional shelf below that lets you place and also hang your wine glasses at the same time. It is an ideal option if you want to make use of a small part of an empty wall in your hall and is durable too.

Cabinet wine rack design which is space-saving and economical
This space-saving and economical cabinet wine rack design is just what your cosy home needs right now

Traditional Tall Cabinet Wine Rack Design

Who says you can’t go bold with traditional? This traditional tall cabinet wine rack design with angular shelves and hanging space for wine glasses does just the same. It can hold around 70 wine bottles at the most and the transparent glass doors help to identify and read the labels on these bottles even without touching them.

Wine rack design idea with a traditional touch that adds an old-world charm
This traditional tall cabinet wine rack design acts as an attractive piece of home decor and also lends an old-world charm to this open-plan kitchen area

Wall-Mounted Designer Wine Rack Design

This designer wall wine rack design looks unique in its construction and creatively displays a wine enthusiast’s passion for wine collection. It has the potential to become a conversation starter among family and friends when they drop by. They save on the floor space and are very easy to access and maintain.

Wine rack design which is wall-mounted
Check the strength, safety and sturdiness of your wine rack design before you buy it as large weights can cause the whole structure to collapse, leading to loss of precious wine bottles and a mess on the floor
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Wall-Mounted DIY Wine Rack Design

This small, wall-mounted DIY wood wine rack design can be easily created at home without spending much effort and time and can provide sufficient resting space for a small wine collection. The rustic-looking wooden dowel system forms a very minimalistic and stylish wine storage unit. It also gives your kitchen a very playful appearance.

DIY wall wine rack design with glass holder in the small grey kitchen
This wall-mounted DIY wine rack design is a very versatile and highly practical system that looks eye-catching even when it is empty. However, ensure that it is installed in a safe corner with fewer vibrations

Wooden Floor Wine Rack Design

This wooden floor wine rack is a stackable design, which means that you can keep adding rows and sections to it as you grow your wine collection over time. The wood can be stained in oak, cedar, maple and mahogany to give it a very classy look. They can store a bigger capacity of wine bottles as it is sturdy and is directly placed on the floor.

The wooden wine rack design with bigger wine bottles storage capacity
This wooden floor wine rack design complements the flooring and dining table and is accentuated by industrial-looking pendant ceiling lights

All in all, you can store and showcase your precious wine collections well in any of the wine rack designs of your choice, no matter how much space you have at your home. Trust us, it is definitely worth the investment. Also, reach out to us at DesignCafe via email or call if you’d like some help in choosing the perfect wine rack design for your home.

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